hello guys the Chilean air force is
contemplating buying two c130 aircraft used to the usa
these days I was participating in a exercise called guardian in
where is the same minister of arturo general board defense
merino remember that last year the Chilean company cpp which is advice
aeronautics had confirmed the acquisition of amphibious goods be-200 that
they are russians that also on screen that they should start arriving in the year
2020 at the end they finished 105 but they are from private companies and not force
aerial of chile therefore the commander in chief of the air force
says there is a project to buy 2 used c-130 usa and the future
will also have counter capabilities forest fires if we reach
buy these two units obviously they will give us tremendous capacity over
all before requirement for catastrophes and also for the subject
Arctic remember that this project of buy airplanes
130 used ago is not now this project comes a certain way of the year
past that the thorn minister had already talked about this buying this
type of aircraft and place a kit special if you remember the
forest fires we could see the airplanes in brazilians special the 130
with special kit pulling water in the south From Chile
that same of the system you can the idea is to buy that kit and also the
aircraft to have these doubles functions a functions of paying
fire and the other also of multipurpose which is also say the
can use for another type of strategy we are preparing another video that speaks
in a certain way that you are projecting the Chilean air force fach
in this case the f-16s over 40 years old there we are going to apply it because it is quite
long the subject that would be the aircraft and I
you Chile’s screen wants buy with that special kit already according
the merino commander is seeing the money issue to buy those
airplanes in a nutshell to me this I think it’s almost ready or
bought in a certain way more missing just some details but this is coming
talking about 2016 8 this special kit that the Brazilian air force uses
Colombians also have a system for this type of aircraft for
fires but the air force is true because I think it is necessary to have that
type of special tyc for aircraft so let’s see what happens in the
next days because you want to have of here at the end of the year as always