This video contains sections that may disturb or
frighten women and children Good Company: An Israeli Pastor Warns About Tikkun Ministries And Their Connections. Produced
by Michael Nissim With whom are the Tikkun apostles
connecting themselves? This is what we will examine in this video. My name is Michael Nissim and I am an elder in a small congregation in Nahariya called
“Nahariya Messianic Congregation” and when I see what is going on
in the Body of Messiah here in Israel . . I can only state, that it is impossible to be
in union with what is going on here. At this event in Nazareth in 2015 . . Tikkun apostles Eitan Shishkoff and Dan Juster . . sign a historic document that will join their network to that of Che Ahn. Remember this name “Che Ahn”. He is one of the great so-called “apostles” under whose covering are
30,000 churches and ministries. This event was also reported in
Charisma News. the principal organ of
the NAR movement. And here is the document that they signed. Note how it says “Apostle Daniel Juster”,
“Apostle Che Ahn”. Why is this supposed to interest us and how is connected to us as believers here in Israel? I’ll tell you: -so that you know with whom
our “apostles” choose to connect. Let’s begin at the Lakeland “Revival” in Florida. This event happened in 2008,
and this is C. Peter Wagner. Dan Juster of Tikkun, is part of the organisation that Wagner set up which is the largest
apostolic organisation in the world . . a type of umbrella organisation
for other apostolic organisations. Wagner, by the way,
is the one who coined the term N.A.R. N.A.R.=”New Apostolic Reformation” He also defines himself as an “apostle”;
as do the others with him on the stage. Che Ahn is standing at Wagner’s left hand. In this video they even refer to themselves
as “distinguished apostles”. and “apostolic pillars”. They are conducting a ceremony marking
the formal apostolic alignment of Todd Bentley. Bentley is the one covered in tatoos. Understand what is happening here. The leaders of the apostolic-prophetic movement have come to bless the ministry of Todd Bentley. They want to officially recognise him,
and lay hands on him. From their perspective, he has
proven himself to be a man of God. Bentley is the one who led
the “revival” in Lakeland Florida . . . . . . and here are some highlights from
the “blessed ministry” of Todd Bentley. Here he baptises someone in
the name of the “Shickaboomba”. Friends, this is blasphemy. Here he calls on the angels
and whips up the crowd to do the same. In this next clip they act violently
with the women. Look how one them of kicks the
lady convulsing on the floor. These kind of phenomena and shrieking,
are strongly reminiscent . . . . . of the “Kundalini” manifestations
of India and the Far East. Kundalini Here Bentley makes fun of a lady’s illness.
He really mocks people. Here he gives a kick in the stomach, supposedly to anoint someone with the Spirit. Here a man with stage four bowel cancer
is brought to him,
–and he KICKS him in the stomach. You saw right.
The man is doubled over
on the floor from pain. This is CRUELTY. He boasts that the Holy Spirit
commanded him to kick
an elderly woman in the FACE . . . . with his BIKER BOOT. Just look at how the crowd laughs. They have lost even the basic ability
to discern between the genuine work
of the Holy Spirit . . . and blatant violence. In the same video he also brags
of how he hit the leg of a disabled woman . . . and knocked out the tooth
of a young Chinese. Understand this: there were those among us in Israel, who wanted to invite him at the time. Look at the beautiful words that Wagner
speaks about Bentley. Such blessings and such prophecies! At this point,
the microphone is passed to Che Ahn. He’s the one that Juster and Shishkoff
signed an agreement with in Israel. He is now conducting the ceremony. He says that Bentley has walked
in a worthy manner before God! Not only this, but he prophesies
that Todd Bentley (take note here) . . that they will give him the key
of the house of David, . . . . that he will open that none may close,
and close that none may open. That is, he is assigning a Messianic prophecy to Todd Bentley. It’s fairly normal in NAR circles
to award each other these kind of
bombastic prophetic flatteries. Che Ahn, incidentally,
is working toward union
with the Catholic church. Apart from the blessings
that Che Ahn showers on Bentley, . . . . . he anoints him with oil sent by a “prophet”
who is another friend of Dan Juster . . . . and who is also involved with Tikkun;
-called Chuck Pierce. Pierce was not able to attend,
so he sent the oil by express delivery. Here’s a peek at Chuck Pierce’s meetings. Here’s another of his meetings, in which the theme of “back healing” is prominent. He asks the dancers with the wooden staffs to move among the people strewn on the floor. The sound of the staffs hitting the floor
will “create a strip in your back”. Then he announces “The Lord says, ‘I am giving my people a backbone for this hour.'” The singing prophetess begins
