You’re going to do small bone
window craniotomy. Are you crazy! I can accomplish it. Cannot. Operation field of view is too narrow. With the surgery experience you have,
you can’t possible do it. So the most important thing now
is to decide on the surgery procedure. If you perform the craniotomy now,
the cerebellum will be in the way and
you won’t be able to touch the tumor. Quick turn back and come to our hospital. I will do this operation. Get the ambulance to turn back immediately. -=12. Olive.=- Dr. Lee. Now it’s still not too late. Get the ambulance to turn back. Dr. Lee Gang Hun. Lee Gang Hun! Lee Gang Hun! This person. Director Hwang. Please listen carefully to my words. Dr. Lee. Have you completed with
the surgery preparations? Send him to Chun Ha University Hospital. Our hospital won’t be able to
perform this type of tumor surgery. Able to do it. Please believe me. Please move quickly. Dr. Lee. Yes…how could he be punctual? I will arrive soon. Yes, brother-in-law. Dr. Lee. Prof. Gim Sang Cheol will like to
watch the surgery. I have set up the communications. Dr. Lee Gang Hun. Can you hear me? Able to hear. Whoever is right or wrong,
we can argue about it later. First focus your energy on the surgery. To be monitored in this way, I’m not sure if I can focus. Wasn’t you the one who volunteered
to perform this surgery that could only
be done by a very experienced surgeon? If you’re affected by such small matter,
that couldn’t you, Lee Gang Hun. I’m about to start. Scalpel. This ajussi really. Yun Ji Hye. During the acoustic neuroma surgery, The cerebellar edema will block
the view of the surgical field. Always be aware of this point. When the cerebellar edema becomes serious, the cistern will be blocked
and cannot be opened. If you cannot gain access to the tumor, perform EVD at the P.O. Point. Wait for cerebellar edema to subside
before proceeding with the tumor excision. Dr. Lee Gang Hun. Yes, Professor. I’m Beom Jun. Where is Dr. Lee performing this surgery? Seems to be in another hospital. Where is he operating? Seems like he’s making
an opening behind the ears. Seems like acoustic neuroma surgery. -=Acoustic neuroma: a slow-growing tumor
of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain=-
Seems like acoustic neuroma surgery. -=Acoustic neuroma: a slow-growing tumor
of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain=- Is he performing the
small bone window craniotomy
to remove the acoustic neuroma? Is he performing the
small bone window craniotomy
to remove the acoustic neuroma? -=Small bone window craniotomy:
a highly difficult small caliber craniotomy=- -=Small bone window craniotomy:
a highly difficult small caliber craniotomy=- Do EVD directly. -=EVD: External ventricular drain=-
Do EVD directly. Under this present situation,
it’s not possible to operate. Under this present situation,
it’s not possible to operate. I know. In order to discharge cerebrospinal fluid, I’m pulling back the cerebellum. If it can be pulled back slightly more,
I will be able to discharge the
cerebrospinal fluid from the cistern. -=Cistern: cisterna magna located between the
cerebellum and the lower half of the brain stem.=- No. No. What if hydrocephalus develops after surgery? What if hydrocephalus develops after surgery? -=Hydrocephalus: a buildup of fluid inside the skull, leading to brain swelling and increase in intracranial pressure.=- -=Hydrocephalus: a buildup of fluid inside the skull, leading to brain swelling and increase in intracranial pressure.=- The way you’re pulling back
the cerebellum, you may damage it. The way you’re pulling back
the cerebellum, you may damage it. I will use my discretion. Please let me focus on the surgery. Aigoo. If he goes on, what if it ruptures? He should follow Prof. Gim Sang Cheol’s advice. Oh! The cerebellum edema
is becoming more serious. Dr. Lee Gang Hun, please do as told. Do EVD immediately. Blood pressure is rising. Intracranial pressure seems
to be on the rise. Give me scissors. He is following the instructions
from Prof. Gim Sang Cheol, right? Yes. Because the cerebellum obstructed the view,
the surgery cannot continue. Pass me No. 5 EVD drainage tube. Too much. Yun Ji Hye. I knew you will do this. You have forgotten our appointment, right? Where are you now? Hello. Dr. Yun Ji Hye. Who are you? I am Jang Yu Jin. You know who I am, right. Where is Dr. Lee Gang Hun? Doing an emergency operation. Where? This is my brother-in-law’s hospital. Gang Hun has decided to
work here for a period of time. Did you have an appointment with Gang Hun? What to do? Gang Hun cannot go over now. I see. I understand. If you want to pass message,
you can tell me.
