Aigoo,The collar should be
ironed before wearing. It’s all crumpled.
Where did you go?That’s right… I suddenly remembered,that I didn’t tidy up the wardrobe at home.Yes, Father. Father. Mmm… I heard that the clinical trials will be suspended. Ah…yes. Some patients… had serious adverse reactions. It’s because of the illegal use of the trial drug, right? The drug was used on Lee Gang Hun’s mother. That’s not necessarily it. That has to be the reason. And because of it, this crisis
can be an opportunity. Depending on the length of the suspension, The trials may have to be restarted. Unfortunately, they could also be abandoned. If the trials are resumed, at that time, you… should definitely be in charge. I understand you. However, I… don’t want to take it that far. You’re acting like a weakling. How come you’re not like your father? We just need someone to assume
the responsibility for this case. As for who that person will be, you should know, right?=First message=Doctor.Are you okay?Eomeoni, is the numbness in your hand better now?At first, I wanted to find you.Eomeoni, what do you like to eat?But I thought you might want some time alone.My favorite food in the world is memil guksu. I really hope that, you cheer up soon.That’s it for now.It’s me.Are you all right?Apparently, there’s to be a review of the alleged illegal drug use.I hope you can be at the hospital today before two.Oppa, are you there?If I had known earlier that you went home… I wouldn’t have gone to Ha Jae In’s house. Are you all right? Ok. And you? This was sent to you. It’s odd. Your letter won’t be
delivered to our home.Dr. Gim Sin U has passed away.His funeral was less than a week ago.Seung Man. I need to go somewhere for a little while. Will you keep an eye on the ward for me? Yes. If there’s a problem, I’ll call you. Thank you! By the way… Doc… Doctor. I called you so many times. Where’s Dr. Seo Jun Seok? I said, why didn’t you answer my call? Huh? You must have known I was worried about you. I called so many times. If you didn’t want to answer the phone, then you should have at least
texted me saying that you’re all right. You’re here. You’re feeling awful, right? Where do I have to go? First, let’s go to the Research Institute. Ah…Ji Hye, I need to speak with Dr. Lee. Would you come to the conference room in 30 minutes? Yes. You’re asking me, to take responsibility for the suspension of the clinical trials? I’m afraid, your situation will be unfortunate. If I’m charged with it, I will certainly take responsibility. So, I… stole a vial of the clinical trial drug, and administered it, right? Sign where it says you agree to this statement. Then submit it to the Clinical Trials Ethics committee, of the IRB. . Does Prof. Gim Sang Cheol approve of this? It has to be settled this way. It was my idea. Although it’s very regrettable for you, nonetheless things became like this… The fact is, it’s mainly your fault. If I did not illegally use the trial drug, would we not have so many problems? If that is the case, then under the reason why the
clinical trials were stopped, would have to include the
strange reactions from the drug. Fortunately, the provisional researcher, Dr. Lee Gang Hun was in charge. Conveniently accused me with the offense of
illegally administering the trial drug. If the suspension is lifted then,
after some time has passed, someone will have to begin the study again. That person.. will surely be Dr. Seo Jun Seok. Is that so? I haven’t thought about that. How can that be? It’s about time. I haven’t heard the whole story. So, according to the whole story, there is no.. implication of Prof. Gim in the illegal use of the clinical trial drug. CH-PKC gold still philosophy clinical experiment to cut short suppose that… target anti-cancer dose
don’t have illegal invest medicine clinical experiment to hit the target
CH-PKC meaning. Don’t have illegal invest medicine clinical experiment to hit the target
CH-PKC meaning. That’s right. Didn’t you admit it to the IRB commitee members? What’s the reason for this change? I acted irrationally. I apologize for it. That time,… In short, I’ve waited until now to tell the truth. I’m very sorry. Facing the possibility that the research
he did the utmost, might be suspended. I can understand you have every reason to be angry. Our director of course would empathize with Prof. Gim’s situation. But under such circumstances, our Prof. Gim seems to take
an awfully irresponsible position. I’ll say it again. That is not the case. I… did not know about this matter. Very good. Let us consider… this issue again. Would Prof. Gim, have any reason to lie? Chief Go. If that’s the case, then based on what’s being written here,
the entire responsibility would be assumed by Dr. Lee Gang Hun. Dr. Lee Gang Hun, do you admit it? If you admit it, Dr. Lee, you will bear all the blame. and leave the Research Institute. Dr. Lee Gang Hun, please answer. Doctor… Director! I think it’s wrong, to put the blame on one person. The problem is not only the illegal
