-You’re very busy right now. You have “The Masked Singer” and you have a new movie
called “Elsewhere.” -Oh, thank you. Yes.
-And congrats on this. “Elsewhere” now is out —
Is it out next week? -Yeah. It’ll be out
at the end of this week. -Yeah.
-No, it’s a lot of fun. It’s kind of a departure for me. -It’s more dramatic.
-Yes, a bit more dramatic. And it stars Aden Young,
who was on “Rectify.” Is a great show. Parker Posey is in it.
-I love her. -And Beau Bridges,
Jacki Weaver, and it’s — -Do you like doing the dramatic? -You know, I mean, I do.
I really enjoy it. I don’t get a lotta
opportunities to do drama because I’m busy doing
sit-ups all the time. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, I can see why.
-You know, and I’m working out. -You put out
a different message. -Yeah, I’m getting shredded.
-But it’s 2020, though. -Yeah, it’s 2020, so. -So it’s 2020 right now.
-You know, maybe I’ll eat more carbs and do drama. [ Laughter ] -That didn’t flow at all.
-Really? It didn’t flow at all?! I don’t think. Really?! Really?!
-Yeah, no, not at all. -[Laughing]
-Really? I thought I crushed it. [ Laughter ]
-No. But I like seeing you
do more dramatic roles. -Thanks. I mean, I really
am just so grateful. I never forget
that I used to be a doctor who just wanted to do — who just wanted
to perform for a living and, just to do that
for a living and then, to be able
to do all these things and then to do something like
this movie was a lotta fun. And shoutout to Hernan Jimenez. He was just a great director,
who really kinda took a chance on me
and just kind of just believed that I could kinda perform
the way he wanted me to and the tone
of the movie that it was. I was really honored and proud
of the movie, so, thanks, yeah. -Hopefully, you’ll get to do
more dramatic work. -Yeah.
That would be really great. -I gotta talk
about “The Masked Singer” because it’s a phenomenon.
It’s a cultural phenomenon. Man, oh, man! It was the biggest
thing, ever, and, now, following the Super Bowl?
-Yeah, it’s insane. -And you got two great teams
playing that Super Bowl. It’s a big deal.
-You got the Blue Jays — [ Laughter ]
-No, no, no.
-No? -No, it’s Kansas City. -Really?!
[ Laughter ] -Don’t agree to disagree again.
-Agree to disagree. No, you keep saying– [ Laughter ] I mean, everyone —
-It is going to be amazing. It’s a big Super Bowl.
-I’m not even that big an NFL guy, but like
Chiefs and the 9ers, everyone knows that, you know? It is going to be huge
and you’re right. Just to be on a show like
“The Masked Singer,” it’s just such an honor.
I mean, really. No one knew it would be
this big or this popular. And then, no one also knew that I would be the dumbest
judge on that show. [ Laughter ]
I didn’t know that was
my legacy. You know you’re stupid
when you think the poodle is Dog the Bounty Hunter
and I wish — [ Laughter ]
I wish that was a joke. -You really did?
-I really said that on the show. Yeah. That’s how dumb I am.
-I mean, you never know. Well, that’s the arc
of my life. You know, I got paid,
as a doctor, to be smart and, now, I’m paid way more
to be stupid, you know? [ Laughter ]
It’s just like [ Laughter and applause ]
that’s just insane. -That’s a good quote
right there. [ Cheering and applause ]
That’s a good quote right there. -Stupid sells, baby! [ Laughter ] -But you don’t have any hint
or anything? Like when you’re rehearsing, like how do they get
the artists in and out? -Well, there’s a whole method. It’s like two separate
shows going on. It is like. Contrary to popular belief,
like no one — we don’t know
who the contestants are. Nick Cannon, the host,
doesn’t know. It’s like two separate
productions in one. And, if we do ever have
to cross paths, the contestants have to wear
like black hoodie, black visors, and a black T-shirt that says,
“Don’t look at me.” And even their agent and
publicist, their whole squad, they have to wear masks,
just in case if like let’s say we would have the same
agent or something like that. Like we don’t know
who anybody is. -I’m sure they’re gonna up
their game for the Super Bowl. -Yeah. Oh, well.
-I know Jamie Foxx is coming on with you.
-He is one of my heroes and one of my role models in comedy.
-He can do it all. -And he’s one of my favorite
people in the world. I’m proud to call him
my friend as well and just, oh,
he lit up the show. It’s the best show
we’ve ever done. -Really?
-And it’s not because it’s the Super Bowl, but, I’m just happy that we’re
following the Super Bowl, so everyone can see
that episode. It’s literally, I think it’s the
best episode we’ve ever done. -I wanna show everyone a clip. This is just a clip of what
“The Masked Singer” is. ‘Cause basically what it is, is,
if you haven’t seen it — which everyone has —
but we air all over the world. -We air all over the world! Tunisia. [ Laughter ] Micronesia. Fallonesia.
-Yeah, okay. Basically, you have
to guess the singer. So a big like costume comes
out and sings and then – -Yeah, we get the concept,
Jimmy. It’s a singer in a mask
and you guess it. -Oh.
-Doy! [ Laughter and applause ] God! -[laughing] Here’s a clip. Here’s Ken Jeong
on the new season of the — Oh, I get it now.
It’s called “The Masked Singer.” -Yeah, it’s called
“The Masked Singer,” Jimmy! -Alright, take a look.
Take a look. [ Laughter ]
-Do a sit-up! -‘Cause his hair reminds me
of Joel McHale. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God. So funny.
-Joel’s been on season 1 and season 2.
It’d be a very good trick, if that was Joel McHale.
-I never agree with Robert. We don’t get along, but —
[ Laughter ] -Joel’s from Seattle, isn’t he? -Joel’s from Seattle.
-Really?! -Yeah. 233. The clue. He is 233 years old, right? [ Laughter ] And, this is exactly
what Joel looks like before hair and makeup. [ Laughter ]
It is true. It’s a fact! Ladies and gentlemen,
Joel McHale on the other side! [ Cheering and applause ]
Alright, everybody. Let’s see if he’s right! Ken Jeong, everybody!