now going back to that document with the table of contents
with the links putting the cursor on summary I’m down at the bottom of the document wouldn’t that be nice to have think to the
top of the document at the bottom we are going to do that right now the first thing we need to do is add some text to get to the top so i will type in – link to top let’s change the format so it
looks a little nicer… a little different… and i’ll pick this Cherokee now i want to select the text that i
want to make the hyperlink and click this hyperlink button which is
also found in insert hyperlink now i’m in the document going into target in document clicking this button here target in
document it showing me what links are available and you’ve got your
bookmarks we’ve got our headings uh… graphic… so we’re going to go to this
graphic one and we’ll talk more about graphics in
future tutorial but this is our graphic at the top we
apply apply close now when i go over this holding down control takes me right up to this graphic now let’s say that that i want to make The Frugal Computer Guy the link at the top instead of the
graphic to do that we need to make this a bookmark so i’m going to say insert bookmark and we will call this the frugal computer guy – title now let’s go down to the bottom where
our link to the top is I’m right clicking and i’m removing… remove hyperlink is what I am clicking on so that is regular text again selecting it again doing the same thing with the hyperlink
in document target in document bookmarks and there’s my
frugal computer guy title apply close apply close putting the cursor on holding down control clicking and it
takes me right to the top title the frugal computer guy while we’re talking about links going back down to the bottom the document i want to add a link to a URL and will make it i’m going to select my text click on hyperlink and this time i’ve got the internet box highlighted the web and i’d just type in the URL that I want to goto clicking apply close now i’ve got my link inserted i’d just place my cursor over it hold-down control and we see the hand pointing to it clicking that opens up the URL we have in our lake a few more comments on this hyperlink we can also have it open a new document or go to a
specific place in another document, as long as it has a bookmark or header that we can link to before opening up another document it
does not necessarily have to be a libreoffice document we could have it
open up almost any other type of document but if you want to link to something in that document it may have to be a LibreOffice document – I’m not not sure about that you just have to play with it a little yourself now that we have all the links working we wanna make this into a .pdf where the
links work as well to do that we going to file export as pdf i’m leaving all the defaults just clicking export and saving this on my desktop and here is our .pdf it opens it up we have our table of contents that we
can click on we don’t have to use control we just put the cursor over it it turns into the hand and our external links to the web is asking us to allow this works as well