hello this is chef john from food wishes
calm with knishes that’s right i got a food wish for a knish which was actually
submitted a long time ago but if you’ve read the fine print on our Terms of
Service food wishes have no expiration date and I’m finally getting around to
showing you one of my all-time favorite snacks which I used to enjoy with my
father every time we go to Coney Island so not
only am i taking care of a viewers request
I’m also attempting to recapture my youth which is kind of nice and to get
started we’re gonna make a very very simple dough that we’ll begin by adding
some salt and baking powder to some all-purpose flour and then we’ll take a
whisk and give that a thorough mix and once that’s been accomplished we will
make a well in the center and proceed to add our wet ingredients which will
include one large beaten egg a little touch of vinegar or lemon juice a whole
bunch of vegetable oil and then last but not least some warm water all right
basically the same temperature we’d use for a yeast dough even though this
recipe does not include yeast and then what we’ll do is get right in there with
our hand and we’ll mix this until it comes together into a very very soft
ball of dough and even though this dough is very wet and soft because it has so
much oil in it it’s really not that sticky so I find this to be an extremely
enjoyable dough to work with and then what we’ll do once that’s all pulled
together is transferred onto a floured surface and we will need that for about
three or four minutes until we have a very smooth very soft fairly elastic
dough oh by the way this dough recipe will make sixteen knishes although for
the video I’m only gonna make eight today and if you were to do the same you
can freeze the dough for future use but anyway like I said we’ll go ahead knead
the dough until we have something as smooth soft and elastic at which point
we’re gonna wrap that in plastic and we’ll go ahead and let that rest in the
fridge for an hour or two while we move on to make our filling which in the
classic version at least is made up mostly of potatoes so I went ahead and
peeled and quartered three russets that we’re gonna boil in salted water until
just tender as tested with a knife oh by the way you see that little brown spot
where I made one of the eyes for your information
that is not toxic or poisonous which some people believe but it’s not so
relaxed and then what we’ll do what’s our potatoes are cooked is drain those
very well and we’ll transfer those into a mixing bowl and proceeded to mash them
or I guess rice them if you have a ricer which I think we’ve already established
I don’t but anyway we’ll go ahead and smash those up and those are not ready
to finish with what traditionally would be a lot of onions fried in chicken fat
although we’re going to be doing a little bit of a twist on that today so
we’ll go ahead and set those aside and move on to the aforementioned twist
which is going to be to chop up some leftover corned beef and cabbage so yes
we’re doing a very special post st. Patrick’s Day leftover edition and we’ll
chop up a few would are hopefully fairly fatty pieces of corned beef as well as a
little bit of that leftover braised cabbage and if you do plan on adding
extra meats and vegetables to your potato onion mixture I think we want to
make sure we chop it up pretty fine and you’ll see why when we actually form our
knishes so we’ll go ahead and chop that stuff up fairly fine
in which point we’ll head to the stove where we’re gonna add one diced onion to
a whole bunch of melted butter set over medium heat along with of course a nice
big pinch of salt and we will also add in our corned beef and cabbage and then
we would usually just saute this until the onions turn translucent but not this
time all right we’re gonna cook this for about ten minutes or so
until several things happen okay our onions are gonna soften and sweet and in
turn of golden brown as well as our little pieces of cabbage are gonna
caramelize which is one of the most underrated delicious flavors ever and it
may be most importantly that fat is going to render out of our corned beef
and add a beautiful richness to this mixture all right as I mentioned Trucial
a this would have a ton of chicken fat in it also known as schmaltz which is
amazing but I didn’t have any around so to make up for that we’re going to use
butter infused with corn beef fat which ended up working very nicely so we’re
gonna take our time here and we’re going to cook our mixture until it looks a
little something like this in which point we’ll go ahead and transfer that
into our mashed potatoes and we’ll season that up very simply with some
kosher salt some freshly ground black pepper and a
little touch of cayenne and we’ll take our spatula and mix all that together
and believe it or not that’s it we will simply give that a taste for seasoning
and assuming it has enough salt and or whatever else your flavouring this with
we’ll just let that cool down to room temp before moving on to final
production which means pulling out our now well-rested dough and we’ll place
that on a nice floured surface and we’ll just a little more flour over the top
and then we’ll go ahead and press this out with our hands into a rectangular
shape oh and just a quick reminder that we’re only using half the dough we made
but anyway we’ll go ahead and press that out and then we’ll switch to a rolling
pin and we will roll that out into a nice big rectangle about an eighth of an
inch thick and as usual just getting it close with the rolling pin and then we
could do a little fine-tuning by stretching and pulling the corners and
then once that’s been accomplished we can go ahead and place down about three
