W-WHAT THE HELL?? Yo you’re weak bro!
No you’re weak man, I’m stronger then you! Bro, I could take down Jason bro. Yeah right, I could take down slenderman. Even freddy. You’re funny. You too. Yo I’m going to take a drink, I’m thirsty. Be right back. (Lifting weights) HOLY SH*T! IT’S JASON! (Jason chase theme plays) (Laughing) GET DOWN! D- Bro! Okay Joni, let’s weight lift again. Where’s Joni? Joni bro, what the hell happened, stop playing jokes! Joni..? He’s dead who killed him?! (Jason chase theme plays again) Ahh! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?? IS THAT JASON? WHAT THE?! AAHHH!! (Screaming) GET ON THE GR- Yo, what’s up, what happened bro, what is this chaos bro? Why is there so many dead bodies? What the- what the f- bro bro! Bro, what the heck? Why is there 2 Jason masks here? Bro I gotta call the cops. W-w-where the hell is my phone? Bro bro. I need to call the cops. (Dialing) (Calling) Hello? Cops?? Cop: Yeah? I, I need you to come here right now, because there was.. there is Jason from Friday the 13th, and he’s in my basement, and he’s temporarily knocked out, I need you to come here really fast! Cop: Okay, I’ll come! Where’s the guy that called me sir! Where’s the masks? Bro, it’s this. These? Yeah. This is the killer? Yeah, that’s the killer’s masks. Let’s try to find this guy’s face Alright. By scanning the fingerprints on the mask, because I know he touched this with his bare hands. Come with me, sir. Jason: Aaahhhh… Ahh! (Jason gets knocked out again) Okay so, now we have to scan it right now. Alright. (Scans) Okay so it has the results, and… Wait.. for real? That’s his actual face? How on earth?!?!? So sir, what we have to do now, We have to put this guy in a lake, and then a year later, we have to put him in a grave. Alright. And get his remainings. Okay, time to put you in my truck. (Dragging Jason Voorhees)