I will tell Gang Hun … No need. I have nothing to say to him. Thank you. Looks like they have a date. -=12. Olive.=- Even write it down on the back of the hand. Is his memory so bad? Oh, seems like it’s almost done. That brat… really it’s a bit of a pity. Ha…Simply an art. Keep the EVD for about a day. Administer intravenous steroids
immediately after operation. -=Intravenous steroids: intravenous drugs to remove hydrocephalus=- Yes, Doctor.
-=Intravenous steroids: intravenous drugs to remove hydrocephalus=- You’re really amazing. You’re really amazing. Operation is done. Now, only left with suturing. Dr. Lee, you have worked hard. During winding up, please take note not to
bring about cerebrospinal fluid leakage. And also, you have to take responsibility for this matter. Why are all of you here? That… Where is he at? I heard it’s Tae Yang Hospital. Tae Yang? Isn’t it run by the family of
Chairman Jang Gi Chun’s mother-in-law? It’s Hwang Tae Seong sunbae’s hospital. Wow, when did Dr. Lee Gang Hun
get this connection? He’s really unpredictable. He’s like Hong Gil Dong. No. It’s Dr. Lee Gang Hun. Chairman Cha Un Gyeong is also over there. What? Then, are you saying that the
person receiving the operation is… Chairman Cha? That’s right. Dr. Lee. It’s me. What’s wrong? You have to switch this on first. Dr. Lee. I’m Go Jae Hak. Seems like they have switched off
the video cameras. Hello, Seung Man. What? Suddenly lost consciousness. Ventricular fibrillation. Ventricular fibrillation.
(Ventricular fibrillation – a severely abnormal heart rhythm that can be life-threatening.) . Intubation. Intubation. Intubation! Defibrillator. Get the guardians. Yes. 200 joule. 200 joule. Charged. Everyone stands aside. – Hye Ri! Hye Ri!
– Hye Ri! – Hye Ri!
– Hye Ri, open your eyes! – Hye Ri!
– Hye Ri! It’s Father! Hye Ri! Hye Ri! – Dead.
– Hye Ri! Hye Ri! Didn’t you say that my daughter will be all right? She was all right at first, but her heart rhythm got severely abnormal… but her heart rhythm got severely abnormal… but her arrhythmia got worse… You’re a quack! Please calm down. Let go of me! Save my daughter. Save my daughter, wretch! My daughter…Hye Ri, save her, wretch! Give her back to me. Give my Hye Ri back to me!=The number you have dialed is currently unavailable=Yes. Chairman Cha has waken. Please say ‘one’. My father’s mouth is a bit strange. He doesn’t have this problem before operation. The operation was a success. After an operation, there might be
transient facial nerve paresis. During operation, care was taken
to protect his facial nerves. Furthermore, muscle enhancer
has been injected. There should not be any problem. Yes, what Dr. Lee says is correct. After an operation, there might be
transient facial nerve paresis. Who says that I wanted the surgery? Father, didn’t you agree to the surgery? There were no other choices. Chairman lost consciousness
because of hydrocephalus. You can recite the details to
our principal legal consultant. Call our principal legal consultant. Yes. Jun Seok. Father. What happened? After investigation, it’s not medical malpractice. Of course not. That patient already has arrhythmia. And I heard she has never
undergone any treatment in the past. This society…Really. That child’s parents are good people. He behaved in that way because it was
a great blow to him to lose his daughter. I am all right. Really… Heard that Chairman Cha will like to undergo
surgery at Chun Ha University Hospital. It’s an emergency of
a patient’s life and death. So he was sent to this hospital
where I’m working in. According to the paramedic, Chairman Cha’s primary care doctor
requested for Chairman Cha to be sent
to Chun Ha University Hospital. The primary care doctor is… Gim… Prof. Gim Sang Cheol. Yes. Why didn’t you accede to his request? Why didn’t you listen to him? Because I’m the only person
who is suitable to perform
the surgery for Chairman Cha. Heard that you need a testimony
for Chairman Cha’s surgery. So I came over. Please come over here and take a seat. Yes, it’s an emergency that needs surgery. As the primary care doctor,
I watched the surgery
