There’s great food,
there’s great entertainment, and the people here
are really amazing. My name is Amy Rhodes, I’m an Emmy winning writer, producer and performer
and today, I’m gonna show you some of
my secret local spots in my L.A. I left Funny or Die
and went to work for the Ellen DeGeneres show where I worked
for five years. I won an Emmy
while I was there. To hear the Ellen DeGeneres
show’s name announced and realize that you get
to go up on stage and accept an Emmy.
It was really exciting. I have written
for a couple of sitcoms and now in the last two years, I’ve been able to sell
my own ideas to networks. Here we are at one
of my favorite places in L.A., it’s called Upright Citizens
Brigade Theatre. Amy Poehler’s one of the founders,
she performs here all the time. Tina Fey comes
and performs here. It’s a great theater,
because it’s very intimate. Every show here is pretty much
sold out and packed. If you come here at night
and you drive by, you won’t miss the theater, because there’s a line always
around the block of people waiting to come in for each show. If you sit at the front, you may be asked to come
on stage to be interviewed, you may be asked
to give a suggestion for them to do an improve scene, so be ready for that. There’s always
surprise guests, people who are on
TV shows or in movies that wanna get back
to their roots, and so they’ll pop by
on a Tuesday night. You never know what you’re gonna get
when you come here. It’s great and it’s totally unexpected. Here we are at The Last Bookstore. It is the coolest
bookstore in the world. They have new books, rare books,
comic books, records, and they also have amazing seats if you wanna just kick up
your heels for a little while. This is the
Last Bookstore’s book tunnel. It is so cool. It’s almost like it
makes this bookstore an interactive experience. And it’s the perfect place
to take photographs. This is the Horror vault. It’s actually an old bank vault and it’s where they keep
all of their true crime and paranormal activity books. Great thing about it
is you can buy a book and bring back a piece of L.A.
history from your trip. Now we’re headed to a great
L.A hot spot, Castaways. One of my favorite restaurants. It’s in Burbank, which is about
twenty minutes from downtown L.A. It’s a total hidden gem, it’s literally called
the Jewel on the Hill. There’s one thing that
Los Angeles locals love, it is to eat outside
with a great view and have great food. And the food here’s fantastic,
especially the burger, which is my favorite thing,
and mine is almost here. Thank you.
You’re welcome. Enjoy. It has aged cheddar,
caramelized onions, and Thousand Island dressing. It is amazing. It’s so good.
(Laughs) There’s no other place here
that has this amazing view. It’s so worth it. I am Amy Rhodes and I am L.A.