all the four all right step to one so can you make money blogging online absolutely and once you realize though that you
were gonna need to learn how to market online and drive traffic to your block leaky and make money blogging it’s one
of the strategies that are used and matching leaders used and really everyone on its knees is now because it’s such an effective strategy like i said he will have to learn a few
things uh… in respect of marketing but nothing that everyone can learn now what i want to talk about first is you senior entry brainstorming for just a moment
indian about what exactly is your blog going to
be a pals why are you going to focus on and what
your primary target going to be so you’re going to also need to do some
keyword research to find out what relevant and what’s
actually being searched for seeking actually get traffic to the scene website third thing is you’re gonna have to decide on uh… offer what kind of poverty in it give to those that come to your website three things that they do now that keyword research we’re doing does
focus on your blog and then what type of offer you’re going to have for the people that have increase or is it sounds like a lot of
work but i want to show you step by step
exactly how did you all of that with the three website correspondents
sidebar that’s right were initially stepped on
his cell it’s everyone needs to do to do all of that if you’re if you’re in your life well
that’s possible what early june when offers that you’re using barbecue you
those links as well does the surrender below if you don’t
have an offer let me share what i’m doing i’m willing
to share the offers that i believe in and that’s what you have done well is
some of those affiliates up you can check those you can check this
out right now eugene you know you can did not begin week but what i’m saying is if you want to
get money right now if you want beach money right now still living sir wait
till it confirming your booking you can start generating traffic that a lot of
people start using those affiliates so that’s an amazing grace asher suburban everything that you need to know about
how to set all of this up on how to set your website had to all of this is all
in that three course okay so i watch equivalent check out the bins
that i actually have and i mean i have some amazing amazing
stuff elisabeth if you don’t have a network marketing company if you know you don’t know about affiliate marketing
go back it back a step check out all those that is really check it out back
here the sightings that looked like the look
on his all of these strategies for it i’m blogging i’m using a network
marketing company rate so that i am trying traffic said my blog gupta to also get people to participate
in my network marketing visa a habit all folding stuff accuse system and i want to show you guys exactly how
i don’t do that so either follow that the musical check out some of my tools and i think
they had to go back and check out some of those on academy check out some of these
recommended billionaires on innovation in the next video how
actually market your block all right we’re going to get into what exactly are
you doing to market my mom and i was showing you how you can plug into that
system as well brown cnr