through the monitors. Chairman Cha’s family felt that Dr. Lee Gang Hun deceived Chairman Cha
and forced him to undergo surgery. Is that true? It’s not true. That was indeed an
extremely urgent situation. Compared with Chun Ha University Hospital, it’s much quicker to send him
here in terms of distance. And also in terms of neurointerventional surgery, -=Neurointerventional surgery:
minimally invasive surgery=- -=Neurointerventional surgery:
minimally invasive surgery=- Dr. Lee Gang Hun is better than me. I don’t really understand this. Prof. Gim Sang Cheol. Aren’t you the best neurosurgeon in our country? Is it? What’s the meaning of the best neurosurgeon? I would say that it’s a medal
given to someone who has
accumulated a lot of experience. Honestly speaking, it also meant
he’s behind the times. I’m old hat now. At any one time, I might be replaced by spirited and talented young doctors. Today is that day. Anyway, I hereby inform you. If the outcome of the appraisal suggests
there were lapses in the surgery, you will be subjected to legal punishment. If Chairman Cha doesn’t recover quickly,
it will complicate the problem. You should know clearly that
Chairman Cha will recover quickly. If you had observed my surgery carefully, you should be convinced that
there’s nothing wrong with it. This is something that can
resolve by itself through time. You have wasted your trip here. Did you think that I made
this trip because of you? Director Hwang was too impatient
and gave me a call. He said that because of you,
the hospital has sunk into a crisis. Needs me to attest. Since as the primary care doctor,
I watched the entire surgery
through video monitors. This is solely the reason. Dr. Lee Gang Hun. Wherever you are, you always create troubles. It’s all because you are egocentric. That’s right. As for Chairman Cha, to abide by his wish, he has been transferred to our hospital. Said that they will be transferring him
during the time we’re with the legal consultant. He should arrive by now. This is it. This is your hypocrisy. Pretending to show deep care and concern
for your student in front of others. Yet behind people’s back,
you’re completely a hypocrite who made
detailed calculations on how it will benefit you. Looks like you have been tricked, right? Originally you plan to cherish
Chairman Cha like a darling, in preparation for your glory return to
Chun Ha University Hospital, right? Lee Gang Hun, you can never return. Chun Ha University Hospital.
In the future, you don’t even think about it. You have lost all hopes. Looks like you still have to learn
a few things from me. Still have a lot more things
to learn from an old hat, right? Careful… Careful… You are here. Please take good care of my father. We know. Hurry, don’t waste time.Lee Gang Hun, you can never return.Chun Ha University Hospital.
In the future, you don’t even think about it.
You have lost all hopes.This is your hypocrisy.Pretending to show deep care and concern
for your student in front of others.
Yet behind people’s back,
you’re completely a hypocrite who made
detailed calculations on how it will benefit you.
-=Yun Ji Hye.=-Knowing you, you might just stand me up.One week ago, Patient Pak Cheol Gun
was diagnosed with CP angle meningiomas. -=CP angle meningiomas : Cerebellopontine brain tumor.=- Using microsurgery to excise the tumor.
-=CP angle meningiomas : Cerebellopontine brain tumor.=- Using microsurgery to excise the tumor. Now there’s no indication of nerve damage. The tumor type is degenerative
meningioma, a WHO grade 3. -=Degenerative meningioma:
A type of malignant meningiomas=-
The tumor type is degenerative
meningioma, a WHO grade 3. .Entrust him to radiotherapy department.Since he underwent Simpson Grade I surgery, -=Simpson Grade I : complete removal including resection of underlying bone and associated dura.=-
Since he underwent Simpson Grade I surgery, . we just have to continue monitoring him.No.If the tumor type is WHO Grade I, If the tumor type is WHO Grade I,we can do it your way.But this is Grade 3 malignant tumor.This type of malignant meningioma,has to be followed up and treated
with radiotherapy to prevent reoccurrence.
