hello thank you so much for coming back
to watch this week story food item so I found this bar ooh cold a sweet and sour
meal and it’s meatless it’s vegetarian so yeah it’s with plant-based protein
and guess what it is a product of Japan I mean it’s actually made in Japan so if
you’d like to see if this is worth the dollar and see if it’s any good then
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to okay so this only takes 60 seconds in the microwave or you can kind of put it
in a boiling pot of water for five minutes I watch them do we’re just gonna
do microwave okay so this is soy bean it’s all-natural non-gmo low-fat
low-cholesterol whole brain protein so it does look like a water onion carrot
defatted soy beans tomato ketchup fructose glucose syrup red bell pepper
sugar food starch miso which is soy beans soy sauce vinegar sesame oil salt
citric acid and xanthan gum so this will also be vegan as well so
yeah we’re gonna give this a try okay so all you’re supposed to do is I’m just
gonna kind of shake this down and I’m going to it looks like we’re supposed to
kind of tear off the we’re supposed to notch it I’m gonna do that okay
okay I’m gonna go ahead and pull this plop this in the microwave for 60
seconds and then we’ll give it a go okay so it just came out of the microwave
it’s very hot it smells really really good okay a little bit steamy it’s what it
looks like doesn’t look appetizing on this Li but okay there we go okay
looks like there’s actual meat in it but there isn’t so I’m gonna let this cool
for a minute and then I’m gonna actually take my camera into the other room and
I’m going to try this for you guys okay I just came in to my little filming
around but I have this mark who may the sweet and sour stuff here in this bowl
it smells really good but yeah there’s like a chunk and it really does look
like looks like meat I mean okay let’s just gonna try this don’t judge me this
is my breakfast I felt like I should have like put this over rice or
something but the sauce is a little goopy for me the sauce is kind of
gelatinous but we’re gonna give it go it’s actually really good but yeah this
is like that big piece of guess it’s SOI feels like meat my mouth but it’s not this is really good honestly I was kind
of freaked out because a lot of times these meat substitute they sound
absolutely revolting I’ve watched some reviews on this kind of stuff and it’s
never really sounded very good but this Markham a sweet and sour
stop is really really good actually really good
I think if you’re vegetarian or vegan I think this stuff is a bomb I think even
if you’re not vegetarian or vegan or maybe here trying to do like a meatless
Monday thing heck yes this is really really good I
would definitely serve it over rice or some sort of like rice noodle or
something but this uh the stuff is really really good for a dollar heck yes
I was completely skeptical I’m like I was trying to find it in the pantry
because I bought it like a week ago and I’m like where’s that crap where’s that
where’s that gross stuff just because I already had this mindset that it’s gonna
be disgusting but you can that you can taste the bell pepper you can taste the
carrots I mean all of its yeah I mean I will definitely repurchase this I don’t
know if Shawn would like it but I like it and this will make a quick and easy
lunch have some leftover rice buy this on top of it put it into container and
take it to work to microwave if I have time heck yes yeah it’s really really good I definitely
recommend it I’m definitely gonna repurchase and I think it’s really cool
that I got to try something from Japan for a dollar it’s a really really good
deal so yes if you had seen the mark whom a sweet and sour or maybe that
other varieties at your Dollar Tree I’m definitely recommend picking it up
the sweet and sour is super good arm it a great flavored sauce I guess that is a
little gelatinous and kind of goopy for me but I think if you served it over
rice or noodles like I said you know that that sauce would be kind of
absorbed into those items but really really good I’m honestly gonna finish
this because I said it’s my breakfast but yes very very good definitely
recommend it and very very cheap at the Dollar Tree so there you go anyway
thank you so much for watching this week’s Dollar Tree food item I hope you
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