to sing “I’ve got a backbone” Chuck calls to those watching on television to touch the screen and allow the vibrations go down their spine. Suddenly someone shouts into the microphone:
“The roar of healing is going out from this place!” Chuck adds:
“Let the roar of healing come up!” The prophetess does the same. Chuck is satisfied from the
“violent praise that creates a new atmosphere.” You can obtain one of Chuck Pierce’s
books from MAOZ publishing, . . . . . . . which is also connected with Tikkun. At this stage, the microphone passes to John Arnott. Arnott is pastor of the Toronto Airport Church . . . . . where originated the pandemonium
called the “Toronto Blessing”. Here’s a sample for those
who are unfamiliar with it. The Toronto Blessing includes uncontrollable
laughter, which they call “holy laughter”, . . . . . animal sounds and behaviour, . . uncontrollable convulsions, . . . . shrieking and drunkeness. All the same kind of manifestations
can be found in religions of the Far East. Heidi Baker also received the blessing
when she visited the Toronto church . . . And has since then imparted it to others. As she did here; at the revival in Pensecola Florida. Now, here’s a Kenneth Hagin meeting. Kenneth Hagin is one of the fathers
of the “Word of Faith” doctrine; . . . . . which teaches that words have
power in and of themselves and that we must declare them in order to create a particular reality. The source of this doctrine is in the New Age. Note, that so-called “apostle” Asher Intrater,
regards HAGIN as among those who made
“important theological breakthroughs!” Another important figure connected with the
Toronto Blessing is Hagin’s greatest disciple . . . . . . the billionaire Kenneth Copeland, who is
identified with the “prosperity” doctrine. Here’s Copeland under the influence
of the Toronto Blessing. And notice what happens to this man as soon as Hagin touches him. Hagin and Copeland books are also
available from MAOZ publishing, . . . . . which is connected with Tikkun. Also John Arnott prophesies of the
worldwide revival that the Holy Spirit began through Todd Bentley. “We bless and encourage it; we stand
with you and honour you.” says Arnott. John Arnott, by the way, is also working
towards union with the Catholic Church. Here he is, meeting the Pope
together with Kenneth Copeland, . . . . . and here’s another picture of
Copeland with the Pope. Arnott thinks that the Pope is a genuine believer
and filled with the Holy Spirit! Mike Bickle of IHOP, who began
the 24/7 Prayer Towers trend . . . is also among those flocking
to meet with the Pope. Bickle and Tikkun have been in close
covenant relationship for many years now. And of course, Tikkun “Apostle” Dan Juster,
also went to meet the previous Pope . . . . . as part of his efforts to establish
a second Jerusalem Council like
that recorded in Acts 15, . . . . but this time together with the Catholics. Here’s one of the members of the organisation that Juster set up in order to establish this objective. Father Vasile Mihoc. Meetings with Catholics, says Juster,
“changed his theology”. In his opinion, they believe in the
important fundamentals of the faith. Look at the headgear of the Pope that
Juster met with. The angels are worshipping Mary! Should we be negotiating spiritual matters
with idolators like these? Finishing with John Arnott,
we now move on to Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson is one of the leading figures in the apostolic movement, and is in covenant with Che Ahn. Together they spearhead the NAR. There is a great deal to say about Bill Johnson. Johnson also, lays hands on Bentley,
and declares that he will change
the face of the Church . . . . and more. Here’s a video someone took at his church. As you can see, they encourage
an atmosphere of drunkeness. This is considered to be spiritual! Look at the homosexual behaviour
of this man. He lays someone else on the floor
by kissing him on the neck. The girl with the camera thinks this is hilarious. Another thing coming out of
Bethel Redding Church . . . . . is a book callled
“The Physics of Heaven” An investigation of the secrets of God,
in light, energy, vibrations,
and quantum physics. The subject matter includes:
portals to heaven; positive and negative
energies; . . the influence of words for good or evil
-on the molecular structure of water;
particles, waves, and dolphin therapy; . . . . . how to align with Divine vibrations etc. In short, this is a New Age book. Among its authors, are Bill Johnson and his wife,
and another “prophet” called Bob Jones. a friend of Dan Juster’s, who had some influential involvement in the early history of Tikkun. Bob Jones encourages people to attend the graves of famous pentecostal ministers . . . . . . in order to acquire a blessing
from their anointed bones. And this indeed is what
Bethel is known for, “Grave Soaking”. Bill Johnson’s wife practices this too. And Bill Johnson himself. And Benny Hinn too,
who went and prostrated himself
on the grave of Kathryn Kuhlman. A similar occured with Che Ahn, who claims to have gone up to heaven
to meet his deceased mother . . . who instructed him
on how to care for his father. Brethren, for Christians, there
