Hey how you doing Chris Barmby here from chrisbarmby.com Are you looking at either the kalatu
blogging system or the kalatu blog. Or are you looking at the MLSP site’s
blog or the MLSP sites blogging system. Or maybe you
looking at both them maybe your looking at one or the other. In this video I’m
actually going to break down for you I go right through actually yesterday it took 12 hours
and I actually went right through both of them and really broke everything down to
show you the differences between them and then at the end of this video I’m
actually going to tell you which one I decided is the better option. Now you can
make your own decision by yourself through everything that I show you here and
I get to you’ll see in the video how hard it was for me to actually come up
with which one is the better option. So stay tuned, watch this video and make sure you
watch it through to the end you can see which one that I decided to pick. So here we are right inside the kalatu dashboard this is actually what you see when you sign into your kalatu blog.
So… the kalatu dashboard is very, very simple they just have an overview
everything’s over here is very clean looking. It looks like it’s very easy for
new person or beginner to use there is really nothing there to confuse them. So this is
the MLSP dashboard which is very simple very simple but it’s it’s exactly like
the WordPress dashboard in fact it is the WordPress dashboard, if you’ve ever used WordPress
then you know right away exactly how to use this dashboard. Next I want to go
into my blogs here if you go into kalatu and you go to my blogs kalatu
allows you to create up to three blogs. Now this is one thing that’s awesome because
you can have a blog, say about network marketing teaching people about network marketing, you
can have a blog about your primary company, say it’s weight loss company
teaching people about weight loss and stuff like that. And then you can have a
personal blog for your family stuff like that. So you can have up to three
different blogs which is a very cool feature and actually if you get the
kalatu premium then you get 10 different blogs. With MLSP sites currently you
only get one blog, so I guess that’s one mark for kalatu because you get
more than one blog you get between three and 10 blogs but I know MLSP sites they just
launched about a month ago and they do plan on allowing you to actually have
different blogs and the plan on having different membership levels and stuff
like that but currently you’re only allowed one blog. Next we are going to talk about
this, this is actually really cool kalatu has this it’s called the 21 day blogging challenge, now this is great for somebody who is just getting started
blogging or if you, let’s say you’ve already gone through the 21 day blogging
challenge and come to a point you can’t come to a writers block, then you can go through
the blogging challenge again. So basically just click here and you’ll
create new post and then it’s going to bring you to a page looks like this. So it’s
going to give you a topic each day to blog about but with your own spin on it.
So then it’s going to ask well what are you This topic here is hacks, so then it says what
are these hacks about, you go blogging, what outcome will what outcome or results for your readers if
the uses hacks. Generate more leads and then you just fill in each section here
and then once you’ve done that then it brings you here automatically creates title for you and
then it automatically puts everything in here adds images here if you’ve added
images, stuff like that, you can edit everything from within here, add your categories, tags, stuff like that and then
once you’re actually done and you hit submit then it’s going to spit out
something like this for you. Obviously you’d want to do a better job,
these pictures are a little bit big for a blog post I think personally but you
edit the size of your pictures stuff like that. So like I say MLSP has nothing like that
currently so that’s another markup for kalatu. These here are your plugins and
applications so in Kalatu you have, I don’t know why they have domain mapping
and plugins applications haven’t quite figured that out yet but
they have linkify. Which you can mask your affiliate links and stuff like
that and actually track all of your links. The social media card, I think you can
actually do link to your social media so that when you load on, when you do a blog
post then it’ll actually syndicated everything over to your
social media.Then you got lightbox, thats a popup, Google Analytics, Page Blocks not sure
what that is but in total here you have five different, we’ll throw in that one
there for the sixth, six different plugins. MLSP sites these plugins here and keep in
mind with with Kalatu and with MLSP Sites the plugins that are there are the plugins that
are there. You cannot add more and they’re there for a reason, they’re there for security
stuff like that, so yeah they’re there for a reason they’re there for your own
safety and stuff like that. So anyways with MLSP sites you actually have 50 different
plugins that you can use for your blog so sites has click to tweet, bloom. A lot
of the sites plugins are paid plugins lot a lot of plugins that normally if you
didn’t have MLSP Sites you would be paying hundreds of dollars per month for.
