Who are these Thumb Buddies?
Where did they come from? Yeah, and why are they
in our town doing our job? Charlotte, I told you last week
that I wanted a full report on these guys, now where is it? I sent you an email last week. You know I don’t read my emails
unless you send me a text telling me to read my emails. I also sent you a text. [yelling] Alright. Will you just tell us
who these Thumb Buddies are? They’re just…
They’re just guys! Regular guys who started fighting crime. Then why is everybody making
such a big deal about them? Well, they’re new. – And they seem nice.
– We’re very nice! Yeah, we are delightful Jasper! [laughing] OK, OK, I think you guys
may be overreacting. – Overreacting? We’re overreacting?
– Overreacting? This? – This is subtle!
– We are under reacting! [laughing] Hey! Look how popular those guys are. And as you can see,
looks like everyone wants their tacos autographed
by the Thumb Buddies. Back to you, Drex. And Mary. OK. Looks like the Thumb Buddies
are gonna be autographing tacos for quite awhile, so if you’re in
the area of Nacho Ball, you might want to head on over there
and meet them. Are they, uh–
Are they kidding me? They’re not even gonna mention
the thing we did at the baseball game? Wait, wait, shh-shh. And now some news
about today’s baseball game. The Swellview Sailors lost 7 to 3. That’s it. [yelling] Alright, that does it. We’re going down to Nacho Ball, I’m gonna tell those rotten Thumb Buddies
that Swellview is our town! – It’s our town!
– Who needs the Thumb Buddies? – No buddies!
– No buddies I know! Exactly. – I fought a bear!
– Let’s go. Uh, wait, wait, wait! Hey, since you guys
are going to Nacho Ball, can you pick me up
a three ball nacho sack? No, we’re not gonna pick you up a three– [laughing] What are you wearing? What do you mean? Move your hands. [laughing] Jasper, just move your hands
away from your shirt. [laughing] OK, calm down, calm down.
It’s fine. – It’s fine, it’s totally fine.
– You good? – Just walk away.
– Let’s go, come on.