(upbeat exciting music) – Could you get a little
closer to the camera? – My what is it, is it zooming in strange?
– Come on in closer, no, come in further, come in closer. Really close. – What are you?
(laughing) – Just kidding, you look great. Anyway, thanks Erin, it’s great to have, look at that look. No, you’re beautiful.
– I’m in a strange location. – I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding, you’re a knockout. Next time the producer has
to choose between a picture of more of Margaret Brennan
and that oil derrick, that off shore oil derrick, stay on Margaret Brennan okay?
(laughing) She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a very bright reporter. She makes us feel good. Bring back Margaret, thank you dear! (clapping) Thank you, back by popular demand. Happy Friday and she’s
six feet tall, besides. You’re gorgeous. High heels are a big part of
this for some reason (laughs). Maybe it’s your photography but the women look great of course. But you’re always shooting
the legs, shooting the shoes, so now you’re in a wind tunnel, you look great by the
way, in the wind tunnel. Your legs get caught in this, but everybody’s looking at your legs, looking at the shoes. We’re introducing these
gorgeous creatures on God here. You’re walking down the
street, you’re beautiful. I was saying you look great.
– Oh, nice try, Chris. (laughing) No, you were in great shape. We have got to go to din-din sometime. You look great by the way,
if I’m allowed to say that. Unbelievable. I’m not allowed to say
this, but I’ll say it, you’re beautiful. I get in trouble for this, but you’re great looking obviously. You’re one of the God’s
gifts to men in this country. Very attractive people physically, I mean they’re beautiful people, like Nikki Haley’s gorgeous.
(laughing) – [Female Commentator] And
the party will trust Trump to be able to make that decision. – [Male Commentator]
Well I think the party– – [Chris] Look how she walks. Do you see here walking? Come on, that’s runway walk. – [Male Commentator] We just heard from– – My God, is that great. Be careful. – Okay. – Okay, with your
advances you’re all making with your eyes right now.
(laughing) Taryn, you first. You’re giving me the peepers, I can tell. What are you doing here? – Peepers? – You are doing it. You’re flashing your
incredible eyebrows at me, like eyelashes.
(laughing) Look at that! But it’s awful what you’re doing, look. Ann Coulter, do you find her
physically attractive, Tucker? Michael, you wanna weigh
in here as an older fella? Do you find her to be a physically attractive woman?
– That’s so sick, come on! – I find her, I wouldn’t put her on, well she doesn’t pass
the Chris Matthews test. I’m on the 29th floor,
overlooking this incredible city. I’m here to judge the Miss America pageant which I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve never seen such talent
and great looking women. (upbeat music)