So you are looking to create a website? You
have absolutely no idea where to start? It appears you have ended up in the right place.
We want to turn your attention to iPage, one of our choices on The Top Ten sites for website
builders. Right now iPage is offering a special intro
offer of $1.99 a month. This includes:
• Unlimited disk space & email addresses • FREE domain registration
• FREE security suite • FREE site-building tools (WordPress, Weebly,
and more) • FREE online store
• FREE search engine & marketing credits • Powered by 100% wind energy
Now let’s select a domain name. Once you have selected a domain name, you will be sent
to the billing information. As you can see, there are added features not included in the
$1.99 base price you might feel necessary to add to your website.
Okay billing is finalized and you are ready to build the website. There are over a hundred
templates to choose from so finding one that is specific to a theme you are searching for
should be easy. Pages such as ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ can be further customized
through iPage’s drag and drop tool. Other features that help create your desired
website include a thumbnail generator, image compression and a cropping image library.
iPage’s design flexibility allows you to create the website in your image and beyond.
One of iPage’s strongest features is the ecommerce options. The website builder offers
a free online store, and a choice of secure shopping carts with PayPal integration. Customers
can update products and upload new pictures easily with the new picture gallery setup
wizard. A drawback of iPage is the lack of a tool
to build a mobile app for your website though it does claim to have a mobile optimized site
builder now. Another drawback is their lack of SEO optimization
tools when building a website. They offer only $100 for Google adwords and a $100 credit
for Yahoo!/Bing searches. For somebody hoping to keep costs low but generate high traffic,
this could be a hindrance. Customer service is decent, with 24/7 telephone
call services and web chat assistance, among other features. is an affordable and relatively easy website builder with many strong features
that will help anyone from the novice to the expert website user build an attractive, functional
and useful website. If you are not satisfied with iPage and your
website, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Though not in our opinion the best website
builder on our list, there are many features that make it a viable option.
For more on and other website builders, be sure to check out our full review at