[notification sound] [notification sound] [notification sound] SQ, can you please come to the meeting
room all right okay so remember you gave me feedback on
one of my first episodes and you said that the camera can be seen in the
reflection and some people like invisible camera work yeah I need your
help with that can you please stand somewhere to this side right here okay
and now that the picture is flawless and camera can’t be seen we can start the vlog hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome
to episode number three of SaaS marketing vlog where I’m casually sharing what is
happening in our marketing department and in this episode we are going to
discuss how we’re adding videos to our feature pages how we’re going to revamp
our actual home page how we’re translating our blog into many other
languages and the small throwback to our marketing meeting in Barcelona and at
the very end of the episode there will be a contest as always so let’s go so it
is a good practice in SaaS marketing and actually online marketing in general to
create dedicated pages on your website that would talk about specific products
that you’re offering specific services that you’re offering or in our case
specific tools and features that you’re offering those dedicated pages are good
because first of all you don’t want to cram everything on your homepage so if
people if your prospective customers want to learn more about something they
will just click and go to a dedicated page about it second if you have a blog
and you’re talking about a specific feature again you need a point of
reference where you would send those people and third if you want to rank in
Google and get traffic from Google for the things that your company is doing
for the services that you have to the tools that you’re offering you better
have dedicated pages for those so that those pages would rank in Google and
bring your traffic so for that reason we have quite a few dedicated pages that
talk about different features and tools in Ahrefs and basically what those
landing pages are just like a headline that will talk about what – we are
recording to discuss and then we would have a bunch of text and screenshots to
basically explain what tool or feature we’re talking about but the other day I
was browsing websites of other liked tools and services in our competitive
space and they figured and they noticed that one of these companies was actually
placing screencast videos on the landing pages of their tools and features and
those screencasts were pretty short and succinct and they basically showcase the
functional the off the tool or future without
necessarily you having to go and read the text and like figure out your way in
those screenshots I thought it was a brilliant idea
so I offered our video guy Sam to create those dedicated tutorials short
tutorials for each of our five main tools in each hats which he did and we
embedded those videos onto our landing pages speaking of the performance of
those videos let me show you a screenshot of from our Vista account to
show you how many views we got so far and for example twenty-one hundred views
in five weeks for site explorer video it’s not too much actually but if you
think of it the other way that all people who actually care to click a
video and watch it are high quality leads and we’re giving them a
comprehensive overview of what the tool is about I think it becomes quite a good
number of people who were interested in our service and they got a nice overview
so the numbers might not seem to be but if I could go back in time and make a
decision to not create those videos knowing how many views we’re going to
get I would still create them because they still think this is a good
usability and they still still think that the people who actually clicked on
those videos and watch them to better understand what our tools are all about
and how to use them what tremendous value out of them and it helped them to
convert our service and the speaking of the performance I haven’t told you this
before we don’t have Google Analytics installed on our website this is one of
the topics for future episodes of the show but yeah so we don’t know how many
visits we get on our landing pages in total so we cannot calculate the city
are all those videos but again I think the way we are showing those videos on
our landing pages right now is a little bit too subtle so we could probably do a
slightly better job of creating a little larger play button to motivate more
people to watch those videos if they are not interested in just skimming text and
looking at script screenshots so I just told you how we are improving
the dedicated landing pages of different tools and features that we have in Ahrefs
but the thing is we haven’t updated the actual homepage of Ahrefs.com I think in
three years and the original version of the homepage was created by yours truly
and I don’t consider myself to be a professional copywriter in fact it would
be an insult to professional copywriters to call myself a copywriter so for that
reason we decided that we want like three years it’s about time that we do
a revamp of our homepage basically we have three goals that we want to achieve
with creating a new homepage for ahrefs.com first of all we want to change
the look and feel we want to adjust the design and how we structure it because a
lot of people make a decision to sign up a certain tool based on their emotions
and their like overall perceptions if this tool or service if it looks
trustworthy if it looks trendy if it looks modern etc the second
thing is the main message of the company that our homepage conveys I think right
now the messaging is a little bit outdated so we could do a better job of
tailoring the message on our homepage to the actual like values and goals of our
company in general and third the details of our service like I said if people
want to learn the specifics of different tools and features that we have we have
dedicated landing pages for that but still the whole page should be
comprehensive enough to tell people as much as we think they need to know about
our company to make a decision so we should make sure that all the important
details that all important bells and whistles would be on our homepage and
they would make people to make a decision and like I said I’m not a
professional copywriter and they figured that if you want to do a work class a
job on our homepage we need to invite a world-class professional who has
experience doing home pages for different SaaS companies and they
actually asked on Twitter for recommendations so that my followers
would me some good agencies of freelance
copywriters who would be interested to help us create a new homepage and they
got quite a few recommendations I will leave a link to those recommendations
