I’m going to add another formula insert object formula looking through what’s available i see something here called the matrix
stack this is showing me four items in a box if I put in some numbers i can see the one and two on the top
line and three four on the bottom line looking under matrix we see the little
double hash tag here between the two in the three meaning the end of life i wanna make this a four-by-four matrix
instead of the two by two here I’ve added in a subscript the
two underscore three makes the subscript below adding a carrot makes this to the power so i have one, two
underscore three three to the power of four i’ve got my fourth column an a then i’ve got my double hash tag
and I start my next row double hash tag third-row, fourth row now we want to add in a formula to calculate the area of the circle let’s insert object formula and the area is equal to pi r squared so we will say A=now it gets tricky we look around are elements box and we
don’t see pi anywhere in here where we’re going to find that is up in
our catalog we can click this button here or we can go into tools catalog here we see pi as upper case and if we want to lower case,
we would click down here I’m clicking insert and here we see it up in our formula if we have it capitalized we see the upper case pi but in this example i think we want a
lower case so there we have area equals pi r to the powerful of two and there’s our example –
area equals pi r squared if we’re doing a cylinder we will insert that one that’s a very similar formula we have volume equals percent pi r to the power of two times h the height now these last two but very small i want
to change the size of the text clicking on them looking at our icons, you might think
that it’s this A with the formats but that’s not quite what we want in
this case if we go over here to attributes there we can see the bold the italic and the resize that’s what we’re looking
for so we have size and i’m going to change
this to a number let’s make a twenty six and we see our big box is twenty six now only our v is twenty six we need the
whole thing soul put it in those curly braces and now our whole formula is at the font size twenty six let’s do the same with the circle