-How are you?
-I’m good. -it’s so happy to have you back
on the show. -I’m happy to be here.
-We’ve also been very lucky, your boyfriend Brad Wilk,
who was a drummer for — -A little band.
-A little band, Rage Against the Machine, he’s
been a guest drummer for us. -Yes.
-And I’m sorry it didn’t line up that we could have both of you
at the same time. -So I wouldn’t have been able to
concentrate in our interview. -Good, right. Right.
-It’s good he’s not here. -If he was over your shoulder,
that would’ve been. [ Laughter ] How have you been?
-I am so good. -That’s great.
-And did you guys see his special?
-Oh, that’s so nice. [ Cheers and applause ]
That’s very kind of you. -No, you know. We all need a lot of laughter
and joy in our lives. -Yes.
-And I just couldn’t believe. I was laughing literally
every other minute. -That is very kind
of you to say. And I’m so — I feel like I’m
returning the favor, because you have entertained me
for so many years. -Well, thank you.
-It’s the least I could do. Because you’ve been doing this,
I’m trying to think of when I first saw you, you’ve
been doing this your whole life? -Well, I like to think I lived
before I was on the screen. But no it’s weird to say
30 years. So I’ve been doing the last,
actually this year will be 25th anniversary,
the 30th anniversary of “Christmas Vacation” [ Cheers and applause ]
-30 years old. So you were — what was that
experience like for you? -So I was 15
and there’s a handful of people that really are instrumental
in my career, and Chevy Chase is one of them.
-Yeah. -He hired me and Johnny Galecki
and we all got to get together just around Christmas last year
with Beverly D’Angelo and Diane Ladd and we did a Q&A
and Chevy was in fine form, everyone was in a great mood. And it’s just
so heartwarming to know that they play this movie
when I was 15, every year. In people’s houses.
-Yeah I can’t wait, my kids aren’t old enough for it
yet but I look forward to that. Another movie they’re not quite
ready for is “Cape Fear”. -No it’s one of my very few
PG movies. -This is?
-Yes. -Yeah, is “Christmas Vacation”
is PG, yes. -Yes.
-Okay, that’s good. -It’s for the whole family.
-The whole family. Because you dabbled a
lot in the R-rated films, I feel like, like “Cape Fear,”
“Natural Born Killer” my two-year-old loves. Yeah.
-Really? ‘Cause, yeah? [ Laughter ] -You gave Martin Scorsese
an award this year, the AARP awards. “Cape Fear,” you were even
young– no you were older. -I was 18.
-Yeah. -And this is one of these
full-circle moments. Martin Scorsese is a hero of
mine, a mentor. And I got to give him
a Best Director award. And I just love him,
because he really validated me at a time when I was just
all instincts and I was really just rough
around the edges. Like my character
in “Sacred Lies.” -[ Laughing ] Yes!
-She’s very rough around the edges.
-This is, so “Sacred Lies,” the character we saw, people can glean it
from the clip, you are a telemarketer
who is also a fan of true crime and you are basically trying to
solve cold cases. -Yeah and you learn through
the episodes that she’s more than fan,
it comes from a place of trauma and having tried to
save someone she couldn’t. And for me, it was such a thrill
because I just love being other people
and stepping inside a different behavior
than my own. And as you can see I’m just
a little bit different. -Yeah, I don’t think
that character — that character didn’t strike me
as a good talk show guest. -She doesn’t wear a disco dress. -No disco dresses in her closet. -No, but a really bad
telemarketer and she’s passionate and
obsessed about returning the dignity
and names back to people who were murdered.
-You are a fan, a consumer, of true crime shows, yeah?
Cold case files? Forensic files? -Well, what was funny
is when we had the, you know, when I had
the meeting for the job, I was like, oh, you mean like
the 200 hours of forensic files that I’ve watched has prepared
me for many role? Because she’s an
arm-chair detective. -Arm-chair detective,
but also a telemarketer, has it given you empathy
for telemarketers? -No.
-No? -No.
-No? Ha, ha, ha. -I am on someone’s spam list.
-You are. So you get a lot of calls?
-Three times a day, it’s like delete, block.
Delete, block. Like Galica, what is it?
Galactica. -Galactica? Yeah, okay.
-You guys are too young. [ Laughter ] Galactica.
They won’t leave me alone. -They won’t leave you alone?
I’m so sorry about that. Well, maybe after
a show like this, where you bring great humanity
to a telemarketer, they’ll say, you know what,
let’s let her have her dinner. -Let’s leave her alone.
-Yeah. It is always so wonderful
to see you. Thank you so much for being
here. Making the time for us. -Thank you.
-Juliette Lewis, everybody.