hey welcome back and in today’s video
the tumbler 18 plus ban is upon us but there’s a protest going on the log-off
protest it begins today now if you guys aren’t familiar tumbler 18 plus ban was
brought into existence about two weeks ago and this happened because the Apple
Store banned the tumbler application because it let slip through some child
pornography on the main page this looked very bad for tumbler and very bad for
Apple and there wasn’t having it but it has since been restored because tumbler
said we’re gonna clean up our act the idea is that users log off a tumbler on
December 17th for 24 hours it’s gained some steam on social medias and we’re
gonna go look at the main Twitter sigh and see how how that how it’s going so
it looks like what is the protest it says the log off protesters protesting
recent tumblr band that will flag and delete all not-safe-for-work content our
main concern is that flagging system tumblr uses and how it directly targets
content creators oftentimes content creators who post things that are safe
for work this prevents others from seeing the post damaging their audience
not only in our incorrectly flagged but means are as well simple pictures of
cats are being flagged as not safe for work the ban is good in principle but in
practice it’s ineffective and damaging to the community as a whole this is due
to tumblr not updating their filtering system and not enforcing other rules
stated in the terms of service such as hate speech being prohibited there are a
lot of neo-nazis on the website now I can see where the concern is coming from
targeting things that are safe for work it is going to be very damaging for the
audience like if it’s getting cute kittens it’s an atrocity to the world
like what what are they doing it says the protest is December 17th which is
it’s happening right now and the end time is 24 hours from start
so no posting make sure to pause your queen you or set it for a different time
now if this does not work or they do not get the results they want here’s what
you can do what if temblor does nothing we have
given staff plenty of warning for the protests and if they decide not to
reverse the ban here’s a few things that we can do math email of them state how
this band affects you personally and why you want it reversed State Watts
ineffective and what you want done send the email to support at tumblr calm
tweet to at Jeff dawn off the CEO of tumblr and then be is do another protest
if they don’t get the message the first time then will protest it again this
time however we would protest for an entire week the lastly is delete if they
won’t listen to their users then they’ll lose their users it says this one would
really hit them where it hurts don’t want to lose your blog though you can
export your blog via settings and that gives you the link and I’ll put this in
the description below now here is why I don’t think this is gonna work number
one mass emailing doesn’t it doesn’t have it doesn’t really work that well
and there’s been a lot of people upset even before this protest and they have
been mass emailing and it’s to no avail I think if we if we really look at it
they can see that they’re not trying to appease the users so much as they’re
trying to appease the advertisers much like a youtubes YouTube rewind this year
I keep I keep bringing that a perfect example for all situations doing another
protest well I think it ties in with deleting your your profile on tumblr
because probably about 90% of the people that are gonna be engaged in this
protest are probably 18 plus blogs meaning that they’re going to be deleted
anyways so another protest would be with less numbers it’s probably not gonna
matter that’s just my opinion I know that you got your own opinions so let me
know below they go on to state more facts and concerns it says is this just
about point no not at all the major concern here is about the community the
band has already been put into place in various areas to posts being flagged
does not say for work resulting in the user needing to appeal which takes days
oftentimes content flag isn’t even not-safe-for-work this will damage
content creators and users all together no matter what you post and
then they say well just move to another site but they say there’s no other site
currently available that’s like tumblr plus a lot of current users have built
up friendships that are difficult to just move on from however there are some
alternatives they state pillow for master Dan and WordPress and Twitter
we’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter that’s moved over I actually I’m trying
out pillow fort right now if they got a beta you actually have to pay like five
bucks to get in there and then they send you a beta key WordPress is probably
gonna be your strongest bet I never heard of Mastodon it says it’s a
crossover between discord and Twitter really fast-paced fun that sounds pretty
cool I might check it out but this leads me this makes me realize that there are
a lot of people that are really hurt by this and change is always one of the one
of the scariest things that there are because our brain is hardwired
psychologically to be like anything that’s new to it it’s gonna fear it but
all as always you will grow from it oftentimes from adversities rise to the
occasion things that we otherwise would have never seen so embrace change it’s
part of God’s will the universe’s will whatever you believe and it always
promotes growth so those are my good words for that so I’m looking at some
updates on this Twitter I don’t see anything recently that’s talking more
about if tumblr is gonna do what they’re wanting to do but I think it’s really
interesting to follow this so yeah we’ll put this in the description below it’s
it’s interesting and I think this is just another indicator of how the state
of the Internet is and how the entire it used to be internet is new it’s
relatively new anyway so now the entirety of the Internet is moving
towards a more mainstream place kind of like how back in like the the 80s and
early 90s people would just come home and they would watch TV and they would
just zone out now it’s moved away from that – now it’s phones and everybody’s
just scrolling their phones and everything
like that and it’s become more mainstream and like normal so I think
they’re trying to filter out things kind of like when TV put in the rating system
to wear out this is TV MA and this and that I feel like they’re trying to make
the whole internet cuz you can see various different major websites that
have also hit mainstream doing similar purges just like this one article goes
on to say that the hiding of verboten posts won’t happen all at once says the
company it’s there quite a backlog of visuals uploaded over past decade to
scan but any new uploads will be reviewed and ruled on instantly your
content will not be deleted the post emphasizes all decisions can be appealed
for evaluation by a real live human it says the company the subsidiary of
Verizon’s oath also promises a streamline the process soon they’re
gonna so they’re basically going to streamline it make it easier for
everyone speaking of real humans some imagery of them in the buff will be
allowed says tumblr this includes exposed female presenting nipples in a
connection with breastfeeding birth after birth moments the health related
situations such as post mastic that’s a word right there or a Jindo car or
gender confirmation surgery tumblr will give posts like this a pass nudity found
in art specifically sculptures and illustrations but naked pictures are not
allowed no matter how artsy so they are given a little bit of flexibility for
art and historic purposes which i think is really good they’re trying to keep in
the culture then it goes on to say the Tumblr app returned to Apple’s iOS App
Store last week after it had been banned in November apparently over child
pornography that slipped through the site’s filters tumblr says the plans to
remove adult content or underway before the app was banned so you can see that
this company’s just trying not to be destroyed because when Apple says you
can’t be here that’s a lot of money that they’re losing not only just in advert
but just in general the app downloads so this is uh this is the thing it’s like a
huge thing right now and I’m interested in what you guys are thinking and
feeling about this what are you gonna go what what do you feel like the next step
is I would like to continue this conversation on Twitter so if you want
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brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video yeah I’ve noticed that the internet is
just changing rapidly right now they are mass baning and blacklisting on youtube
they are doing the same on patreon if you’ve been following the videos this
past week we’ve seen people that have not even broken rules but because the
content has been edgy and controversial and just not safe for work and just not
family-friendly they are being booted and I think this is a tall tailing sign
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