Killer Whales
They’re the bad boys Killer Whales
They’re the bad boys Seals flying through the air
Killer Whales just don’t care ‘Cos they’re bad boys Killer Whales They’ll eat a baby whales face Killer Whales They leave the rest upon their plates They don’t care about the mess Or poor Momma Whales distress They’re the bad boys Also know as Orcas
Don’t be drawn in By their very stylish black and white skin Think you’ve got got away You’d best think again They’ll drag you back into the water Smart and stylish there’s no denying But if you hang around You’ll soon be dying Not soon enough it must be said They’re playing baseball with your head They’re bad boys Killer Whales You’re not even safe out of the sea Killer Whales They’re ganging up on you and me If it’s your flesh that they crave
They will make a massive wave They’re the bad boys Killer Whales They hunt around in mighty packs Killer Whales They’re sneaking smokes around the back In the queue for ten or less They’ve got twenty items, best They’re the bad boys Killer Whales
They’ll ask if they can share you cab Killer Whales
Then leave without paying their tab If you chase right after them
They’ll eat your face and your friends They’re the bad boys Killer Whales Their presence cause Narwhals distress Killer Whales They spilt Ribeana on your dress You know that stain won’t come out
No matter how long you pout They’re the bad boys But I can’t help love them still Thank you all for watching
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