can be no access to the dead! This kind of thing happens
in Judaism, Islam and Catholicism. In the New Age this is accomplished
through a spirit medium. In the Bible this is called necromancy, . . . . . and is absolutely and utterly forbidden! This kind of thing belongs in the realm of sorcery. This is why the New Testament
doesn’t have even one single incidence
of believers communicating with the dead. The only occurence of this in the Bible,
is when Saul went to consult the witch at Endor. He was scathingly rebuked by the prophet,
and died in battle immediately after. It seems however, that for Tikkun’s
covenant partner Che Ahn, . . . . . communicating with the dead,
doesn’t constitute any problem at all. Incidentally, the young man who led
the Bethel delegation to the graves, was part of the Bethel leadership,
and functions as their European missionary. His parents invented the “christian fortune telling”,
using “christian tarot cards”, . . . . . . which they call “destiny cards”. And since we’re dealing with fortune-telling, . . . . . Bethel teach “Prophetic Tattoo-reading”, as part of the training at their School of Supernatural Ministry. I’m not kidding. And Che Ahn sees no problem at all in being
involved with Bethel’s “tattoo-prophet”. Bethel is also known for its music industry,
called “Bethel Music”. Bill Johnson’s daughter-in-law Jen Johnson,
together with her husband, lead the band. Her views on the Holy Spirit
are blasphemous. To her, the Holy Spirit is like the genie
from Aladdin. “He is blue”, . . “He is funny”, . .
“He is sneaky”. She even refers to Him by the word “silly”. That is, someone who behaves foolishly. The genie from Aladdin, we should remember,
is actually a demon that does his master’s bidding. And this is what she likens Him to. There is much more to say about Bethel, but let’s continue our inspection
of the figures at Lakeland. Now Rick Maiden prophesies that Todd Bentley
will bring in MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! It’s simply interesting to observe, how
these great names of the apostolic movement, . . . . . arrived from afar to bless Todd Bentley,
and to acknowledge his ministry. They came to lay hands on him,
and tell him, . . “You are a man of God, and have
walked worthily before Him!
We cherish and respect you!” And other fine words they
spoke to him that same evening. Actually a man such as Todd Bentley,
should be told, “You are NOT WORTHY to serve.” “You are a false teacher!”
“You are a violent man!” All the congregations should be warned
not to have anything to do with him. He should simply be ostracised! However, the friends of Dan Juster
and Eitan Shishkoff, etc . . . . . think the exact opposite! Instead they’re using an opportunity to
climb aboard Bentley’s wave of success and ride in his chariot. Do you understand what is going on here? It’s simply insane! It is written:
“He that says to the wicked, “‘You are righteous'”
will be cursed by peoples and abhorred by nations.”
(Pr. 24:23) And this is what they are doing. They are saying to a wicked man,
“You are righteous!” Now here’s the crowning glory of the evening: -Stacey Campbell! Stacey Campbell works
in Che Ahn’s organisation. She prophesies that the Lord
will bring revival through Todd. That he will be
a living epistle in God’s hand . . . . . the firstfruits of a generation
that will change whole nations etc., . . and all kinds of prophecies
that she makes about him. I want to ask: Is this ecstatic state from the Holy Spirit? When they show people in this condition,
-such as Todd Bentley
who has now fallen on the floor . . . -it’s supposedly under the
power of the Holy Spirit,-right? and when Stacey Campbell prophesies like this, she has supposedly lost control because
she is full of the Holy Spirit, right? So here’s the question: Did they know that Bentley was commiting adultery
against his wife at this time? He was involved in an affair
with one of his proteges. Within 48 hours, everyone would be
waiting for him at an event, . . . . . for which he would not arrive, . . . because he will have disappeared with his lover. Did they know this, when they prophesied
he would bring PURITY to the Church . . . . that he would change the face of it,
and bring in worldwide revival? No. They did NOT know. Let me tell you something. In the days of Jeroboam, there was a prophet called Achiah, who had gone blind. (1Kg.14) The wife of Jeroboam, disguised herself,
and went to him in secret. And even before she arrived, he already knew who she was, and why she came. She had not even entered the door,
before he told her that her son will die. And when she returned home,
it was as he had said. Why? Because GOD had revealed it to him. He was a prophet! In Amos it is written: “For the Lord God does nothing
without revealing his secret to
his servants the prophets.” So, how is it then, that all
these apostles and prophets,
the creme de la creme the spearheads of the Apostolic Prophetic movement, -had NO CLUE
about what was going on
with Todd Bentley? Or that the whole thing would quickly crumble and fall? In fact, the contrary!