It’s captured in the standard
cancer treatment guidelines. Yun Ji Hye. Next. Director. I heard that for the head of
the cranial nerves center, you have already decided to
appoint Prof. Gim Sang Cheol, Is that true? Aigoo. You’re well-informed. Correct, I have that intention. From the start, isn’t it Prof. Gim Sang Cheol the one
who set a good foundation for
our cranial nerves center? Regardless whether it’s his
continual research contributions
or his medical performance, I feel that he’s the most suitable
person to head the center. Director. Prof. Gim Sang Cheol doesn’t like
to sit on management post. To elect someone with no desire to do it,
you will regret it. Prof. Gim has happily accepted it. What? To be the head of cranial nerves center, he has already promised me
that he will do a good job. Anyway, I thought Chairman Cha Un Gyeong
of Hwa Seong Corporation Group will sign MOU with us. -=MOU : memorandum of understanding=-
I thought he will sign MOU with us. . Lately… Seems like they are also in discussion with
Hye Seong University Hospital for this matter. Yes, right. I also heard about it. Post-operation CT scan results are good. There is also no cerebellar hydrocephalus now. Please whistle to see. Father, have you recovered from facial paresis? It seems so. A lot better compared to yesterday. So, can I go to China? I have a very important meeting
and it has been delayed for 2 days. Not now. You still need to rest. But I feel that I have fully recovered. What Dr. Lee Gang Hun had said was correct. What? After your operation,
didn’t Dr. Lee Gang Hun said that your facial paresis
will be gone in 2 days. The operation was a success. Furthermore, you have recovered very quickly. Do you still want to sue Dr. Lee? There’s no problem with the Brain MRI. To prevent the possibility of other diseases
I will carry out other examinations for you too. It’s too boring to undergo examinations. You will not feel boring
as I will talk to you. Seriously? But Dr. Lee, why did you leave Chun Ha University Hospital? That’s also true.
An university hospital is indeed ruthless. For this aspect, I really admire Yeong Seon eonni. You knew Director Hwang Yeong Seon
of Chun Ha University Hospital? Of course. She’s my eonni’s sunbae.
We know each other quite well. Anyway, I wish Chun Ha University Hospital
and Hwa Seong Corporation Group
will enjoy the cooperation. Hwa Seong? Did Chun Ha University Hospital
in discussion with Hwa Seong too? Aren’t you the madam of
Hwa Seong Corporation Group? I’m from Tae Min. Second daughter-in-law
of Tae Min Corporation Group. Is it? I do not know. Me brother-in-law knows
Chief Go Jae Hak very well. I heard Chief Go will like to sign MOU with us. Didn’t expect that they are also
holding discussions with Hwa Seong
Corporation Group behind our back. Aigoo. Really. Looks like I have… made a blunder. I’m really worried now that this will
cause some misunderstanding? No worries. I won’t said it’s you who said it. I guarantee. Thank you very much. Please take care. Yeong Seon eonni, I’m Jo Mun Suk. This Chief Go, he’s really… Nurse Rim Hyeon Jeong. Confirmation of the patient’s registration number
and the serial numbers of the drugs are important tasks that you cannot forget. When can you stop making this type of mistake? I am very sorry. Go and confirm them now. Yes. Dr. Yang Beom Jun. Before the Professors went for their consultations,
didn’t they ask you to confirm that the patients… Hello. Oh, emergency … there’s emergency now. Nurse Gim, let’s go to the wards
to check on the patients. Okay. Matron Hong has reverted to her old-self. Seems like she becomes even more irascible. Hello, Professor. Where did Chairman Cha go? He has been discharged from the hospital. Discharged from hospital? There’s no permission for him
to leave the hospital. Chief Go Jae Hak allowed it. What? Professor! Was it you who allowed Chairman Cha
to discharge from hospital? Not exactly a discharge from hospital.
It’s more of an out-of-town trip. You also knew that Chairman Cha needs to
attend an important meeting in China. Once that meeting ends, he will
immediately come back to the hospital. Chief Go, are you really a doctor? You knew that the patient was still sick
and you still permitted him to leave the hospital. There’s no permission granted
by the primary care doctor. Although there’s no permission
granted by the primary care doctor, I still hold the authority power of a Chief. Also, I made the decision after I
had understood the situation. Monitored and reconfirmed his condition
for 2 days after removing EVD. Also I briefed him on a list of things
to watch out during the trip. Furthermore, you always accompany him… What are you doing? Chief Go, what’s your purpose
of working in this hospital? Is it to save the patients, or is it for business? Prof. Gim. I tolerated a lot during this period of time. But now I cannot tolerate it anymore. Chief Go, you have carried things too far! What’s happening to Prof. Gim Sang Cheol recently? So easily flying into a rage. Really. Exactly why! Exactly why!I’m at the lobby of the hospital.Nuna. Yes. Why didn’t you answer the phone? Oh, I’m sorry. Do spinal tap. -=Spinal tap: a procedure to obtain information
about the cerebrospinal fluid.=-
Do spinal tap. Conduct CSF cell count to measure
the number of red and white blood
cells in cerebrospinal fluid. Conduct CSF cell count to measure
the number of red and white blood
cells in cerebrospinal fluid. Also, check his protein and glucose levels. Yes. Please turn your body.
