if you’d like to work along with the
with the same document i’m using i will place it out on the website the frugalcomputerguy.com go to
be video tutorials and office writer here you can click
that or down at the bottom here clicking on that will take you to the LibreOffice video tutorial
page i will place them out here shortly in this tutorial we’re going to go over paper sizes as
well as the landscaping portrait mode let’s take a look at what we have
here by going to two pages per sheet and shrinking this down so we can see that i have four pages
they are all in portrait mode now i want to change the size and these
are also format page size in the american letter size so to change the paper size maybe for
printing in europe we would go over to the A4 A4 which is eight point three seven inches by eleven
point six nine and we’re still in the portrait mode to change that we’d go to landscape clicking ok so now we got the
european size landscape we are going back to the U.S. so, I’m going back to format page going back to portrait and i want to
change is back to letter we can also pick legal if we had some legal paper in
there but i’m going back to letter clicking ok and we’re back to where we
started letter size portrait U.S. and to change it to landscape we just
saw going to format page landscape but now we want it change only one page in to the landscapemode – may be the second page so
to do that i want to zoom in a little bit so i can know where i’m at and i want to
get down to the bottom of the first page clicking their now i want to insert manual break and make this landscape now we have our second page landscape
and when we zoom out we see not only our second page but the
third and fourth page landscape now I know what you thinking – we just go in
and turn it back to portrait so let’s do that zoom in go down to the bottom for a second page we will put those last two lines back into
the portrait mode so i’m going to insert manual break and as i look down we don’t see a portrait we want to go back to default clicking default and we can see right
there that it’s back to portrait and when we zoom out Let’s go in a straight line so we can see
it now we are top one his portrait second
one landscape third one portrait fourth one portrait so that’s how you would add in a
landscape into a group of portrait pages or vice versa