[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, humans. Welcome to The God Show. I’m the Lord thy God. Oh, I’m so happy
you’re here today. And this is going
to be a quick one. I just want to talk to you
about something that happened the other day on Twitter. So I found out
that I got blocked by Jerry Falwell, Jr. who is– he’s not really a televangelist. He’s a son of a
televangelist who runs this Liberty University. And if you don’t
know what that is, it’s basically
like a fake college that you go to if
you’re Christian. And you just pay
him a lot of money. And you can do it online. And then they’ll just
print a diploma for you. It’s totally legal. So anyway, he’s a con artist. He’s a sham artist. He’s also really close up with– he’s also best friends
with Trump and all these other televangelists. I’ve made fun of him, I guess,
a little bit on Twitter. Or I responded once
or twice or commented on some of the crazy
things that he said. And he blocked me. He blocked me. Yay! [LAUGHTER] I guess I should be proud. I mean, the list of
right-wing lunatics that have blocked me now
is getting pretty long. I keep getting blocked
by all these con artists and charlatans. And I’m pretty happy about it. So you’re following
the right God here. I speak truth to
these charlatans. And they lose their minds. They’re the ones that are these
sensitive little snowflakes that need Twitter to
be their safe space. And they can’t hear the
truth, the truth about God, that I don’t like them
very much or at all. And they can still seek
redemption and apologize. They can do that,
but they won’t. Let’s be honest. They won’t. So I’ve been blocked by
Jerry Falwell, Jr. I’ve been blocked by Charlie Kirk. I’m pretty sure there’s
a lot of other people that have blocked me. I’m going to start keeping
track, because it’s funny. It’s funny. And I want to comment on
it when I get blocked. Because who blocks God, really? Who would block me? I mean, everybody loves me. The only people
that don’t love me are these con
artist criminals who want everyone to think that
I’m some bigoted prick when I’m not. It’s just hilarious. I mean, I’m working on getting
blocked by Joel Osteen next. I’m going to have
to try a bit harder to get the attention of
their social media manager. I’m working on
that, though, folks. When you talk about a
con artist televangelist, righteous gemstone
mother-mother-[BLEEP],, it’s Joel Osteen. He takes the cake. You Joel Osteen,
you’re a con artist. Everybody can tell. You, too, Jerry Falwell, Jr.
You shouldn’t have blocked me, because I’m the Lord thy God. I’m not going to
forget that [BLEEP].. If you think that’s bull-bull-[BLEEP]
too, drop a comment down below. I’m going to try to respond to
all the comments on this video. I just love you people so much. And I’m really enjoying
this YouTube experience. OK, talk to you next time. I have spoken. [MUSIC – JULIA WARD HOWE, “THE
BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC”] Glory, hallelujah. His truth is marching on. Glory, glory, hallelujah.