I’m Alex Benoit, and I’m Rapunzel’s Prince. Oh, this is easy for me, and I feel bad saying
it, but it has to be ‘Agony!’ Has to be ‘Agony,’ that’s my favorite one. – Why? Why? Well, because you have the two princes singing
it, the princes are the coolest characters obviously! (laughter)
Hi! I’m Cecilia Iole, and I’ll be playing Rapunzel. My name’s Nicole Armold, I’m playing Lucinda,
understudying Rapunzel and the Baker’s Wife. Um – I think my favorite song is ‘Agony.’ It’s just so hilarious, and getting to hear
the gentlemen sing it yesterday – oh – this version is just going to be amazing, so I’m
really excited for that one! Um, this show is amazing because something
new pops up to me every single time I hear it. There’s a new line, or melody that I’m like,
“Oh my god, I love that!” But today, my favorite song is ‘Your Fault’
because it’s just such a beast, but once the actors conquer it, it’s such a thrilling journey
to be on and, yeah, it’s an awesome song! I’m Lucy Godínez, and I play Little Red Riding
Hood! Oh! – my favorite song…it’s very hard to pick,
but I think after we sang it at rehearsal, I was like, I forget this song is so beautiful! ‘No One is Alone’ is, it’s just so flawlessly
written, it’s just so beautiful, and it’s sung so beautifully by Ximone and by Michael
and I’m honored to even just pop in at the end but, it’s just really really like, a universally
beautiful, beautiful piece of music, so… Hi, my name is Ximone Rose, I play Cinderella. My favorite song in the show…is probably
the Opening. It’s really long, but it’s such a great way
to do exposition, I feel like, for musical theatre, and it’s exciting and it’s like a
big train just starts going and – yeah, I like that one. – Ah, amazing. Oh yes, I’m Matt Edmonds, I’m playing the
Wolf and the Steward, and understudying the Baker. My favorite song in the show…I think it’s
‘No One is Alone.’ Like, Gary talks a lot about the show being
about community, I think that’s where it kind of comes mostly through the show is hearing
how whether we want to be alone, or whether we’re looking for someone, there’s always
someone there and we can’t escape each other. – Love that.