-You’re hosting “Saturday Night
Live” for the third time. -Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. -We love —
We love when you host. -Thank you.
-But I remember when you were there, when you were working
on “Saturday Night Live.” -Oh, yeah, yeah. I remember, as a writer,
you in my office. I remember you were host, and I had this little office
that my first day I moved into, and it said
“Andrew Steele” on it, who had been a writer
at “Saturday Night Live.” -You had Steele’s office.
-I had Steele’s office. -Oh, my gosh. -I don’t know
how to describe him. Uh, he once lived in a truck.
Is that right? -Yeah, there’s so many rumors
about him, about Andrew Steele, and he’s such
a mysterious figure. -I mean, but he was, like, a
gainfully employed head writer of “Saturday Night Live,”
but, also, they were like, “Oh, that guy lived in a truck.
That’s your office now.” -He is the —
one of the funniest people I think I’ve ever met
in my lifetime. -I cleaned out the desk
the first day. They go, “Put your stuff
in there.” I open it up. It was all power tools. I mean, it was all,
like, very industrial, like, heavy power tools
with a lot of, like, black rubber cord,
and, I mean, like every drawer. And I kept —
It was my first day. And I was terrified.
I was terrified. And I kept taking power tools and dumping them
into the waste basket. And then Miss Retta, you
know, the wonderful woman
from maintenance, She’d come by, and she kept
emptying it into her thing and then looking at me,
and I was like, “I don’t know.” And she’d come back, there’d be
another three drills in there, and I’d be like, “I don’t…” -“I’m not the weirdo.
He was the weirdo.” -He lived in a truck, yeah.
-He was so funny. Horatio and I —
Horatio Sanz and I had an office
across the hallway, and so he would always do bits
with us all the time. Like, he was so nice
and so funny. Like, at one point — Do you
know the wind-up dog story? -The wind-up dog story?
What’s the wind-up dog story? -We were sitting there
trying to think of an idea, and I never came up —
I’m trying to type something. And I hear, like, this —
[ Crunching ] And I go — I look behind me,
and there’s a wind-up dog, a toy dog, like,
walking in my office. So, I pick it up —
So, I pick up the dog, and there’s a note on the dog
that says, “Help me. Andrew.” [ Laughter ] So I go into his office,
and he’s laying on the desk, and he has his phone
on his head. That’s it.
He was just like that. And he goes, “Can you get
this phone off my head?” Like… -That dude’s just good at life.
-Yeah. -You know, and he had everyone’s
phone number written on — This was 2008, by the way. This wasn’t like
a long, long time ago. -Yeah. This was like —
-He had everyone’s phone number written on the wall in pencil
like a prisoner. It’d be like —
“Tim Meadows. 212…” -That’s the greatest.
-Yeah. -Oh, you know what?
I was just thinking about you because you came up
in the news recently by Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
-Oh. That. Yeah. -Let me show you this clip
really quick. -Who would play you in a biopic? -I’m hoping for John Mulaney. -Oh, okay. I can see that. [ Cheers and applause ] -I was like, “Yo!”
-I mean… -Would you?
-I’m hoping for it. Like, I’ve been offered
two movies, and I am in both of them, and… I’m hoping for.
Yeah, I think you got him. Uh, no, I was excited.
That was really cool, you know? I’m from the Midwest, and
he’s the mayor of South Bend. You know?
-Yeah. Of course. -I guess, yeah. I guess. Yeah. Uh, but I think I tweeted that,
and then people were very mad. They said — Other Democrats.
And I’m, like, a Democrat. I’m fun and I’m nice and stuff. And —
[ Laughter ] But they were like,
“How dare you! No! Bad Democrat! Bad Democrat!” And I was like, “What happened?
What happened?” And they said, “He’s not
good enough as a Democrat.” I said, “Okay. All right. Okay.” But I guess he’s a —
-You’re not supporting him. You’re just gonna
play him in a movie. -And also he’s an openly gay
veteran of the military, so it’s a real good idea
to turn down him violently, other Democrats. Stupid idiots. [ Laughter ]
-Aggressive, right there. -No, it’s just like, “Eh.” People are like, “No! No!
Well, who do you like — Biden or Buttigieg?!” I’m like, “Your tone is crazy.” Look, I’m gonna vote
for whoever it is. I’m just gonna vote “D”
and walk out of there. Even if it’s Garfield, I will write down “Democrat”
and walk out of there.