Hey Youtubers, it’s Charlie. Remember the time that Harley Quinn got the
weild the Green Lantern ring and use Wonder woman’s lasso and Batman used a sword we’re
getting ready for a big Justice league versus suicide squad story so I’m going to do and
explainer for their epic battles in the movies and in the comics there is a new round of
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don’t miss out on anything. So Justice league versus the suicide squad. We get a little taste of that in the suicide
squad movie, especially with the end tag Bruce Wayne talk about his team he’s putting together
I’m going to play this montage then I’ll explain how killer Frost is on the team and what’s
going on with the big Justice league versus suicide squad rebirth event and what they’re
doing with deathstroke in the movies. There’s also some really cool news about the
Justice league trailer I’ll explain at the end of this is over Deadshot I want to just
the beginning to same no honor among thieves and crown jewels in
the swing doing is legal exposure the character you I can keep the secret with you people
ask questions about midway city, the kind people think that they could get those answers
like consider yourself under my protection. If you deliver like Mr. Wayne from the difference
between a simple entrench of unlimited leverage and I am tired just stopped working nights
you should reference and I’ll do it for the next big time. They will phase off will be that Gotham city
Sirens Harley Quinn movie that would be more of a Harley Quinn movie though but like a
giant team up like they’re getting ready to do in the comics there have been a couple
times they crossed over. The Jeff John’s was teasing that they’re making
this Justice league versus suicide squad, comic book event a huge rebirth tentpole this
debuting this month so in the rebirth universe. Nobody knows that the suicide squad exists
there rosters actually pretty close to the movie the one big change is that they put
killer Frost the Caitlin snow killer Frost on the team in this is a way more hardcore
version than the one on the TV show the one on the TV shows kind of like a proto-killer
Frost she’s almost there and you see her in the costume fighting Cisco this past season. It was a flash forward, but it was still freaking
bad ass for sure is just trying to the
current rebirth roster is Harley Quinn the Caitlin snow killer Frost. Of course El Diablo Captain boomerang Rick
Flagg enchantress dead shot and killer croc in a relatively similar set up to what the
movie was like the so relatively early in the life of the team, but then Batman find
out about it flash Aquaman. And even Superman are like all hell no. So nobody likes the ideas of their enemies
getting a free hall pass for doing some questionable work for the government on the down low. So the suicide squad is still trying to do
something good they find out about someone called apex with the death cold that’s going
to sacrifice an entire island to their God will brand-new suicide squad is brought into
take them down but then later they been teasing this art like Harley Quinn holding wonder
woman’s lasso. Obviously that’s probably not can happen in
the comics but it just tease the idea that you have these two epic teams going against
each other. Some will be split down the middle in the
villains will end up fighting with the heroes to defeat somebody that’s way worse arguably
this death God that apex is worshiping. So if you couldn’t tell the are is actually
from the same person that did Darkside war and you can imagine anti-monitor versus Darkside
if they’re making this Justice league versus suicide squad one of the big cornerstones
of rebirth and then you have to have some huge villain surface the Joker tocsin that
Harley name dropped here is actually from a 1980s issue where Joker makes a bunch of
chemicals from a janitors closet to escape from Arkham. So just like flash rebirth or Batman rebirth
they reference things that happen from before flashpoint. They bring that back in the continuity while
at the same time rebooting things sort of starting again, so this is like a brand-new
suicide squad team. The first time they did something like this
big crossover Justice league and suicide squad was back in 1988 it was more of like a moral
contrast between the two teams, but it only lasted for two issues as Justice league International
number 13. So it’s not the standard Justice league roster
that you might remember in suicide squad number 13 one of the former members of the suicide
squad nemesis gets left behind on a mission to Russia. So both teams decide to go in and save them
so that the very Cold War era remember it was written in the 1980s, so the Cold War
with the Soviet Union was still pretty hard-core have Batman and Rick Flagg bringing their
teams together to go in and extract their man the sword was really meant to bring out
the best and worst of all the character so you get the best and the worst of Batman the
best and the worst of the suicide squad. It was a really good opportunity to shed some
new light on the characters in the Justice league because you think Justice league and
you think that they’re morally above everyone, they always make the right decision. But this team was a little bit different. They had see listers like Booster Gold blue
beetle on the team. It was a very different time for the Justice
league, so putting them in a suicide squad story just allowed the writers to have some
more fun with characters that normally had to walk the tightrope of morality, but with
her probably going to be doing in the DC movies is just having minor crossovers. I would expect a full-blown Justice league
versus suicide squad movie at least until after the second Justice league movie that
the first big team up. They come together Superman resurfaces in
between. They have a couple run-ins with each of their
minor villains that end up being part of the suicide squad they themselves have another
adventure and then finally Amanda Waller orders a hit on the Justice league, so one of the
things I felt like the movie actually did really well was paid the Amanda Waller character
as being the real villain of the story like enchantress was the villain that they had
to take down, but really Amanda Waller came away feeling like the antagonists, no matter
how bad the villains are there still some honor amongst thieves. But they been-the shit out of this all year
and generally is been working on suicide squad so if you like. If there any comics that you’re looking to
pick up suicide squad would actually be a good place to start that this is going to
be its own separate thing Justice league versus suicide squad just like Justice league Darkside
war was kind of its own miniseries so if you really liked the art from Darkside war and
you want to see Batman and Superman kicked the ship out of the suicide squad first issue
dropping this Wednesday. So if you guys want me to do like a full comic
book story video for just let me know in the comments. But as for big movie characters. Obviously you know about the Harley Quinn
movie that I just did a video about there’s a dead shot movie that they’re doing for Will
Smith that might not turn into an actual thing for a couple years but they did announce it
and then we have deathstroke who is also a member of the suicide squad was going to be
part of the new Batman movie and Justice league deathstroke himself is a bit more of a? In the movie universe right now because he
could totally go to the suicide squad the rumor right now is that he’s been hired by
Lex Luther who is still in prison to kill the Batman and depending on where the movie
leaves him. I do think that he’ll show back up again during
the solo Batman movie. I think he be a perfect villain for dead shot
the face-off against because of the good opportunity but dead shot on the side of the heroes for
once, usually one have them go back and forth little bit let me know where you have a ton
of justice the characters fighting suicide squad characters in the movies. Do you ever want to see them do a full-blown
event like this big comic book event, they’re doing in related news, if you want me to do
a Superman versus deathstroke video that is had an epic battle is let me know in the comments
that there supposedly going to be a Justice league trailer. Soon everyone kinda thought that was gonna
drop around Christmas time so that might still happen. Zack Snyder was saying that it’s coming really,
really soon, but he couldn’t specify when just making it sound like ads right around
the corner so prepare for Justice league trailer craziness to while you guys wait for that
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