use of the clinical trial drug… I admit to it. I will.. take full responsibility. Doctor! Very good. In a few moments the IRB committee members will arrive. Dr. Lee Gang Hun, could you
help to give the explanation? I will explain. Professor! Professor! I can’t understand. How can you, Professor? Put all the blame on Dr. Lee Gang Hun? Yes. I thought that.. even if it is all Dr. Lee Gang Hun’s fault, you would have also helped him through it. It seems that Yun Ji Hye misunderstands her teacher. Professor. Dr. Yun, our clinical study, is for the purpose of saving countless patients. Although it appears there are, serious adverse reactions in our clinical trials. I’m working on a solution. In order for this study to become a success, I hope that Dr. Yun, won’t bring this up again. Do you understand my meaning? Doctor? Ji Hye. Unfortunately, I can’t think of another way. I need to go to the ICU. -Wake up, Li Li
– is this an emergency patient? Yes. Response to light is good. Response to stimulus is also good. Ache a nap to react consciousness to lose consciousness patient to ache a nap to provoke to react
ache a nap to react also very well. Ache a nap to react consciousness to lose consciousness patient to ache a nap to provoke to react. Seems like stiff meninx other hematoma
ache a nap to react consciousness to lose consciousness patient to ache a nap to provoke to react. Seems like stiff meninx other hematoma. Seems like there’s an epidural hematoma… in another area.
-=epidural hematoma: bleeding between
the skull and outer covering of brain.=- She was seen and cleared by orthopedics. . Doctor. Acute subdural hemotoma, fractured
skull and cerebral contusion. No problems elsewhere. Let’s do a craniotomy now. Prep the patient, mark out the craniotomy area. Yes. I’m going to ICU. I’ll be back soon. Doctor. Dr. Yun. I’ll contact anesthesia. Wake up, Hye Li. Eomeonie, Nothing will go wrong with Hye Li’s surgery. Try not to worry too much. Please explain the details of your illegal use of the trial drug. I took the CH-PHK from the storage cabinet. and injected it into a patient intravenously. Who did you use this drug on? A stage 4 glioblastoma patient. What is your relationship with that patient? I’m, her son. What is Star Group’s Chairman Cha Won Gyeong coming to our hospital? He’s been there for a long time. It seems Star Group’s Chairman Cha Won Gyeong is going to Neurosurgery. I don’t know… we always follow. When are you going to leak the news of Star Group Chairman Cha’s visit? Isn’t in order for our hospital to compete for a position as a next gen research site? When you have good news at hand, you only naturally want to get it out. You’re really swift…really. Welcome. I am Assistant Director, Pak In Beom. I’m pleased to meet all of you. Thank you for coming to our hospital medical center. I will call upon each branch of doctor, to come and examine your physical condition, Chairman. I am very busy, I don’t need that. I just want to look in here. If it is regarding the brain, I will certainly accommodate you, Chairman. There’s no need. What’s the name of the person I’m here to see? It’s Prof. Gim Sang Cheol. I want to be examined by Prof. Gim. Of course. We will make the arrangements. Let’s go. Chairman. This is the first of several operations today. Beom Jun… Ah… Nowadays, all you do is give up? To not be chosen as Assistant Professor. Also failing to qualify at Hye Seong University Hospital. Being pushed out of Chunha University Hospital. You’re too kind bad say give you want come a at the instant sth happens researcher status. Eventually was still being to be fired. Looks like very happy the appearance. From from the beginning just do not like people. All day long is river bank go. At last moist shoe. You want let me come painting a satisfactory period. That’s why to manufacture this kind of circumstances? You would be so want also able to understand. Thank you very much this paragraph that time. Keep Next my this at the instant sth happens researcher. Isn’t it said want to to do clear. Isn’t it said want to to clarify distinct me hide deeply false face. Is what thing? Murderer. Can it be do not want to find out me is or is not murderer. What’s the use now of exposing you? All already ended. Dr. Yun Ji Hye. To speak out make a trip to the immediately come back. Dr. Lee! Dr. Lee Gang Hun! Lee Gang Hun! Can’t you hear me calling you? Everything all love to get out of a predicament love to bother about people. How in a short while to become to evade? I’m asking you a question. As long as not break the rules. I said already I will to bear all duty. Me only to comply me so words to say only. It’s not all your responsibility. We clinical experiment whole entity also have problem. Furthermore, now to expose still have what use? Yun Ji Hye. Don’t put forth your small town sense of justice. And come meddling. To you crowded go out only you yourself. Keep busy. Yun Ji Hye. Your day off. What is it? It’s Saturday. Do you know the Olive restaurant in near the bridge in front of the Hospital? Cafe? Saturday. 12 o’clock. See you at the cafe? I want to ask you out for a meal. During that period of time, you’ve