Lift up your leg. I thought you have already left. If you thought I had already left
then why did you come down? Only… Only to take a look. Because you also didn’t
say that you had gone back. That day… I had an operation to perform,
so I could not keep to my promise. Was it Chairman of Hwa Seong Corporation Group?
I’ve already heard about it. It wasn’t deliberate. You’ve worked hard. Dr. Lee Gang Hun. So, you came here only to tell me
things that I already knew very well? It wasn’t to apologize for
not keeping to the promise? In fact, is it because you missed me? No? No, even if you did miss me,
it has nothing to do with me. Because now I… I… have already given up on my feelings for you. Yun Ji Hye, you are still a doctor, right? No matter how important the promise is, as long as there is a patient,
a doctor cannot just leave. I wanted to call you, but I didn’t know where my phone was.
and what your phone number was. I have no time to think of all those. Yes, I know. If there’s a critical patient, even if there is an earthquake at home,
a doctor cannot leave. But this situation was different! What was the difference? It’s because you had a choice in this matter. Choice? The dying patient was right
in front of your eyes.
Other than saving the patient, what other choices were available for a doctor? No, you had a choice. Just like Prof. Gim Sang Cheol had said, you could have directed your
ambulance to come to our hospital. The patient could also be saved in this way. That chairman… you need not
be performing his surgery. Incorrect. You should not be performing his surgery. But you performed it anyway. Why? Because of your greed. You’re a person… who can
never like anyone sincerely. Because you love your own ambition
the most, and are a desirous person. I… really want to stop liking you. Because I felt guilty of falling
in love with someone who made me felt so worthless.
I’m very angry with myself. I came down just to say this. Yun Ji Hye! Yes, that CT scan I gave you a while back… That… please throw it out. My brain… won’t be looking like that from now on.You’re a person…who can never like anyone sincerely.Because you…love your own ambition the most.And are a desirous person.For someone like you, will there
ever be a woman who attracts you?
Even if there is one, you would not choose her.Your ambition would not permit it.Ha Young. Dr. Yeo. Are you feeling better now? Yes, thanks. That… Today, I want to ask you out to eat… Ha Yeong. Hello, Dr. Yang. Hello. When is your lunch hours?
What do you like to eat? Today, I want to take you out
to eat something tasty. No. Let me treat both of you instead.
I’m really thankful to you. Do we need to be so polite to each other? You’re really looking wan and frail. Hello, an emergency?