They prophesied the complete opposite! Didn’t God bother to reveal, even to one of them, what was going on? Apparently not! So where are these ecstacies from,
if not from the Holy Spirit? The answer must be: from the Devil and from evil spirits! They are not prophets, brothers and sisters! They are false prophets and false apostles! Don’t Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff and Asher Intrater have ANY problem connecting with these people?? But there’s one more person
-standing at the back. Rick Joyner of
Morning Star Ministries There’s all kinds of people
doing funny stuff on the platform,
but he scares me a little. He belongs to the Knights of Malta,
a secret Catholic order with its
headquarters in Rome similar to Freemasonry. These things are very dark. Like many others in the NAR,
he claims to visit the 3rd heaven frequently; . . . . . . and therefore claims his own writings
than the New Testament. Joyner’s meetings are not a joke
like those of Chuck Pierce. They bring a woman who has something
to release to the crowd. The young man looks around and says:
“He’s here” Who does he mean? This is simply Spiritism and Satan worship. Yet, Rick Joyner was speaking
at Tikkun meetings in the 80’s. Today, you can also find him with Che Ahn,
Asher Intrater and Dan Juster on the Advisory Board of Aglow belonging to
“apostlette” Jane Hansen-Hoyt. Important to note that this “apostlette” has placed herself
under the apostolic authority of Asher Intrater and Revive Israel. Therefore, Intrater, as her apostle,
could have asked her to terminate
her connection with Joyner. But it’s not so. In fact, Intrater has even been writing
for Joyner’s “Morning Star Journal”
the same magazine that promotes Todd Bentley! Doesn’t Intrater see
ANY problem here? Apparently not. Friends, there’s no end to this stuff! The big question is:
Have they repented of this? After such false prophecies, they should have
kept a low profile and disappeared from the scene
in SHAME, is it not so? But that’s just it. They didn’t. It’s business as usual. Rick Joyner and Bill Johnson, have since rehabilitated Bentley and restored him to ministry. Todd Bentley divorced his wife and married the woman with whom he committed adultery. And Bill Johnson invites people
to participate in Bentley’s conferences. So Todd Bentley is still “alive and kicking”. Among his activities, is his
“Dead-Raising Course”. I repeat: a “Dead-Raising Course”. And Bentley’s new wife ministers with him,
and “Mazel Tov”, she acquired
the same demon as our Stacey Campbell. Perhaps Che Ahn has repented of the false prophecies about Todd Bentley? I’ve yet to learn of a full repentance, if any. [Note: This particular clip was mistakenly placed as happening after Bentley’s affair, when in fact it happened before.] But Che Ahn did think Bentley had a double portion of William Branham’s anointing. (William Branham was a false teacher
from the 40’s and 50’s.) Here Che himself receives a
blessing from Todd Bentley (before the affair) And in a ceremony marking 20 years
of the Toronto Blessing, again we see Che Ahn, Bill Johnson, John Arnott… the whole bunch. And here’s our beloved Stacey again. And she’s developed her trademark: She now flings her shoes when she prophesies! And she, too, went to visit the Pope. So then, where is Tikkun in all this? Ron Cantor, Vice President of Tikkun,
refers to the Toronto Blessing as a spiritual revival. Dan Juster also claims to have been blessed with Toronto Blessing in the Tikkun congregations. He testifies of the “electricity”
that passed through their bodies. And of course, the covenant Tikkun made with Che Ahn, was AFTER all these events. -Does this covenant not connect them to
those people and events we have seen? In my humble opinion, it does. If they enter covenant partnership
with people who promote these things then they are partakers in their deeds,
regardless of whether they wish to be reckoned so or not.