worked hard to take care of my mom. Wait! Saturday, noon, at the Olive. Okay? Knowing you, you might just stand me up. That day although have work must do. But I will as much as possible. See you on Saturday. Eat food. Eat food. Eat food. Operation. Saline cannot be well to puff. Saline physiology edible salt water
saline cannot be well to puff. Saline cannot be well to puff. Me all see unclear. Yes. Bleeding just should hurry breath go. Should be well to puff then is. I am sorry. I am sorry. Nurse! Beom Jun. Where did you go just now. That… Let me warn you though. To violate order oneself doing what? Operation room can according to enter according to to go out. Go out. Go out. Yun Ji Hye. Yes, I’m sorry. And bleeding Professor. Nothing wrong. Yang Beom Jun. Well to rinse. Irrigation to wash
nothing wrong. Yang Beom Jun. Well to rinse. Nothing wrong. Yang Beom Jun. Well to rinse. Yes. To staunch dose. Bone candle is first aid sick person bone to seep blood time. To staunch use candle accusation to staunch dose
to staunch dose. Bone candle is first aid sick person bone to seep blood time. To staunch use candle accusation to staunch dose. Saturday… Yes, yes. Of course I know
you’re busy. But the chairman wishes to come see you. Please tell him that my
policy for visiting patients is that they must arrange
an appointment ahead of time. If I let the Chairman cut in line, then what am I supposed to do about the
other patients who are waiting to see me? Then I’m hanging up first. No, that’s not…! Prof. Gim! Hello? Aish! You don’t look so good. You’ve worked hard. Thank you for attending the funeral. So you’re saying… that you just
came here to express your thanks? In the past I’ve mentioned that I could not become an official doctor here. I know. You wanted to make progress
in your field of study. Maybe the university hospital
would be more suitable for you. But it just so happens that our hospital
is lacking in the neurology department. So I asked my sister-in-law to contact you. So then, maybe you could temporarily work here? Yes. Thank you! Can please to Dr. Lee Gang Hun is really difficult. Then let’s get up. I’ll show
you around the hospital. Our hospital’s major
patients are all V.V.I.P. So matter not be very more. Occasionally will have first aid patient. Owner what if with health management with to prevent regarding? Yes, right. This is the MRI room. Talking about V.V.I.P. Main have those who people come. From to open up base spring Chairman started
that is from precious thing father. You know. Safe ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs group Chairman with him family
also one month inspection once. And also. Joint star group car prospect Chairman. Yes. Did you hear that
from my sister-in-law? Car prospect Chairman brain CT image
able to give I will take a look then. Car prospect Chairman. At the present time effective hearing level very difference. Serviceable. Hearing
effective hearing. Dialog or call on phone time daily hearing
car prospect Chairman. At the present time effective hearing level very difference. Serviceable. Hearing
effective hearing. Dialog or call on phone time daily hearing. Because him a bit to reject to use knife. So consider radioactive treatment
serviceable. Hearing
effective hearing. Dialog or call on phone time daily hearing. Because him a bit to reject to use knife. So consider radioactive treatment. Furthermore, to use knife and apparently feel that big bit. And at the same time to be complicated by brain to amass water. Brain to amass water forehead within cerebrospinal fluid capacity to raise. Will caused forehead within to press to raise
and at the same time to be complicated by brain to amass water. Brain to amass water forehead within cerebrospinal fluid capacity to raise. Will caused forehead within to press to raise. I said have brain to amass water. So want to to use knife
brain to amass water forehead within cerebrospinal fluid capacity to raise. Will caused forehead within to press to raise. I said have brain to amass water. So want to to use knife. Him follow me say busy all quickly busy is dead
have time open forehead to be in hospital. Him but a be famous workaholic. This is half month ago shoot. Right. Mmm… Brain to organize to oppress serious. Brain room also become big. Not so good. Please come in. Brother-in-law. Oh, sister-in-law. You’ve come. Dr. Lee Gang Hun finally agreed? Sister-in-law, I should thank you. You’ve introduced me to Korea’s
most competent neurosurgeon. No need to thank me
Dr. Lee Gang Hun is will listen other people people. All he himself choose. Right. What about Dr. Lee’s office? Oh, look who asked. It’s all ready. It’s pretty good for a room
