where’s after the articles of
impeachment were delivered to the Senate an associate of you know whose lawyer
Rudy Giuliani left Parsley’s was on MSNBC and see and and to reveal who he
says was say thanks to pressure Ukraine into digging up dirt on the Biden’s
what is the answer who was about everybody take a look
president Trump know exactly what was going on he was aware of all my
movements he I wouldn’t do anything without their consent the Rudy Giuliani
or the president he said about you and mr. Froman eager Furman I don’t know
those gentlemen I don’t know about them I don’t know what they do you’re saying
that was not a true statement from the president he lied it was never about
corruption it was never it was strictly about the barista which included hunter
Biden and Joe Biden in terms of who knew about what you were doing in in Ukraine
added vice-president pence no of course how do you know that the vice president
would have known what Giuliani was up to with you because we would speak every
day I know everything that was going on I mean after Rudy would speak with the
president or come from the White House I was the first person he briefed so my plan is to send pearls to
everybody who’s involved so they have something to clutch because even Devon
Nunez was a lot of pearls I had no I picked up my fucking rag someone I
didn’t know I’m sending everybody clutching pearls just if it wasn’t so
insane you’d cry because it’s just laying on it the whole kiss story though
I think is one of the biggest bombshells out of all of this which Republican in
the Intel committee who of course was part of all of the hearings you remember
that gift that run around during I think was Stalin’s testimony he he looked just
totally drained and exhausted and now I understand why cuz I was like there’s
got to be more to this he was clearly he knew more than he ever said Devon knew I
think his story represents just the bigger picture here of people putting
their own self and their political interest over what is good for the
country and time and time again the story is the president putting his what
he wants politically in his self-intro over the contents guy was out there
defending Trump now we know it was defending himself so whenever you see
them defending Trump remember they went in on it – yeah that seems you don’t
remember the call last night being on Fox and then
he was like Marilu Henner with that or that incredible because what was
fascinating to me about Devon Nunez saying that he now all of a sudden
remembers that he did speak to par ness on the phone he said yeah he called me
on my cell phone he is a member of Congress since when
does someone have your cell phone number I understand calling the congressional
office because everyone can get that phone number
why would left Parnas secret have secret his cell phone number and call him over
and over and over to camp can we show that clip because that was incredible
you know you know now that he had called my cell phone and I didn’t know his name
I didn’t remember the name but I did remember going back looking at where I
was at the time because you know you can do that now you actually know where you
physically are checked it with my records and it was very clear I remember
I remember that call which was very odd random talking about random things and I
said great you know just talk to my staff and boom a boom the woman said of
course it was like you know we can all hear you right yeah you know we remember
everything you said before I mean it’s Lauren pallet is a really
hard-hitting journalist too and she’s I think what is the best I think you don’t
worry that much like myself thinks show up on my face that I’m thinking in my
head and it’s hard I don’t have a poker face either I will say my biggest
takeaway from this maybe this is messed up but the apology tour for ex Trump
people love Trump and then hate him they normally stop here first
like Michael avenatti Michael Cohen like those type of people at the comité Roy
talk we try to get him but like you got to go to jail because this is the
apology tour and the post Trump I White House apology to her on the view is take a little bird to enjoy you’re on so
maybe the reason they didn’t come to us for us is because they had the evening
yeah it was the evening show and maybe they don’t get here but you know you’re
a part you know here what we should say is that left Parnas was indicted in
October on campaign finance charges and has pleaded not guilty okay so he’s
clearly looking for a plea deal right he doesn’t want to go to jail for a very
long time um but the GAO this is breaking news actually and we have this
thought before we came out for a B’s from ABC the GAO which is the US
Government Accountability Office found that the Office of Management and Budget
violated the law when it withheld two hundred and fourteen million dollars
appropriated to the DoD for security assistance break that down right
everyone so remember when Trump has allegedly kept that money from Ukraine
that security money because of policy is two hundred million four hundred four
hundred million altogether the u.s. the GAO has now said that that was illegal
to do so that was this perfect when McConnell says he hasn’t broken any laws
I would beg to differ yeah the GAO and by the way it was – who
Trump says he never knew the guy there’s a photo that exists Parnassus every time
he says he doesn’t know me I’m gonna show another photo of the two of you
together but if he really was this person if it really was this person of
no credibility or they know anything he met with the top officials in Ukraine
yeah I mean if he was nobody how did he have access not actively gasless right
now okay he’s like they can do whatever they want spill everything said yeah the
kid that came on the show the very first guy he didn’t know anything before
coffee yes there’s so many people that take heads
stop at the Trump White House here and then jail is hard to remember didn’t
know furnace either his base is still yelling lock carp up about Hillary and
Ivan at ease now here’s the bottom line we weren’t trying to Gaslight anybody
yeah we’ve been telling you what we see we’ve been talking about what our ideas
have been and we’ve been consistent all the way through we don’t always agree on
policy but we know crap when we see it so the next time somebody decides that
this is a personal moment I’m taken because I’m feeling like it a guy came
up to me when I over the break yeah and was kind of saying you know he’s gonna
win right you know he’s gonna like right here I was like okay that’s fine I’m
cool with that you know he was like I just want you to know and I said are you
trying to start a fight it’s the holiday yeah it’s the holidays he said well I
just want you to know and then of course I lost my composure I might have said a
couple of things that I didn’t mean and here’s the thing you can disagree you
can disagree but these are the lives of these people and they’re trying to save
them live in this that okay this is what happened and now we’re getting it all so
whether he gets back in because of you that’s on you yeah legal note about
Michael avenatti I’m not interested and I don’t think America is it no no she
has to did she has to do we don’t know if he’s going to jail for a very long
time but can I say well yeah please build bar the Attorney General he was in
the so he needs to recuse himself a lot of these you know can I decision me
people out there very hopeless I want you to keep watching the news it is
unfolding before your very eyes history is repaired
it’s not over till it’s over what