(2Jn. 9-11) Dan Juster also travelled to Bethel Redding,
to visit and to share his vision
amongst the leadership there. Why would he arrange a meeting
with them if he doesn’t accept them? The reverse is true,
he is very impressed with them. In particular with their
“healing rooms”. And wrote on Twitter how
pleased he was with the
warm welcome he received. I ask, are these apostles in Israel supposed to be our GUIDES? The EYES of the Body of Christ? It’s more fitting to say that: “They know not, nor do they discern, for he has shut their eyes, so that they cannot see, and their hearts, so that they cannot understand.” “Yeshua, you said we can ask for LEGIONS of angels to come…” It seems that they don’t see any issue with all these manifestations and demons! The impression is quite the opposite:
BY THEIR DEEDS AND THEIR DOCTRINE, they show that they SUPPORT it! See for example how Asher Intrater whips up the crowd to call for legions upon legion of angels! There he is, on the platform with Heidi Baker and she calls for fire from heaven. This is so reminiscent of Todd Bentley’s actions! Therefore I find it hard to believe
that they don’t yearn for similar manifestations to take place in the congregations here in Israel too. And when such things do happen, won’t they say: “There’s revival here!” ? Brethren:
“You cannot drink
the cup of the Lord
and the cup of demons.
You cannot partake
of the table of the Lord
and the table of demons.” Some closing advice with your permission: If you’ve been defiled by the Toronto Blessing, and similar manifestations, . . come before God and ask His forgiveness. Ask that He cleanse you from evil spirits
and protect you. the LORD will have mercy upon you, and He is faithul and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Don’t seek experiences! “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign.” Instead seek to delve deeper into the Word of God. For all Scripture is inspired by God, . .
. .that the man of God may be COMPLETE,
and equipped for every good work. So therefore, pay no attention,
when they say you have a “religious spirit” because you cleave to the Scriptures and don’t accept their manifestations
and new revelations. If you have the Word of the LORD,
and the Spirit of the LORD; you have all you need to be men of God. I would heartily recommend
that you don’t attend ANY congregation,
that refers to certain people as “apostles”. Avoid also 24/7 “houses of prayer” and the like. These are NOT sound congregations. Attend the simple and straightforward congregations. There you will find, in spite of what you were told, they indeed do have the Holy Spirit. They’ve been getting along very well
for nearly 2000 years . . only without making such
performances. There you will find life, tranquility,
and peace for your soul. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a conservative congregation or a pentecostal one. As long as the emphasis is on learning the Scriptures; on a correct understanding of the Trinity; and that they preach the old Gospel there: that salvation and forgiveness of sins is available ONLY through personal faith in Jesus the Messiah and His atoning work on the Cross. Tikkun think themselves wiser; they talk of “indirect faith” and unconscious faith; that it’s not obligatory to believe “in this life” etc. Brethren, there is NO SUCH THING: as “good religious people” who don’t believe in Yeshua entering Paradise. If a congregation doesn’t teach that the only way to be saved is through personal faith in Jesus the Messiah, -don’t accept it. Ask your pastor to send the MAOZ bookstand back to the publisher. Don’t listen to Hillsong, or Bethel Music; . . Don’t watch, GodTV, TBN, DayStar
or any of that muck. Be cleansed from them! Instead of that, listen to solid teachers
who interpret the Word of God correctly. Do not enter into covenants. If they have made you enter a covenant with their “apostles” or their congregations, Don’t hesitate to break it. “Then your covenant with death will be annulled, and your agreement with Sheol will not stand.” Stay faithful to God and His Word alone. And don’t be afraid to come out from their “covering” and “spiritual protection” of these “apostles” and their congregations. It’s all a bluff. Nothing will happen to you. The real spiritual danger is in REMAINING
in these congregations. It is written: “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues” So don’t be afraid of them. They indeed have the appearance
of spiritual and respectable men, . . but when all is said and done,
they are weak human beings. Not without cause is it written of false prophets, that we should “fear them not”. (Dt. 18) That is all. I wish you good success friends. Be strong in our Lord Jesus the Messiah And stand firm against the Devil’s wiles. The Lord is with you. Your brother and servant, Michael.