ALEX: I’m sure you had hoped that she would find people that would take care of her. Who would love her like she was their own? I did. KARA: Are you ok? ALEX: Yeah, thanks to you. KARA: I’d rather be human than risk losing you. ALEX: But all Kara wanted was a family… …and that’s what she is to me. Kara, it’s me. Can we talk? Kara, you’re the most important person in the world to me. But I can’t always be there for her. I’m not saying that you can show up whenever you want but… …you know, occasionally from… …time to time maybe, we can- KARA: Kick-ass the way we used to? ALEX: Something like that. Why did you lie to Kara? J’ONN: Because you’re a Supergirl’s hero. ALEX: I’m here. I gotcha. I’m here. J’ONN: And I don’t want her to see you as anything other than that. KARA: I missed you so much. ALEX: I really missed you. KARA: Mom… …this is Alex. My sister, the sister I know, she has compassion for others. I love you. ALEX: I love you, too. KARA: The whole reason I became Supergirl was to save you. ALEX: I would never forgive myself if something happened to you. Unless you have a sister you don’t understand is feeling. KARA: I am used to you being pragmatic, but since when have you become so hard and cynical? ALEX: Well not all of us are bulletproof Kara. KARA: I will always need you. Let’s speak outside Agent Danvers. ALEX: I was afraid… …of losing you. Stay with me Kara, stay with me. And I can’t lose you. I… …am so lost without you. KARA: But who am I without you? ALEX: Go ahead, blow it out. Gently! KARA: I’m proud of you. ALEX: You got me. KARA: You’re a hero Alex. Heros make tough decisions. ALEX: Well that’s not very helpful! KARA: I thought that was good advice. I call the potstickers! ALEX: That one is mine. You had four! ALEX: WHAT!
KARA: All of them! ALEX: NO!
KARA: Mhm! ALEX: I hope you get fat! KARA: Not on this planet. ALEX: I was just kidding, I know that you’re incapable and putting on weight… …which I totally resent! You didn’t tell her! KARA: It’s not my fault. I had to take the dog to the vet. ALEX: You don’t have a dog, Kara!
KARA: My neighbours. KARA: Hell or high water, I’ve got you back, Oh shoot! ALEX: Oh, you Goober! You go be perfect somewhere else KARA: I’ll try. ALEX: Finally… ALEX: What?
BRAINY: I’m sorry… you smell. ALEX: Ugh! I had to! KARA: He’s not wrong about the smell. ALEX: Okay, well y’all smell too! KARA: Alex! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! ALEX: I did that. What is? What is that smile? KARA: I was the sister with powers and I watched Alex pay the price for it in so many ways. ALEX: You’re my sister… …and I love you. No matter what.