The first time I read THE NICETIES I was shaken by the piece and deeply moved by it. The piece is set in 2016, but it speaks so to the heart of our contemporary moment in a way that is absolutely terrifying and also eliminating. When I talk about this play the thing that I lead with is that it’s a two-hander with two the most incredible actors I’ve ever encountered. And now have the absolute pleasure of working with. Both of these performers are tour de forces. And seeing them together is electrifying. But I think in addition to the actors inhabiting that world in such captivating way, we also have a design team that’s really thoughtful about creating an experience that doesn’t default to one side or the other and it’s gonna really invite an audience to make up their own mind. Even when I don’t agree with the character, I find both of those actors very convincing. Which makes for really exciting theatre.