Going to Dudhsagar is always a special for a railfan The season doesn’t matter A railfan generally visits Dudhsagar to enjoy both the nature and the trains And this being the month of September. we were expecting some good water in the falls and you have it right now in front of you 3 special moments happened in the trip and i thought it required a separate video to say those things First is of-course meeting many railfans I will be reveling all of them in the upcoming video series Second, Seeing my favorite locomotive Hubli WDG4 12119 Its favorite mainly because it has a part of my name on it “Natraj” And icing on the cake was i got to see it 3 times and with this beautiful shot as well of it moving in front of the Dudhsagar waterfalls And finally This has to be the magical moment of the trip very special one Sunshine, rainfall and a beautiful rainbow to go with it Hope you all enjoyed this one, see you soon