Hey Youtubers, it’s Charlie! New Logan footage,
teasing new mutants there’s a whole bunch of Deadpool and other X-Men stuff happening
let’s break it down. The really cool thing here is a whole bunch of 90 stuff is happening
in this clip, and there’s a whole bunch of 90s stuff happening in the X-Men movies in
real life this year. So I’ll explain everything and there is a new round of the Logan giveaway
it’s for IMAX gift certificates, but I’ll explain that at the end of the video but this
is the hat tip to the new mutants comic book from the 90s, who is she. She’s one of the
new mutants they’re making a new mutants movie right now. There was even some concept art
of Maisie Williams as wolfsbane one of the characters appearing in that movie they’re
going to be shooting this year I’ll talk about in the second, I don’t think that X-23 is
going to appear in the new mutants movie is because this is set so much later in the timeline,
but then you get a better look at Donald Pierce’s character the enhanced cyborg leader of the
reavers who he himself ran afoul of the new mutants, he had a big beef against the X-Men
because he was white Bishop of the hellfire club in the comics the new mutants foiled
his plans. So he vowed revenge and went on this killing rampage trying to get all the
X-Men, so the Logan movie has changed a lot of that, but it’s so funny how in a meta way
all these things that are happening in real life in the X-Men universe tied together in
this movie in the context of this clip you have Zander Rice here who’s the leader of
this weapon X offshoot he’s been creating all these new mutants including X-23, he’s
a character the debuted in her solo comic book, and it looks like he’s co-opted the
reavers from the comics who debuted during uncanny X-Men, in a completely different title.
in the world of this movie he’s enhanced them in the way that he’s trying to beef up everyone
else like William Stryker did. So we’ll see what they have to do with the stuff that’s
come before with the weapon X program because they did change the timeline quite a bit.
I know it’s a little confusing. So when the movie comes out I will try to explain what
days of Future past changed. it changed a few things because the biggest question I
get is how did he get his metal claws after days of Future past before X-Men apocalypse.
even more cool stuff from the 90s. If you are a fan of the 90s cartoon. I used to watch
it after school on Fox’s afternoon programming block they used to play it in the afternoons
lady deathstrike was a big character during season three of that show. She became this
big antagonists for Wolverine. They have this crazy Backstory were she used to be a character
called Yuriko that he was in love with her father forced her to undergo these enhancements
she got brainwashed became lady deathstrike. So it’s is this big WTF twist. but in the comics after the reavers get reformed
under Donald Pierce after he leaves the hellfire club. They start working for her. So it all
ties around to this Wolverine Canon. the animated series always changed things. Just a little
bit the movie is probably changing things just a little bit aligning the reavers with
this weapon X program. So I’ll try to straighten it all out when the movie comes. it’s just
so much fun to think about all this 90s X-Men stuff, so looping it back around to the larger
X-Men universe right now in real life X-Men supernova was confirmed by Sophie Turner to
be filming later this year and the producer confirmed that it’s going to take place during
the 90s 10 years after the last X-Men apocalypse movie almost certainly confirming that they’re
going to be starting the dark Phoenix arc. They didn’t talk about sequels because it’s
a really big story. It would be really hard for them to cram that onto a single movie,
so I am happy that they’re following up on the Phoenix arc because Jean Gray manifested
the Phoenix at the end of apocalypse I’m okay if they want to reboot things if they want
to retool creatively behind-the-scenes. What I’d really like to see them push into outer
space in the way that Marvel has with the star jammers the Shi’ar Empire that’s all
part of the dark Phoenix arc. So it’s a really important part of that character. that
is light-years away from the Logan movie. So it’s completely separate. So you probably
won’t hear a lot of official things about that till after the Logan movie comes out
and they’ll also be dropping some Deadpool 2 bombs because that movie is going to be
shooting later this year to they still haven’t confirmed who cable or Domino’s going to be
but they are really close. Ryan Reynolds keeps teasing things they just had the big Deadpool
anniversary the one year anniversary when it came out. He posted this toilet paper joke.
So just expect a lot of funny Deadpool stuff to be happening later this year. I’m really
looking forward the non-teaser-y things that he did for behind-the-scenes like just hanging
out with this group of children. This wasn’t an official promo, but it was the best thing
ever you have to imagine him explaining that middle
finger to all those little kids’ parents. There’s going to be all kinds of stuff like
this later this year and that’s one of the things that I think many people love Deadpool
so much even if they were super familiar with the character he has his hard-core fan base,
but Ryan Reynolds totally one everyone else over with his hard-core commitment to that
character will be doing a bunch for Deadpool to stuffed really soon too, let me know in
the comments which new X-Men movie are you most excited about. you have to imagine that
they’re going to be changing a lot of the look and feel of the X-Men movie universe
especially because all these new characters are coming in but I feel like new mutants
is gonna be pretty rad it’ll be a smaller movie than the main X-Men films. So I think
it has a lot of opportunities to surprise people in the way that Deadpool did. as we
get closer to the Logan movie, If there are any other big X-Men things from the comics
that you guys want me to talk about or characters or X-23 things just let me know in the comments.
because there’s so much X-Men related stuff happening right now, it’s really cool there’s
even a lot of TV stuff happening that I haven’t had a chance to talk about yet there’s a
lot of other Marvel TV stuff. I’ll try to fit it in when I can, but just let me know
in the comments there’s anything that you guys really really want me to do videos about
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