Hey guys. Welcome to my channel. Today I’m
gonna show you stuff that we got from Lil Helper. If you follow me thus far you’ll know Lil Helper is my favourite cloth diaper brand. So, enough chitchat and let’s get into it! First of all it’s always amazing how
much their warehouse ninjas can squeeze into one box. So they just had a print
release, but I actually didn’t get anything with new prints, ‘cus I’m boring like that. Okay. Another fun part about Lil Helper is they have little goodies. So here we go! They always have a personal card written by the CEO himself. Thanks Mohammed. You’re out of this world too 🙂 Oh. We got some liners. This is the best chocolate you’ll ever have in your life. OH and here’s my diaper freebie! I spent more than 79 bucks on this order
so I actually got this free diaper. Which is great! This is a print we don’t have
yet. It’s like those ninjas knew me. Here we go. Wow. So look at how tight everything is packed in there. I can barely pull out my goodies. We took advantage of their buy one get one free swim diaper So we got the succulents and the narwhals. They’re so cute. The narwhals is my favourite print. In case you guys didn’t
realize this is a baby… and it’s February. And what does that mean? February’s baby month for us this year. So I actually got their breast pad deal and they come in these cute little bags. Polar bears. So I got these breast pads. Pretty nice. Oh. A succulents wet bag. If you’ve seen my other videos, I actually talk about these wet bags and if I think they’re necessary or not. You should
check it out. A biggie bib. Oh my goodness. A large wet bag for storing dirty diapers in between washes. Now you can’t really see it, but these are
so soft. It’s like a mixture of a sweater and clouds in one, and it cleans your baby’s butt at the same time so that’s great. Here’s the highlight! A lifesaver
mat. This is something that is great for anybody who is doing cloth diapers or
not. Basically if your baby will ever be naked ever in his life… you need one of these So this is the lifesaver mat Large and in charge. This is the charcoal- it’s
really soft. If you have your baby on there and he’s naked then it will absorb
some pee. And there’s the printed side with the quirky little
llamas.. Anyway there’s so many great uses for these blankets. People use them
mostly for *naked time. You could use them as a picnic blanket, a mattress protector… I’ve also heard of women who’ve just had their babies and they use it as their own postpartum mattress protector. You’re breastfeeding and baby starts
sleeping through the night… Hallelujah! You got some leakiness going
on… Women have used this too to protect their mattresses. Anyways these are great
and for the price it’s a really great deal. Okay, that was my unboxing video. I
hope you enjoyed it and if you haven’t tried out some of Lil Helper’s fun
stuff, whether you do cloth diapers or you don’t. There are great things for every family! Thanks again for watching this video, for
liking this video, and for subscribing to our channel. So if you do have an order at
Lil Helper that’s over $79 you can the code that’s in my description below
and it will score you a free diaper! I got free diaper this is because I spent more then $79 at Lil Helper. I got free shipping and I got this free diaper which is a pretty good deal if you’re gonna buy stuff anyway… Have a
good day and thanks for watching. Bye!