So… anyways you have Facebook likes box, Facebook comments, all the Genesis
plugins, Google Maps, header and footer, hide YouTube related videos, MLSP call to action, monarch, MLSP media embed, home
banner, optin monster, popup pro, pretty link Pro. Pretty link Pro is actually just like
like that linkify that I said where you can actually mask your links and stuff
that and track how many clicks because really you should be tracking everything.
Every link on your website you should have a pretty link attached to it, not
only to make it look better but so that you can actually track what people are clicking so that you can
ultimately become better at marketing. What would Seth Godin do, thats a pretty cool plugin you
can actually set it up so that it tracks new visitors and return visitors and actually
give each of them a separate message based on whether their new or their return
visitors. WP optin studio, that’s a really cool
it’s really cool plugin to build optin pages,YouTube channel gallery. So anyways, like I say there is fifty different plugins in here for you to use. So thats a markup for MLSP there. This is the add new post page in Kalatu to this here is actually
really cool features so you have a writer’s block or anything like that you can just go in
here, say give me a headline and then you enter subject into here. So you go blogging
and then you go get my headline and it’ll spit up headlines here for your
you, are you making this critical blogging mistake, science of blogging how to achieve
results fast, how to blogging successfully know someone don’t really
make sense what successful people know about blogging it’ll actually give you
different headline ideas. Also here if this one here will actually give you ideas to.
Share some behind the scenes photos, why I do or don’t write poetry paints sketch. So
ya it will give different ideas different inspirational ideas so that’s pretty
cool. They also have the embed a Facebook post sorry guys I got a grab a quick
drink water so they actually have the embed a
Facebook post here so you actually embed a Facebook post right into
your blog. They have calls to action so you can actually add a call to action at
the bottom of your blog post. They use SEOPressor for the SEO, put in a blog
post excerpts, Facebook sharing settings so you can set it up so this is your Facebook title,
description, certain image that you want in there. Then
of course they got your categories you tags, your featured image stuff like that.
So now let’s look at the add new post in MLSP, so as I said this is WordPress
so it’s very if you’ve ever used WordPress before
it’s exactly the same. With a couple different added features. One you can
insert a pretty links so you can actually create a pretty link right from
here. whatever you wanted to say you can
actually inside the link or else using existing pretty link. Then you can add
optin studio button so this here these are different opt-in forms that you
have and you can actually add those right into your post and actually one
thing that I noticed about kalatu is they don’t have any opt-in plug-ins or
anything like that for people to put in their name and email for you to be able to
collect their information. But I actually found quite strange. Anyway as you keep going down
they use Yoast SEO so with Yoast SEO they actually analyze everything about your
post and they look at how many keywords you have a keyword density the readability of it where your
keywords are. Are they in your headlines are they in your pictures. They look at how many
words you have,in there and they really break it down and give you a red light,
yellow light or green light to let you know and then they actually show you where you can
actually improve on your SEO. Pretty Link Options so you can actually do keyword
replacements if you have different keywords that you want to link somewhere
in all your post. So you can actually set that up to automatically hyperlink, say that you
want kalatu blog, every time kalatu blog is mentioned in your
post it will actually hyperlink it. Next of course you have your categories, tags this here
is actually a really cool option.The WP optin form settings you can actually put
in a different form on each post depending on obviously if I was writing
blogging than I wouldn’t want to offer somebody to give me their information
get a free Facebook training because you know they’re there and they’re wondering about blogging so I would instead maybe offer him something about search
engine optimization and same would go the other way, if somebody’s reading something
about Facebook marketing they don’t really care about search engine
optimization so I wouldn’t want that option form on there. So you can kind of piece in your
opt-in forms based on what your blog post is about and offer something congruent to your blog post is. Now head over
here we’ll have a look at the widget so first of all we’ll look at the Kalatu blog
widgets, of course we got akismet archives, calendar you can addYouTube video, you can add
custom images, you can add categories, page,s RSS feed tag,
cloud search, a social counter, recent posts and recent comments. Nothing really
to spectacular, I like the new YouTube adding YouTube videos into the widget area. Next let’s look at the MLSP widgets archives, calendar, categories, you can add a
custom menu, contact info you can display your post, you can add
easy Facebook feed, Facebook Like Box, featured posts, Genesis featured page you can actually put in
your Widgets, again featured posts, your user profile, you can add in their