that was temporarily used. Here, you can work on any
research that you like. I know you want to return
to the university hospital. If you want to open your own
personal hospital, then tell me. I’m not to force sb to do sth you have to like me. I won’t open a hospital. Because I still will go back. Then, you can use me…
in order to return there. Hwa Song Group’s Chairman… can you arrange for me to meet with him? So this is what you came here for? Thank you… for giving me a task. We occasionally want to give
our VIP customers a visit. In our hospital that time within. Anyhow use? Professor. Then to end. Oh. Are you done looking into it? Yes. Seems like before Prof. Seo Dong Gyun always go that house restaurant meet. Just with secondary Chief two people. Heard abdominal cavity surgery to extend is good fortune chief will also go. Okay. Keep it a secret. Yes. To me to eliminate outside. Now never make use of value. Right. Nothing’s wrong? Matron Hong. Matron Hong. You haven’t gotten off work? Have position patient operation later always thought i am her daughter. Just to let her calm for a while. Me specially partner is her around you. Immediately want to get off work. Oh, I see. That last time… You go first. Last is me sorry. Furthermore, said already flat dialect. No, it’s my fault. You didn’t allow me to draw,
but I insisted on drawing. And you can speak informally to me. You and my nuna are almost the same age. My nuna almost seems as fierce as you. Young that time experience more. Now feel that very amiable. Ah, that… I didn’t mean to emphasize
our age difference. Dr. Jo Dae Sik. Yes. Small stomach come out. Excuse me, sir. Patient visitation hours have already passed. Yes, I know. I just wanted to stay right here. Hye Ri will get better. Please rest assured. Yes. Thank you so much, Doctor. But, this… How is Hye Ri? Forehead within to press already gradually recover regular. Now, is not guardian to visit time. See him outside side stay chest not taste. So let him came in. Knowing you, you might stand me up.I said the wrong thing. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Cannot be just like this ended things. Always to hope for desire will to achieve. Cannot be just like this before meritorious deed or service to the greatest extent to abandon. As long as Professor you to close only eye , that will be enough. Help me, please.Professor. Please just help me this once.Tell me! Who performed the operation?Which doctor is it? Tell me! Tell me! Even if, me to close only eye. Hidden all everything. – say. Say. – but. In future plan to what to do? Your conscience… bears feelings of guilt. Prepare what to do? Those … Will whole to become forgotten to fall. Whole to forget. Who are you? Is come to visit gold to extend room doctor. I am sorry. Astray ward. Isn’t it said want to to do clear. Me close hide lie exactly is what? Didn’t you say want to to do clear.Murderer.Me being a murderer…
you’re not planning to expose it? Now, have you given up? Nonsense. Now is just the beginning. Saturday. Saturday. It’s Saturday! Finally Saturday has arrived. What’s the matter? Professor. Car to move bright Chairman reservation to register
is today first one patient. It absolutely was not my responsibility. This is. Diagnosis and treatment to stop. To have the operation. I said. And it is not any immediately extremely important to fall illness. Why must I have the operation? Here call cerebellum bridge angle place have a swelling. Cerebellum bridge angle cerebellum with pons Varolii to link part
here call cerebellum bridge angle place have a swelling. Able to see come out
cerebellum bridge angle cerebellum with pons Varolii to link part. Able to see come out. Mmm… Recently your hearing
has not been very good. It’s also because of this tumor. Become serious issue is have brain to amass water. Brain to amass water want to immediately accept operation then can. To mention operation. Meaning is want to to pry open my head. Yes. To skull open in future. Lie how long? At least lie one week. What kind of joke is this? If joint star group car Chairman open forehead lie at the hospital news. To climb over newspaper. Our business partners will hesitate. Competitor. And also those love say other people digression fellow. Surely to transmit outwards car prospect want to is finished this kind of rumor. So. Because afraid those rumor. Hope direct to pass on go out life news. What? Chairman you head formal dress one time bomb. Time bomb until when explosion to depend upon at Chairman you decide. Today immediately to be in hospital. Tomorrow early morning accept operation. Help prepare a moment Chairman operation before each particular inspection. What? There have this kind of. I cannot have the operation. I’m going to China for a while. Have a to relate to we company fate important meeting. Chairman. Meeting or somewhat to postpone? To postpone if say like that. just be other fellow grab leave. Don’t want to again more said already. Hurry give me open bit medicine. Dr. Kim, Isn’t it said see i will later then can give me to prescribe medicine. So isn’t this early in the morning just came. Me good comes at the end of the sentence to indicate a strong degree. Medicaments treatment won’t work
