I’ve added the line free software costs zero dollars in the U.S. or Zero in
Europe now i want to add in that euro symbol to do that i need the click on area where i
want to insert it now I go up to insert special character and here we see hundreds and hundreds of characters and how we’re going to
find the euro symbol If we look in the lower right hand corner we see U plus a number and that is the unicode number so to find out the euro symbol I went to the internet and typed in unicode character for euro it tells us right here the currency
sign is twenty A zero so now we need to go down because we are at zero A three we need to
find twenty 1D we’re getting closer okays twenty-one F and clicking on it there we have twenty AC now notice if you click different
characters in here – it adds it to… It htinks we want to add all these
characters – I only want to add in the euro symbol – i need to delete those and now i’m clicking only the euro symbol and it is inserted into our document just as we want now is there a way quick and easy way of
entering that euro symbol so we don’t have to go to insert and look that up
everytime well searching the internet I haven’t
found anything quick and easy but there is something we can do we noticed that when we type in left paren capital c right paren and space it changes that to the copyright symbol if we do that with the lower case c it doesn’t change it now also if we don’t want that when it auto changes this is the auto
correct all that we have to do is click the undo and it changes it back if you wanted the C
in parenthese so that’s the way to get that now i want to change it so if i type in
something it will give me that Euro symbol so i’m going to highlight the euro symbol I’m going into tools auto-correct options and there’s our R and our C so if you type in this LIbreOffice will replace it
what is here If you type in (C) it will replace it with the copyright symbol and
(R) will be replaced with the registered trademark we want to do that for the euro so i’m going to take him left paren E and it has what i highlighted already in the with and i’m only using a left paren so that it’ll be at the top
when i forget what i used i can just open up the auto correct and i can see if it starts at the left paren and does not
have a right paren that’s one that I typed in now that this is in we have to click on New to put it into
the list now it’s in the list if we just typed if we just clicked on OK it would not
have been added i had to click on new to add it to the list –
now I can click OK now if I type… type in left paren capital E space it gives me eight euro symbol so i
don’t have to go into that insert now i wanna typing the word pinata and i need that spanish n to go right… in the middle of the word need to do the same thing i’m going out to look up what the unicode is I type in unicode spanish n i found that the Upper case is D1 and the lower case –
which is what i’m looking for is F1 going into insert special character and i’ve already located F1 clicking ok ads it in there and i’m also going to add this into my shortcut so I go into tools auto correct and i’m going to use my same format left param I’m just going to type in N clicking new and we don’t see the euro symbol it
doesn’t show up but it still valid … I’ll show that after we’re done here clicking ok so now when I type in the word
pinata i have to type space left paren N space now i’ve got to go back and remove that space otherwise it would
just come out his left paren N and that won’t look good so it’s a little tricky but it does work and it’s a lot quicker than
going into the insert each time