Google+ badge, Gravatar profile, image homepage banner, and MLSP call to action, most popular post, your home banner you not an opt-in monster, you can addyour
pages, your post, your comments, RSS, simple social icons, search, social media
icons, tag cloud, text, top posts and pages, your Twitter timeline, your wp opt-in
so thats what I showed you before for your opt-in pages. Once again like they say with Kalatu I’m not to
sure why they don’t let you put in opt-in pages. I guess you could put it into your
text,design them in AWeber or get response and take that code and put it in
your text field but other than that, that’s about it. Next let’s look at the different themes that they
offer. kalatu the kalatu blog has pretty nice looking themes. They have in
total actually had it written down here somewhere I think it’s twelve
different themes give me one second, they have twelve
different themes that you can use with with the basic level and then if you go up to
premium then I think you get more themes with premium but I don’t have access to
the premium so I wasn’t able to actually see what themes they offer there. But
with MLSP sites they have 21 themes most of them are Genesis themes so…
if you were to go out and purchase these themes from Genesis, these go for
$99 a theme and MLSP has 21 different themes that you can use. The Divi theme is
actually supposed to be pretty good it’s like a drag and drop. You can kind of design design
your blog in your post everything exactly the way you want it. Next we have settings, so kalatu their settings, going
through I noticed were actually very very simple and there’s a lot of stuff
they’re really you can’t access that you can access within MLSP sites now I
believe, not to certain but they’ve probably done this for a reason they’ve
probably setup default settings so that you cant actually change them to make your site more SEO friendly but anyway you can go in here and you can now
you can change how people comment if you use Facebook comments, you can change static page, front page, post page,
back up your blog, restore your blog stuff like that and then you go into a
sealed settings this is where you set up all your SEO stuff linked to Google
sitemap stuff like that and then we get into yes we do what you need hi dad doing a video right now K yeah go
ahead good job. Sorry about that, that was my daughter. So anyways I’m
going to the settings here in MLSP sites, these settings when you
first come into when you first start you MLSP sites the settings are set up a
certain way. Actually Rob Fore, he is like the SEO master if you if you type in any
keyword related to network marketing, mlm chances are you’re going to see him on
the first page of Google. Anyways he went through and we’re actually using
his settings or MLSP is using his settings on their on their site. So
anyways you go through here then you can change things and whatnot if you want to
add default post category in the writing settings reading settings you can change
his stuff at related posts stuff like that, discussion settings, allow people to
comment not your e-mail when people comment, comment black list, avatars all that
kind of stuff. Basically it’s all the… like I say if you’ve if you’re
familiar with WordPress and you’re gonna be familiar with the MLSP dashboard and
the whole MLSP sites system OMS and must be blogging system permalinks we usually set up postname
that’s that’s usually how we set it up because then that puts your keywords
into your URL stuff like that so now I want you cannot go down here
that’s it for for the settings but i just want to kevin go down here so you
got your your SEO settings here in numberless peace sites you got your
pretty link settings so if you actually go in here to restore access to this
year submarines I actually can wanna show you
here so with this here you had a pretty link and so this here is where you drive
sagal redirection this is actually producing pro this year’s comdex you
have to pay for if you weren’t part of a must be sites but you put in whatever
target URL you on here so that would be like your affiliate URL usually Philly
URLs don’t look too good to just put it in there and then you can go Chris
Berman dot com slash blogging or whatever you want and you have a title
to it here when you can track all that and then you can actually know following
an added to a group parameters forwarding tracking and then they have
the pro options in here where you can actually add keywords here where
whenever you go in and post then it’s going to change those keywords to
hyperlink of whatever it is the link of Phi that collapsed two offers it does
not do the options here doesn’t offer that stuff there but other than that it
looks exactly like this here in fact I don’t know might be pretty linked with a
different name I’m not too sure but it’s obviously gonna want tutorial said she
can be able to use them so first let’s look at the clock to blogging system
lets see time the tutorials that they have so they have to meet tutorials to
set up your domain transfer everything over say you have plagued me Chris Parnell
com so they transfer everything over there I need to map my domains have
actually show you how to do that then they have your 21 day plugin tutorials
so let’s go over there have a look at that show you how to create a post how
your day control and assure you book called stack shin and then they have
your setup tutorial so team and team settings global settings how to verify
