I’m Koen van Dreumel, am eighteen years old, and am a fishing enthusiast. When I was seven I started
with fishing. Then I often went with
my grandfather, and I actually really liked that. And then, as I grew older
I also started to go fishing alone. Since two years I also participate
in fishing matches. It didn’t go so well in the beginning,
But now things are getting better. I recently won my first competition. We have those fishing competitions
on the Maas (river) And there you catch at the moment
almost nothing, and then I had three kilos,
So that was quite a lot. It would be nice if I were able to catch
ten to fifteen Roaches today, and maybe I can
catch a bream. Yes Yes,
I’ve got a bite! Today I fish with a fixed rod, This rod is 4 meters long,
and there is no mill on it. So, you fix the line directly
on the top, and then you have a line of
about four meters, you cannot fish any further than 4 meters. Of course there is a hook on every line, otherwise you can’t catch fish. And if we go a little further, Then I have a lock, I can hang an underline in there, Look, I can just take it off, and if the line is broken,
I pick up a new one I hook it on,
I put this over it, Then it is fixed,
it can’t go anywhere anymore. And then a little further, Then I come to the leads. That will make your Float stand
straight in the water. And if you don’t,
you also cannot see if you have a bite. And then, when we go further up, Then you come to the Float. This is then one gram,
Here is one gram of lead, suppose it would be even deeper here
or a very strong wind, then you’ll need a heavier float
, so, a float of one and a half grams,
or two grams. And if we go even further. I have a piece of elastic. Suppose you have a large bream
on your line, Then he can still
swim away without breaking the line. So actually it serves as extra damping. And I fix that directly
to the top of the rod. I brought this seatbox today, I always take it with me when I go fishing. And I almost have all of my stuff in here. There are many things in it,
like a kind of fake bait, sort off fake Maden. And then I have here, all my fishlines, all fishing lines with floats on it, and you put it back on your rod. If I go fishing at the Maas, then I have baskets in here, and you fix that on your fishing line,
squeeze bait in here, and then you throw it in,
and then it comes to the bottom. Here I already have my own
underline, Those are large hooks, small hooks,
and then a thick line and thin line. And I have knotted them all myself and all rolls are rolled up nicely. so it is unable to get tangled. if one breaks, I grab a new one I fix it on there,
and then I can continue fishing immediately. And then I have here,
a bucket, and I have my bait in it That is actually a kind of powder,
you mix with water, if you mix it well and have the right amount, when you pinch once,
then you can make a little ball out of it, and you throw that in the water,
and then you can lure fish with it. Today I fish a lot with Maggots, That is actually the most used
fishing bait that there is. Also, it doesn’t cost a lot,
is really cheap. And then I have here,
I have casters, those are Puppets, So if you keep these Maggots outside
the fridge, they become Casters. And, if you keep them longer out, they’ll
become flies. That’s why I always put them in the water, then they cannot pupate further, so
no flies can come out either. Then I still have Corn from a can here,
you can just buy it in the supermarket that costs around 50 cents. and I sometimes put it through
the food, sometimes I also do it on the hook. I put this in a bait tray, so
when I sit down I can easily pick everything. when it rains I close the lid,
then it cannot get wet either. I always have my fish net here, if I have a fish, I can immediately pick it up and catch the fish. And I have a 3 meter pole, so just like today
we are at a quite a high quay, and then you can easily get your fish
out of the water, otherwise, you just can’t reach it Here I have the life net. It is 4 meters long. and it just hangs in the water. And when I catch a fish, then I remove the hook,
and then I throw it in the net. I think it’s sixty centimetres. Two and a half kilos, almost three. It took a while but the fish we were looking for, is finally in my net! YES!