I will come now. What shall we eat? How about meat? Or coffee? The Korean beef is still the best, right? It melts when you put into your mouth. Let’s have more. Auntie, Here. More beef tenderloin for 2 persons. Quickly eat. You will feel perk up. Come, Ha Yeong. Eat it. Really, good. Cheer up. Eat more beef. Routine there is nothing to be done regular to read the reason. Is because of pituitary glands gland tumor. Pituitary glands gland tumor to be in charge of to secrete hormone pituitary glands happen gland tumor. By means of operation. To excise tumor , that will be enough
pituitary glands gland tumor to be in charge of to secrete hormone pituitary glands happen gland tumor. By means of operation. To excise tumor , that will be enough. Help me write diagnosis request book
give land under heaven big hospital neurosurgery. In our hospital do , that will be enough. I will. Personally help you to have the operation. To have the operation of course must go land under heaven big hospital. Quickly write. Can’t you come back. Land under heaven big hospital. Now, is not you able to to attempt vainly. You big power already go. One billion American dollar. Value one billion American dollar. An exit contract me to speak to be done. Late one day just will be people grab go contract. Be i snatched just returned. Here. Because here to heal good. Thanks to you help me to have the operation. Me a bit busy. Cannot be with you together eat food. Right. This is our company lid a building of two or more stories. To choose the best one. Give. You will satisfied. Thank you. Dr. Lee. Chairman. I want to reject. Why? Do not like. To substitute for. Help me the other busy. Regarding high chief. To pass on came bad news. What? Bad. Yes. Me heard you with company personnel have many times wine table. And day to day to play golf. Not intent bad party. Those company personnel is senior high school period everything contemporaries. From long time ago just is exchange companionship come down party. Then just exchange all of you companionship good enough. Why must to mention research site developed for a group of related enterprises to build career matter? Who said that? Not only you have everything contemporaries. He is just for me hospital that’s why do that? Anyway, at some point, If again have this type of news to pass on come out. That time i also don’t will to leave the matter at that. Please remember, To accomplish is Chief line of sight range other. Not be so easy. So how do you do good exactly then correct? Recently high chief position. Seems like more and more bad. So. To eliminate me one. With Prof. Seo Dong Gyun go together. What? Don’t have that kind of thing. Prof. Seo Dong Gyun. Him also cannot that way. Me help him son when to help Professor. As long as is can to show one’s face situation? Me all go to recommend. Me have done so have sincerely. Eventually now. Now to dislike me don’t have make use of value. Anyway …
people is position different that time. Manner always will different. Who. You. I said. In short. High chief. Add to strength. Chief term also never much longer. Really worry. Lit. on all sides, the songs of Chu. Wind headlight fire. At dawn, not sure of lasting to evening. Precarious state
how can? How can become like this? Not. Not. Will can find methods. Have a bullshit. Finish. Finish. Please enter. Professor. I hope you have been well since we last met. Dr. Lee. I thought me go come over only clear-cut road safe road. It’s all over. Lose. Me lose. Before? Do to awaken operation that time. Me sudden hand to tremble. Eventually Dr. Lee on behalf me to have the operation. That time. In fact me accept every kind of inspection. Nothing unusual here at all. But… Not long ago I’ll do brain artery tumor operation. This Me started to vomit. Me and go open individual neurology hospital the younger generation
hospital accept treatment. He said is from mental developed illness. Said is spirit pressure too big. Then illness. Able to to cure. Now you are to grasp to that domain operation. No, it’s not. Not able to by means of operation to rule good illness. There is nothing to be done by means of operation to cure. Use medicaments treatment also cannot be. Professor be to trample self-respect. Be setback desire. As long as to cram it and will do. You still have not lose. You able to win. Because. I will help you. I said. Magnificent star group. Want to with me to sign MOU. Is. Is me convince. High chief. Did well. Thank you. Heard Mars with intelligent star big hospital to cooperate. I do not know more worry. But. Is MOU formal to sign a contract or agreement ago. Magnificent star group car Chairman special rely on you one thing. I rely on you. Him hope our neurosurgery. Is recruitment newly-appointed to help Professor that time
certainly accept him to recommend one person participate to appraise. Because vermilion forever to plant Professor sudden because illness leave hospital. I also currently plan to openly announced recruitment. To recommend position doctor. Is Dr. Lee Gang Hun. What? I heard… you decided to leave here. Yes. Are you returning to Cheon Ha? It’s not definite. If my plans don’t work out at Cheon Ha,
then I might look for another hospital. Gang Hun, I’ll help you
open your own hospital. You can perform operations to
your heart’s content there, okay? Wow, you’re really someone
who doesn’t listen… If don’t have Dr. Lee Gang Hun contribution. Car Chairman. Will also not to agree. Chief. This is our. Last/final opportunities. Please approve it. Car Chairman that side if to today 12 bit and never to contact you. That is to cancel MOU meaning. If to 12 bit I have not to contact you. Just to signify cannot. Dr. Lee Gang Hun. Hello. What did you come here? Me redo returning to land under heaven big hospital work. What? Me be to appoint and nominate for neurosurgery to help Professor. Me. Have came back. -=Next Episode Preview=- You have just returned is for blow me. You absolutely win unable to me. No, it’s not. I will win. Me body not in good condition. This operation can to change other doctor come do. You say can win just can win. But… Why? Now you are is at towards me report. How is it? Want to and try. This success. Just in a short while get up. This person… To execute knife doctor why will changed to is you? Everything as patient aspiration for comes first to consider
you are also to agree. Isn’t it.