below in the description of this video and actually as I started talking to
those people and figuring out like what’s their process and what it
involves to create like a new homepage for a south company it’s actually an
interesting and a very time consuming resource consuming process and actually
my tweets inspired Joel Klettke to write an entire article on how to hire a
conversion copywriter or how to work with conversion copywriters so I will
also link to it in the description make sure to check it out so look to cut the
long story short it was super hard for me to pick the best like freelancer or
agency out of the bunch so I asked our CEO and Founder Dmitry
if you can give me the budget to work with three different people because I
was super interested to learn from them like there are quite a few people whose
work I respect I’ve been following them for a while so I got buy-in from Dmitry
I got permission from Dmitry to work with three different copywriters and see
for what each of those copywriters what each of those agencies would come up
with what would be their process for doing research what would be their
process for ideation what kind of information they would be able to get
out of me out of our team to be able to reflect that on our home page so that
stuff is super interesting to me so I’m super excited to work with three people
and this is the portal or this is the point of these blogs actually because
going forward I’m going to share some of my experience and what I’ve learned
working with not one professional copywriter but three professional
copywriters on revamping Ahrefs.com homepage I hope it would be interesting
to you guys so in the past few years we did a pretty decent job with our blog if
you put our blog URL into each lesson look at the organic search strategy that
we’re getting this year we actually reached a check point we crossed quarter
million pageviews from Google alone so this is quite an achievement
but then if you look at the where the traffic is coming from you’ll see that
the majority of our traffic is coming from US and other english-speaking
countries so we figured there’s actually a super low hanging fruit for us and
that is translating our blog to different languages and there is a low
hanging fruit for at least two reasons first of all the competition for all
those keywords that were ranking for in the english-speaking Internet is much
much lower if you go to Spanish or if you go to French or if you go to Italian
this is the first thing and second thing the content is already there we already
put all those tremendous work tremendous effort into creating like best-in-class
content in our industry and all we need to do right now is to translate it into
another language and we have a perfect article published so yeah we started
doing this and because at Ahrefs like I said our marketing team is quite small
and the entire Ahrefs team is like 50 people overall so we wanted to stay
in lean and efficient and we didn’t want to hire a dedicated person to work on
our Italian blog to work on our German blog to work on our Spanish blog etc so
we decided that the best way for us without spending too much resources is
to crowdsource that so what we did we have a Facebook community and we
estimated Facebook community if anyone who is native in Italian German Spanish
and whatnot could become official translator of our blog and we would
supply them with free access to HS in exchange – like X amount of articles per
month I don’t remember how many articles we promised them but that’s that’s the
point and we have only one person in our team who is responsible for managing the
whole process of translating our articles into Chinese Russian German
Spanish Italian so yeah five languages five languages actually it’s handled by
two people because Chinese blog is handled by a different person than those
other languages but still we decided that translating our blog to other
languages with the help of our community is super efficient and super effective
and we don’t need to bloat our marketing team to make it happen
so yeah we just started translating our blog into different languages and only
like a few articles are translated in each language but if you take those
blogs the URLs of those books in different languages and put it to Ahrefs to
see what kind of traffic they’re getting and what’s the trajectory of growth
it looks quite promising we also added links to all blogs at the bottom of our
home page for some SEO values so that Google would start start crawling those
books in different languages and yet the next step is basically to scale this so
we have one person responsible for all blogs in different languages and his job
is to employ like employ more of our community members so that they would
translate articles from our blog at a higher pace and the final thing that I
wanted to share with you guys is our small meet-up of our marketing team in
Barcelona so the majority of our marketing team is remote so I’m here in
Singapore and I have what three people from the marketing department working
with me so other seven people are working remotely and we don’t get to
meet each other that often because Josh is working from UK Sam is working
from Canada and Nick is working from Ukraine and
yeah this summer we decided that we should just meet somewhere in Europe
because this is the most convenient place for all of us to come together and
just rent a co-working space and work there for a while and also hang out with
each other I think if your team is remote it is absolutely essential for
you to meet once in a while at least for two reasons first of all some projects
would simply move faster if your communication is not impended by
anything for example we have 12 hour difference with Sam so when he works I
sleep when I work he sleeps so it is hard to communicate fast and whatever we
get together we get we can get some projects out of the way superfast and
second it is just to meet each other in their flesh and like better actually
understand people’s personalities people’s boundaries for example in our
marketing department you like to troll each other a lot and meet in person in
real life and like hanging out with them getting into different situations and
talking to them helps you better understand
their boundaries and how far you can go like just rolling them – joking with
them and like how they respond to feedback and all those things but here
who am i lying to we just met in Barcelona and we were hanging out in
bars and we were having a good time and we were just hanging out like friends so
it was just awesome experience overall aside from a
work-related stuff okay congratulations you’ve made it til the end of episode
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