Hello to all and welcome to: “karate-blog.com”. I wanted to make this little video, which we will call: warnings. In fact, it is to explain what is the: “karate-blog.com”. Especially, what it is not. So, “karate-blog.com”, as I told you in the video presentation, I created it to allow all karatekas to train at home, to improve and to see again techniques and all that, to progress faster and faster to climb in the grades faster, because I realized that those who work at home, who try to train and who read on books. That’s it, they progress faster than others. Okay ? So that’s what it is. Now, what is it not? “karate-blog.com”, this is not a site where you will learn karate. You will be able to learn some techniques. But you will really learn karate, it’s in your club and with your teacher. He is the one who will teach you the techniques. If you have already seen them on “karate-blog.com”, very well, it is with him that you will perfect them. And you can also come back on the videos. But what I do not want is that you think with this blog, you will learn karate, then at home, you will be a real karateka. No ! Things are clear. No ! To learn karate, it’s in a dojo with partners. That’s it, karate. Okay ? I’m only here to describe the techniques and allow you to revise at home or to start discovering techniques before going to learn them at the club. So, it was … we understood each other well. Otherwise, a little thing, because I can not stop people who are at home to say to himself: “the video he makes us there, he is kind, but I do what I want. ” That’s right, if you’re at home, that you do not want to go to a club and that you use “karate-blog.com” to try to learn karate. Either, I can not stop you. I tell you, “It’s not good,” but I can not stop you. So, I warn you that I’m not responsible if you hurt yourself. Pay attention ! Know that to practice karate, you must have a medical certificate advocating that you have no contraindications to the practice of karate. So even if you practice alone, it does not cost you anything go for a walk to the doctor, then ask him. Okay ? So be careful! That’s it, it was just a warning. Then, to silence everyone who says to me: “you make a blog where you want to learn karate”. No ! Even if sometimes, you will find in Google or links to “karate-blog.com” where it is marked: “learn karate”. That’s it, it’s more terms of appeal, because there are more people who come if I mark “learn karate” only if I mark “karate”. All this, then, once you’re here, know that you will learn techniques and you will understand the techniques, but you will not learn to be a karateka. Go to a club! That’s it, I’ll stop bothering you with that. Then, I advise you already, immediately, download “The abc of warm-ups” to allow you to warm up alone. You will see that this is pretty simple provided you know some warm ups and all, that you will have learned in your clubs. Then you can start the beginners program or start any technique on “karate-blog.com”. Do not hesitate to leave comments so that … and I will answer you with pleasure. That’s it, thank you very much!