the general APIs for our photo shooters it’s being ourselves we had to do certain pose to go for a rehearsal for the concerts might fall on stage it’s like sound checks like radio mics move onto the stage and you something like we have to do well we get told to like do some exercise ketchup and fine young on down reader thoughts a little writing for the reader button to the after the Quonset because then shake realize how happy you’re making some people thousands and thousands of them and we had to sit in a long line they all they all came up I think is really excited to even more exciting than award because sometimes cause it’s so excited you don’t actually understand what they say but when when I’m doing a signing it’s just this thought was screaming my head over and over again what is happening how can you be doing vanna’s is like the best welcome we’ve ever received the acoustic which is the mean that’s a nice as its as a darkened the the atmosphere just exploded all around me I you couldn’t actually have asked for a better audience yeah in Japan we did this TV show called dawn after he sang four words a lot of feathers came down from the ceiling that was nerve-racking I’m gonna think it went okay bowling they got demands part as far as Orientals are we garlic’s and sites when the volcano erupted oh yeah nice and we have to take a diversion all over the place and Austrian Venice we had a quick travel around have a look at the city we end up like a mini adventurer flying over the place baskets pass the scenery was just so good how they made it all look like time itself and when we put it all together I just said that to be really good music office tailor so funny she which we can do when they’re acting car boxes and doing fun face sense and the IV that was used to rough around we all wrapped it around themselves you