your site with Pinterest setting up menus and how to use the navigation and
login to your blogs and then they have the future tutorials so this is your
support which it reached him I’ll text widget commenting 10 12 and from how to
use light box how to use author box how to find and use premium media hosting
page box tutorial at two different page blocks tutorials and yeah so that there
is a tutorial cycle at two offers the tutorials at MSP offers are on this here
is their training portal so they have to show you how to move map your domain to
must be sites is like a cloud who did they have all the plugins tutorials to
show you how to use all the plugins they also have this year the theme
set-ups for the and must be site design walkthrough so they they have a couple
different themes where they’ve actually made demos of that team and then a show
you exactly how to set up to look like that affect what you want your blog to
look like or else you want your blog look like that with a like you made a
statement to litter whatever so for example if you want your blog to look
like this one here then they will actually do a walk-through until you
step by step exactly what plugins you need where you
need to put your Widgets all that kind of stuff what would you do to you lose everything to make your site look
like that and then they have down here WordPress for beginners they actually
walk you through absolutely everything step-by-step everything that you could
possibly need to know about WordPress so that was the MLSP tutorials so now I
have a blog let me clout to remote sites and the tutorials you know how to use
them so now we need to really get into training they need to know how to use
your blog so what does a lot to offer so clap clap you is through Empower Network
obviously and they use as I pass system so you start off with the beginner club
level and this is your your $25 level when you first get going and so they
have 10 videos here in the may think they do trainings twice a week but basically what these
trainings are as they go through and they show you all the different little
things within the system they don’t really go into marketing training or
anything like that they say that you need to buy the higher packages in order
to get that training also here they get shows they have beginner club every
Monday and beginner club every Wednesday hang if you have clout to premium than
they do Tuesday trainings on Cloud to premium so now if you want to start to upgrade
their course you get the cloud to premium which is 60 or 72 an extra 72
lawyers now you’re up to ninety seven dollars a month and then their next one
up here is actually the inner circle membership which is $100 a month so
basically that is that’s audio training stuff that really train your mind sava
stopped to listen to and driving around your car you do an exercise when your
down time warner coffee breaks of workers stuff like that $100 a month so you still really haven’t
got into marketing training yet and now you’re up to $20 month but if you go
here now the top producer formula this here at Dereks she going to start
showing you some marketing stuff the things that they’re doing personally to
market their own businesses and this here is $500 one time she and then if
you want to step it up and start learning a little bit more marketing
then you go into the team building formal reaction there now to build teams
and duplicate and everything like that we choose thousand dollars one time and then you
can go up to the massive influence formula which cost $3500 well single all
and which is $5,100 and then you pay $100 every single month from thereon for
your for your inner circle so that’s kinda that’s kind of where I
don’t really like allowed to so much has caliber I found that they fell off I
think I think their blogs are very glad to is very simple very easy to use a
have things for beginners tough rate that to really really help you get going
but when it comes to actually training on how to market then the camera fall
short on that end unless you have a lot of money to invest which is finally I’m
not saying that their training isn’t worth it I’m just saying to get going
you know that’s that’s a lot of money for some people but anyways let’s have a
look at Mrs P so when you get into a must be to have a couple different have
a fifty dollar sign in fields call University have a hundred and fifty
which is mastery so what the $50 and with a hundred and fifty going to get
this here which is marketing strategies so it’s actually going to walk you
through each of these marketing strategies and show you how you market
these market your business on each one of these platforms now for the sake of
this video I’m going to talk about blogging because we’re talking about the
MSP site’s blog so obviously you want to know what kind of training there is for
blogging so you click on the blogging tab and actually bring you in here and
then it’s got 123456 different training videos on blogging like this one here a
walk thorough WordPress walkthrough and blog
post secrets to rank on page one of Google with Rob for such as I say this
guy here he can rank page one of Google for any cheaper than he wants horrible I this guy is insane Lisa
Torres she actually does a training on how to
get traffic to your blog and whatnot they’re running dialogue weeks to your
blog to second picture 5 leads pretty ray hit them escape here does a 10
content creation strategies rate down a tree rhymes probably the second most
popular network marketing blog and the network marketing mlm home business
