Louis Tomlinson just totally trolled Niall
Horan on Twitter over his outfit, Niall clapped back, and One Direction fans cannot get enough
of the whole interaction. What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News
and Louis Tomlinson just dragged his former One Direction bandmate Niall Horan with a
single tweet and it was honestly hilarious. So it all started when GQ revealed on Twitter
that they were interviewing Niall and asked fans to submit any questions that they had
for him. And the tweet itself wasn’t in question,
but the photo they chose to accompany their tweet caught Louis’ attention. At first glance it’s just a swoon-worthy
pic of Niall from a recent photoshoot wearing a suit, looking like he’s ready to slay
his new LinkedIn profile. And Louis decided to lean into this and submit
a fan question to GQ for Niall. Louis tweeted saying quote, “What are you
most looking forward to about being on The Apprentice?” And in case you don’t remember, “The Apprentice”
was a competition show where businessmen compete for a job, AKA it was the ultimate job interview. And fans thought Louis’ response was hilarious
and tons of them replied to his tweet. One person said quote, “alan sugar we’ve
found a possible candidate for the new apprentice series” Another said quote, “They better ask this
fan’s question he seems like a huge niall horan fan” And another excited fan wrote quote, “WHAT?? IS THIS A…..NOUIS INTERACTION?!?!” I think it is a NOUIS interaction… what
you guys think about this trolling moment. Get the conversation going down in the comments
below. But not to worry, people, because Louis’
comment didn’t seem to bother Niall at all. Niall also replied to Louis tweet with his
own clap back response. He wrote quote, “Hoping to get a few quid
for my start up. You want to donate anything to me ?” And honestly, we’re just really here for
this friendship. But this isn’t the first and likely won’t
be the last time these two have dragged each other on social media. Back in October 2017, Louis made fun of Niall
for being afraid of the show Stranger Things, but Niall may have been asking for it… Niall tweeted saying quote, “So I started
‘stranger things’ last night and hid behind a pillow for 55 mins . Jesus that’s intense” To which Louis replied with a screenshot of
a headline that said “Is Stranger Things Too Scary for Kids” and he wrote quote,
“should have read this before hand lad !” Then a couple years later when Niall revealed
that he was finally really into the show… Louis called back to the old tweet and said
quote, “Just give me a shout if you’re on your own and too scared to watch it. For you mate I’ll grin and bear it” So clearly these two are friendly as ever,
and will probably continue to troll each other for the rest of time… But all this has got me thinking. Is it time for a One Direction reunion yet?! Well, Niall recently spoke out about One Direction
potentially reuniting and he gave us the hope we all need after saying HE actually wants
a 1D reunion to happen. Niall spoke to RTE Entertainment and said
quote, “We’d be absolutely ridiculous not to reform the band. We haven’t really spoken about the ‘when’s’
but we do know we will. We have all said individually that we will
and I think it would be stupid if we didn’t.” And we seriously could not possibly agree
more. And Niall also revealed that he thinks they
will have even more fun the second time around. He said quote, “I’ve got to witness things
that some artists never will in terms of pandemonium and madness. We’ve had number 1 albums, hit singles. We had a great time and we’ll have an even
better time when we do it again.” And Louis also recently spoke about when he
thinks they will get back together. Louis told The One Show that quote, “We’ve
been on a break for four years, I’m only just getting round to releasing my first album. Fans who follow our every move every day probably
feel we’ve not been a group for a while, but to us we’re… I know I am just finding my feet really. I think it’ll happen at some point, we’d
be stupid not to. I think we’re kind of exploring and enjoying
ourselves individually.” Sooo it seems like we all agree here. It would be nuts for One Direction to not
get back together at this point right?! Fingers crossed that it’s coming soon. Do you think we could be getting a One Direction
reunion? And what do you think about Louis and Niall
trolling each other on social media? Do you enjoy it as much as some fans do? Let me know down in the comments below. And while we’re talking about Niall Horan,
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