want to hurry and utilize the time to set about method then can. Give joint star group car Chairman do before operation. Looks like is prepare get this to raise his own reputation. Me not like that easily bullied people. You talk a bit unduly. Don’t care you is what people? Towards me as to only patient only. Why are you like this to distort to speak give patient advice? Professor. What? Ok, I know. To pry open head also good. Or accept radiotherapy also good. I will find other hospital. How can to my head
to give like this not in the least amiable to feel doctor? Let’s go. Chairman! Chairman…! Ah, really… Chairman. You first to disappear to cool one’s temper. Me first give you Next medical prescription. Fine. We prepare to consult regarding car clan name a mixture research group. Yes. That whole plan is cancelled. Do not want to again with this let people disagreeable hospital to bear fruit cause. Chairman! Chairman! Aigoo! Ai, really…! Chairman Cha wants to go to China. So he only has time right now. What is that? Am I arriving early? There’s no need to have my whole
head shaved for the operation? Yes. Like this. Is ear back section open five centimeter grown mouth. To become a concubine bone shutter open forehead method. Together used microscope with within to look at mirror. Also able to to excise close position brain tumor. Operation later is ear back section to stick a a wound to stick , that will be enough. There’s no need to shave too much hair, So will not be external part discovered. Recovery is also very fast, so you can return very quickly
to normal operations. Mmm… Then how come Prof. Gim
didn’t mention these things? It’s possibly because this
operation method is a bit invasive. You want do even our country best brain tumor expert. Also because method inferior and not willing do this operation. Yes I can. Which school did your friend graduate from? Cheon Ha University. The neurosurgery department
there is very good. What kind of relationship do you two have? It’s obvious already. He’s my man. I like your guts. Do not want to when doctor just come we company. Me use you. But, I won’t allow you to
perform the operation. Firstly, I don’t have enough time. And secondly, to be honest, I don’t trust you. Chairman! Prepare my car. Have a drink first before you leave! Chairman! I’ll attend your wedding. I’ll see you then. Also, please give my regards to your father. Chairman. What’s wrong? Chairman! Chairman! The Chairman fainted. Get me the first aid box, and then
call an ambulance. Quickly! Yes. I will go with the Chairman. You go back first. Okay. What? Sent to this side come. Yes. Roughly fifteen minutes later to. Sorry to trouble you made preparations operation prepare. Communication good anesthesia branch of study doctor. Operation room in need AEP to knead dough department nerve to monitor equipment. AEP sense of hearing to cause electric potential. Is to brain stem with hindbrain operation time at any time to monitor
operation room in need AEP to knead dough department nerve to monitor equipment. AEP sense of hearing to cause electric potential. Is to brain stem with hindbrain operation time at any time to monitor. Dr. Lee. In our hospital operation matter
AEP sense of hearing to cause electric potential. Is to brain stem with hindbrain operation time at any time to monitor. Dr. Lee, did the chairman already agree to have his operation at our hospital? I can do it. Gang Hun! Please help me to prepare immediately. -=Prof. Gim Sang Cheol=- Prof. Gim, hello. This is Hwang Tae Seon. What? Connect me immediately. Okay, I’ll pass him the phone. Doctor. Yes? Lee Gang Hun. Actually must do small bone shutter open forehead method. Are you crazy. Old qualifications doctor have not to dare to receive operation
you actually must do. I can do it. No. Operation field of view too narrow. As your operation experience
is cannot can do it. So at the present time the most important is decide operation proposal. If now just open forehead. Cerebellum will block is in front
you did not to touch not until tumor. Immediately turn back and
come to our hospital! I will do this operation. Turn back immediately! Dr. Lee, it’s still not too late. Turn back! Dr. Lee Gang Hun! Lee Gang Hun! Lee Gang Hun! -=Next Episode Preview=- You can’t do the operation in these conditions. I can do it. He hasn’t agreed to having the operation? To resist too intense. I was an idiot today. Not just today, but I’ve been
an idiot this whole time. Didn’t you say nothing was
wrong with my daughter?! Move Aside. Bring back my daughter! Bring back my daughter! Me to hear some regarding high chief bad rumor. What do we do! What do we do? You still have not lose. Because I am willing to help you.