industry right next to air war so you would get this stuff here at say the $49
level with him P next we’re going to look at the MSP
training library now this year is seven years of training all put into a
training library that you have access to and as you like agency here is 56 different training on
blogging 36 on and backlinking down here is 23 trainings and keyword
research news video trainings then we gon its 32 trainings on SEO 22 trainings
on WordPress so there’s a lot at raining here to learn how to block and mindset
is also a big things so it must be also has the wake-up call they do every
single day that everybody has access to $49 $1,150 level this is much like the
like the Empower Network inner circle on the you’re paying $100 a month for this
is much like that they do a wake up call every single day of the week Monday to
Friday 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and they give you a little marking tapes
mindset secrets stuff like that would wake up of mark harbored attitude
adjustment I wake up and Terrence Williams three highly effective
prospecting techniques wake up with Aaron Parker having good intentions are
not enough so these are things you can listen to when you’re driving around
your exercising when you’re in your downtime so next we want to look into
this year actually you know what I didn’t even see I didn’t even notice how
to open earlier mice accidentally closed it another thing that that the clap to
bloggers the Empower Network offers is weekly training I did show up every
Monday and Wednesday but anyways so Mrs P does they doing automatic automated
freedom webinar monday to Sunday that you can send your guests to or you can
attend yourself they do daily wake up calls they said
Monday to Friday and then they do Wednesday weekly training webinar every
Wednesday Monday they do a new member fast track
to success system overview so that’s pretty much
just like the lake the training that they do for beginner club level here in
power than they do the Tuesday top earner hang out and then they do the
Wednesday weekly webinar so I’m sure you’ll agree with me looking at between
empower the kidnap plot to blog and my Lead System Pro and the MSP site’s blog
I’m sure you’ll agree that when it comes to training that I must be sites has a
whole lot more to offer get a lot more bang for your buck but
anyways bigger bang for your buck what are you paying for this so glad to you
start off your $25 to get in door and that just give you a basic blog three
blogs you pay $25 a month upgrade that to premium now year $100
per month and that if you want to be affiliate of Empower Network walnuts
another $20 a month you’re at a hundred and twenty a month and then if you want
to add the inner circle into that well now you can be about Chu 20 per month
and as I say I haven’t even got into your marketing training yet I need to
start buying products so now you by the top producer which is $500 team building
which is a thousand and mass influence which is 3500 or else as I say all in
450 $100 plus you pay $100 monthly where a mouthpiece sites party my Lead System Pro blogging
platform as I said $149 level and then there’s a $49 level I highly highly
highly suggest going with a hundred and forty nine if thats the option that you
decide to go with a media marketing training must be marketing campaigns who
are pre-made campaigns that you like three training stuff like that that you
can actually give we the people Facebook fan page ACK says marking
schedule beginner marketing guide webinars are custom site creator get the
blog video on media hosting Facebook fan page templates there must be article
directory custom teen media sharing five lead gen
bonuses seven-figure training library custom member options 100% pure profit
products so it must be actually have these products which you know what I’m
going to show you hear these are actually additional products Ayoubi on
top of all the training that they have / you actually get 100% commissions on
these products have you actually sell them to people copywriting Masri $500 product Facebook
mastery has $300 product social retargeting pro athlete magic the deeper
bass prospecting playbook authority content reagan stake SEO 5 can 30 days trafficked traffic mobile post on
purpose for profit lead generation mastery the 108 challenge matches
sponsoring series her success blueprint and then you can buy DVDs to previous live the dream events that they did so
he’s not things that you can do that you can purchase if you like and then you
can also sell them as well as if you like and back onto this a hundred percent of one-time offers and
people sign up you collect $100 per month per member if if you decide that’s
what you wanna do you don’t have to be an affiliate if you want to use the site
to two primary business then you do that anyways I was a look at the collapse to
blogging system and need MLSP logging system glad to blog in the US peace
site’s blog if you want to know which one I picked was the better one click
the link just below this video as I said earlier in this video this was a very
very hard decision they came didn’t come down to the very end before he actually
really decided which one was the better system click the lake just below this video
also if you’re not on my blog say your YouTube than just below that link there
there will be another link for you can head over to my blog actually see the
full blog blog post on this video as well right so click the link just blow
this video and a park after but