17-year-old Juan Luis Laguna
Rosales was shot 18 times in a bar after posting a video of him talking badly
about one of the most dangerous drug lords in Mexico. Welcome back to What’s
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stories. Rosales was better known by his Internet name El Pirata del Culiacan. He
has over 700,000 followers on Facebook and over 300,000 followers on Instagram.
His popularity on social media rose after he was posting photos and videos
of him drinking, being with beautiful women, and posting memes. In a video
that’s posted on what looks like his friends Facebook page, Rosales calls out
El Mencho. Roughly translated, he says that the leader of the drug cartel in
Jalisco can suck his d*ck. After the arrest of El Chapo almost exactly a year ago, El
Mencho has risen to power in Mexico, and taken over much of the turf El Chapo
once held. El Mencho is a former policeman who
served three years in jail for selling heroin. He currently has a $5 million
dollar bounty out for his head. On Monday, Rosales was out with his friends in
Jalisco at a bar. He posted a video telling his fans to meet him for a drink
in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area… a big area for the drug trade. Then four
men armed with long weapons stormed into the bar and took fire at Rosales. They
executed the teen shooting him 18 times. Not only was Rosales killed, but a 25-
year-old employee of the bar was caught in the crossfire and also died. So
despite his YouTube channel getting popular from posting videos like this
one: He recently gave an interview with
Univision where he admitted to being an alcoholic and wanting to change that. He
talked about his dream of being a music star. He essentially said: “I want to
learn to sing now, that’s going to be my motto.” And he’s actually had quite a
productive year appearing in multiple popular music videos by Mexican artists. He mostly does the excessive drinking
thing in all of them. But the craziest thing is that he’s the
thumbnail for all these music videos. And they all have over a million views on
YouTube. Fans continue to post messages of
condolence for Rosales, but some are saying that he should have known better
than to insult one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico. And also they’re
saying he should not have shared his location. Newspaper outlet Periodico
Supremo tweeted his video captioned: “Asi firmo su trato de muerte” or in
English, “Thus signed his deal of death.” It’s
important to note that no official statement has been made that El Mencho
was responsible for the killing, but most media outlets are assuming so. The cartel in Jalisco claimed responsibility for a 2011 massacre killing 35 people in
Veracruz. And in 2015, they killed 15 Mexican police officers. But would it
target the comments that one person made on social media? Maria del Rosario
Fuentes Rubio aka Felina on Twitter reported on local gang violence in
Mexico fueled by drug lords. She was tracked down by cartel members
and killed in 2014. They took photos of her lifeless body and posted them on her
own Twitter account. And the location scout for the Netflix show Narcos,
Carlos Muñoz Portal, was murdered in Mexico. The show follows the lives of
Latin American drug kingpins and the upcoming season was set to feature
Mexican drug cartels. And while there were no witnesses and nothing could be
proven, it’s assumed that it was the drug cartel. And another Mexican journalist
Gumaro Perez Aguilando was killed when two gunmen burst into his son’s
school Christmas pageant. That incident actually occurred just days ago, but
Rosales’ is getting more attention. It’s extremely scary to be a reporter in
Mexico right now, especially if you’re covering the drug cartel. So what are
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