hello thank you so much for coming back
to watch today’s video so today I’m gonna be doing some food prep for my
work week so these are going to be like breakfast and also lunches that I do
take to work so if you’d like to see obviously you can see what I have here
but if you’d like to hear how much stuff costs and how much these launches are
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and watch whenever you would like to okay so not on purpose or anything but
all this stuff is from Dollar Tree I have been loving these these are these
star kiss creations this is the premium tuna with rice and beans it’s only
Andrea and ten calories per pack and there are seven grams of protein these
are so good I love these we’ve got some apple sauce so strawberry and apple
cinnamon I got some breakfast items some little candies some a paw Patrol don’t
be impressed or anything but these are heart Keibler cheese and peanut butter
little crackers and got a huge 8 pack for a buck so how to get those and then
these are these uh Arizona little mixes that you add to a water bottle so got
those okay so right here I do have a snap wear container so now a
medium-sized that would say so the very first thing I like to start out with is
a paper towel so I put that in the bottom I have a plastic spoon and fork I
actually will wash these I don’t feel like there’s any need to like throw them
away after one use but that’s just me okay so I’m gonna go ahead and put this
in so this was a dollar we’ll just go ahead
this one on top okay and then I think I’m going to go ahead and do a
strawberry applesauce what’s nice about these little breakfast sandwich bars
okay is you they are good for breakfast obviously they’re also good just as a
snack sometimes I don’t have time to eat lunch and sometimes I just kind of have
to just grab something just that’s really quick and easy but these are
really really good for that I’m gonna go ahead and add crackers and I think I’m
going to do so with these little mixes I’ll actually
take the whole entire box to work with me and I have a little cubby there at
work and a reusable water bottle so I’ll actually just plug this in my little
cubby that way don’t I’m not texted to buy a soda or anything
have a little water fountain that fills water bottles so I’m not gonna put one
of these in here but I just take a pack of these to work a box these to work up
it at my cubby okay so with the cheese crackers and the little M&Ms these are
very very affordable because you get like a six and an eight pack k so the
little cup of applesauce is a quarter of the thing of Starkist tuna is a dollar
and then one of these little sticks is ten cents so my whole entire lunch cost
me a dollar and sixty eight cents crazy right that is so so good so what I do is
just every night when I get home from work I just have all this stuff in a
baggie okay I just have all this stuff in a grocery bag on the pantry and I’ll
just make up a new thing for the next day but that is it
I’m also very low in calorie compared to eating out or anything like that
and a little over a dollar fifty and this will keep me going for my whole
entire shift so and then for breakfasts I like to do instant oatmeal like
overnight oats two packs of this and some milk or whatever water whatever
you’d like to do um if I’m running out of time I didn’t do it the night before
then I’ll do you like a breakfast little biscuit and a yogurt whatever but really
really affordable like I said I didn’t mean for this to be all from Dollar Tree
but its Dollar Tree does have some really really good items and it’s very
very affordable so but this is my kind of my lunchtime prep for the week ahead
so I’m just going to go and put all the stuff back in the grocery bag and put it
back in the pantry and how easy is it I just come and wash this out and refill
it for the next day and it where nothing needs to be refrigerated I just keep it
on the counter and it’s right there in my line of sight so I won’t forget it to
take it to work the next day sounds very easy very fast and SuperDuper affordable
this would be great for anybody that takes their lunch to work or school or
whatever if you’re trying to save money try not to eat out just putting it all
in a grocery bag or a reusable bag that we can just grab the whole entire thing
and fill up your container very fast very easy and very very affordable but
anyway I hope you did enjoy today’s video if you did please go and give it a
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