cups or so of our filling which by now should be fully cooled down to room temp
and we’ll place that down on the dough as shown about three inches from the
edge and this is probably a good time to remind you you can literally put
anything you want in these ok broccoli mushrooms other kind of meats but anyway
we’ll go ahead and place on our filling as evenly as possible and then once that
set before we roll this up we’ll go ahead and paint on some egg wash along
the opposite edge and in case you’re new around here an egg wash is simply one
egg that’s beaten with a couple teaspoons of water and then once that’s
been applied we will go ahead and stretch our dough over the top and it’s
okay if we stretch this really thin in fact it’s probably better and then once
our fillings being covered we’ll go ahead and roll that over and we will
continue rolling until we have just a couple inches of dough left and as we’re
doing this we’ll want to try to keep this as uniform as possible and by the
way when you get near the end if you happen to tear or rip your dough like I
just did don’t worry about it as you’ll see once these are formed and baked
they’re gonna look amazing and you’ll never know the difference
but anyway like I said we’ll go ahead and roll that until we have just a
couple inches of dough left at which point we’ll go ahead and grab that and
stretch it over the top and then once that’s happened we’ll kind of roll this
over so the seams on the bottom and we’ll also want to make sure we give
both ends a nice pressing so our filling is trapped
and that’s it at this point we can do a little fine-tuning by giving it a little
roll like this to make sure that tube is as uniform as possible and then you’re
probably going to have a couple extra inches of dough on the ends which we
will trim off as we see fit and then what we’ll do is take our bench scraper
or the back of a knife and we will divide this into eight equal pieces but
do not cut through we are just making marks for equal portions and maybe
possibly trim in a little more dough off the end and then once we have our dough
marked we can move on to the most fun part of this production and that would
be cutting these up with the side of our hand alright so make sure the side of
your hand is floured and then we’re gonna cut these by pressing our hand
straight down through it’s sort of rubbing it back and forth until we hit
the table although generally I like to press first and then finish separating
these with the final rubbing cuts and while there are so many ways you can cut
and shape these this is definitely my favorite and there’s something about the
way that dough is smeared when we make these cuts which i think helps give them
such a unique appearance once they’re baked and then once those are portion
here’s how we’re gonna shape them we’re simply gonna flip it up on its end so
that one cut ends on the bottom with the other one facing up and then we’ll
simply shape these by squishing them down sort of tucking everything into the
center as we press this down into a puck shape and I know it looks a little odd
and possibly provocative but as you’ll see these are gonna bake up beautifully
okay so let’s try that one more time okay once separated we will tip that up
so one cuts on the bottom and the other cuts on the top and then we sort of
flatten impress while we’re tucking everything into the center oh by the way
if you notice that bubble that is not a problem all right a few bubbles here and
there are actually a good sign and that’s it once we finish our knishes
we’ll go ahead and transfer those onto a lined baking sheet but before we do
we’re gonna brush the bottoms with oil and very generously and that’s going to
help us achieve a nice beautifully Brown bottom and then what we’re gonna do once
those have been panned up as shown is finished by brushing these all over with
some egg wash which is optional a lot of people don’t use anything or if you want
you can actually brush these with oil which is going to give you a little bit
of a different possibly crisper texture so you decide
I mean you are after all the Commissioner of your knishes conditioner
take that MF DOOM but anyway the point is use what you want or nothing but I do
like the texture and color the egg wash gives it and that’s it once those have
been brushed those are ready to transfer into the center of a 375 degree oven for
about 40 minutes or so or until lightly golden brown and looking something like
this check it out I think the owners Chimel would be proud and thanks to that
oh we brushed on the bottom should be nicely browned and then if you want you
can eat these hot but I don’t recommend it I think they are significantly more
delicious just barely warm or room temperature so you do what you want but
I let mine cool down all the way before plating up and I went in for a bite and
that my friends is some extreme a carbon car back ssin as in extremely delicious
and extremely comforting and extremely filling all right long before energy
bars came around this is the kind of thing people snacked on to keep him
going through a long hard day at work and as much as I love the classic potato
onion chicken fat version for my childhood this slightly less fattier
version with the corned beef and cabbage was amazing and since they are so
delicious at room temp they are perfect for things like picnics and cookouts or
just something to put in your lunch bag to bring to work to tease your coworkers
especially the ones due in quito you are definitely gonna want to eat this in
front of them but no matter where you plan to eat this or what you plan to put
in it I really do hope you give these delicious knishes a try soon so head
over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of Martha as usual
and as always enjoy you you