-How are you?
-Hi. I’m very well. -Congratulations.
Eight seasons of a show… -Thank you.
Oh, my Lordy. -…is incredibly impressive.
-Lordy. It’s been a while. -And you obviously finished
filming it a while back. And yet the season premiere of the last season
is on last night. -Uh-huh.
-Does it feel in a weird way like you’re
saying goodbye twice, both in the wrapping of it,
and then, everybody else getting — -Yes, this was an especially
protracted season. And I got pregnant
before we filmed — I mean,
it was all a little messy. -Yeah. -But we filmed the majority
of it in Morocco. That was a massive adventure. So we were there
for seven months. And that was a big goodbye,
a big Moroccan goodbye. And then, we finished the season
in L.A. for two-plus months. So, yeah.
It’s kind of exhausting. It’s wrenching. You know?
-Yeah. -I’m just so relieved we get
to finally air this thing and share it with audiences.
-And let everybody else carry the emotional burden
that you guys have gone through. -Exactly, exactly. I need to outsource
a little bit, yeah. -I would imagine
it’s even more emotional, you know, having a kid
in the middle of this. And you had your first child
earlier in the run. -Yeah, yeah. So, I mean,
when we started the show, I had been married
for like a couple of months, and exiting it,
we are a family of four. [ Laughter ]
It was quite the transformation. So, yeah.
Lesli Linka Glatter, our producing director
and main director, she’s a mom herself
and just a wonderful broad. And she was very empathetic
throughout my baby making… -Yeah.
-…experience. [ Laughter ] And so, when I met her,
I was pregnant. And the next season,
I had this tiny little spud that she would cradle,
literally, behind the monitor while she directed. And now, cut to, Cyrus is 7
and a large 7 and is still sprawled on her
lap, but, you know, monopolizing her entire body
and calling action and cut and just generally
bossing me around. So, yeah.
-Well, I would imagine, kids — A “Homeland” set
must be fun for kids. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, it is! -Is it really?
-But it is. -Is it really? -I mean, those ops rooms
have a lot of buttons… -Yeah, that’s true.
-…and lights. And yeah, so…
-Well, we actually — I don’t know if you remember.
We — I met you — I saw you once backstage
at “Sesame Street.” -Yes!
-And I think Cyrus was very young then.
-Yes. -And the weird thing
about “Sesame Street” is, you think it’ll be super fun
for kids, but if they walk around
the wrong corner, they see, like, all — they just
see a bunch of dead puppets. -Yeah, yeah, yeah!
[ Laughter ] Well, he was really
too little to care. -Yeah.
-Or even be traumatized. -That’s good.
-He was that small. But I was apoplectic.
I was overwhelmed with — -You filmed something,
obviously, that day when you were
at “Sesame Street.” -Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did
something with Cookie Monster. -I did something
with The Count, yeah. -Oh, you did?
-And it’s finally paying dividends.
-Oh, right. -Like I did it years ago
before I had kids. -I don’t know if
it’s even occurred to me to show it to Cyrus,
but I should. I remember, I was talking
about the word “diagram,” and I was really, really anxious
that I was going — and sure that I was
going to say “diaphragm.” -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] You know what?
I got to be honest — I’m of the mind that kids
should learn that, too. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And I feel like
Cookie Monster’s the one who should tell them.
[ Laughter ] -He should not take a bite —
-It’s really though — I highly recommend it.
Because it just occurred to me, because they’re reading a bunch
of “Sesame Street” books. And I had this moment of,
“Oh, Daddy knows The Count.” [ Laughter ]
And they were like, “What?” And then,
it’s a really big deal. -Okay, well, I got to cash in.
-Yeah. -Thank you for reminding me.
-And the other thing you have to say is, like, “And
feel free to tell your friends.” Like, get it out there,
you know? Brag it up on my behalf.