now we want to edit the format itself we’re going to right click on our table and edit the index table now from here we’re in the entries and we can change the article, the book, brochures we’re going to do the
book first so i want to make sure book is highlighted here it can be a little confusing so make that book is highlighted when we are editing the book format rate here we have the short name before that we want to add a left bracket then we have our short name which is
going to be a number then we want to insert the right
bracket we want to remove this colon we’ve got the last name comma first and then
period so right here is our author in instead of a
comma we wanna make this a period next to that we have our title which is good but we need is formatted to be italic so I’m clicking on it and i’m going down to this character
style and i’m changing that to uh… emphasis they want emphasis for
uh… italicized after that we need a period and we have a comma in there
We want to make that a period and then we’ve got a space you can see
spaces and there’s our period after that we have the year we don’t
want the year yet we want to go after the space the address now address is here already – here’s our other options we do want address and
then we want to hit insert so now we’ve got our title character styles we’ve got our period we have our address uh… after the address let’s see if i
can get over to get another box working there we go here we wanna too place a colon then we need to insert the publisher publisher insert then we have a go in with this thing publisher comma and the year so that should be good our book should
be good lets check that out okay and here we see in the brackets for both of them the
name that title is italic we’ve got the address we might want to add another
space here between new york and publishing we can
add that and then also the space here before the date so we’ll take care of that in the book and then we’re going to format our magazine article now let’s do the same thing with the
article i’m going to bring up my formatting here
so i can see that and we want to edit our bibliography by right-clicking and edit the index table first thing we want do is fix that book we wanted a space after the comma and before year and a space after the colon before the publisher now let’s click on the article and change that format not starts down here with uh… the brackets and then lastname firstname
quote arctic name so we’ve got a bracket then we’ve got our key our other bracket space then we have or author’s name followed by a period space we want to add a quote then we’ve got our title and we’ve got an end quote I’m going to removed this comma but we do have a space and after that what do we have after that? I forgot we have year so now we need to add the magazine name which we placed in the journal – column let’s insert that and we need to make the name of the magazine italicized so, we’ve clicked on it now we want to put in the formatting which is emphasis after that we need to we have a space and we need to put in the month insert there’s a month than we have the year colon… space…. pages and we should be all set and we have the brackets around our
index we get the author’s name we’ve got the article name the title of the magazine the month, the year, and the pages.
So that looks pretty good one more thing i want to point out while
we’re here let’s say that in our article we wanted to have title double underlined we look here we don’t see a double underline so what
we end up doing is come down to user entry click edit and hear i’m going to say double underline apply okay okay and here we see the title of the article
has a double under and before we bring this tutorial to a close one more thing i wanted talk about we we have our bibliography looking good but where we entered these we did these first two from the database and this one in the
document let’s say that we delete this you there are purpose or accidentally it’s gone we come down to the table update it and now we have two that’s and that back insert indexes in tables bibliography entry from the database and we see B we insert that and close so it’s back in there now let’s go down update our table and now it’s back what happens if we accidentally or on purpose delete our in document entry it’s gone there update table it’s gone there when we go back to re insert it insert tables and entries bibliography entry you want to go from there document content and it’s gone…