If we don’t end up on the train by noon… …then we’ll have to get off in Jesús de Nazareno
and switch to the next train that stops there to cut DPUs into the train. Sounds pretty fuckin bent. I don’t wanna do that. I wanna just ride. Oh, it’s so many days added on. We’d be filming all of Línea SC in the day. I know, I just want the train to come right now. Yeah, that’s what’s up. What, have
you got a fuckin problem? There’s no trains still, obviously. It’s not coming for two days. I can’t climb over all that shit whilst getting on. Now? Jesus Christ. Yo, I’m climbing the same ladder so hurry up. Iron ore pellets. What do you mean “get back”? Uh, nevermind. Let’s just stay here. You were the one who chose to get on too soon. I would have waited. I don’t know how fast it was gonna pull out is the thing. Well, we would have waited until it starts going
too quick and then you get on. Whatever, we’re on. I ain’t gonna fuckin miss this thing. You think they’re gonna pull us off? Check. We’re too close to the front. I would have
waited like, twenty more cars. We can always run. Let’s just get off the fuckin train and let’s move back. Don’t get off on the fucking crossing, you retard.
Let it keep going for a minute. No one’s gonna give a shit, dude. It’s Mexico. No, cause I don’t want everyone to see me. There’s another train coming. Ok, so you want- It’s just engines or is it a train? Can’t tell. Oh, they’re swapping off the power. That’s the power, they’re gonna swap it. We gotta go. Cool, man. Oh, I can’t believe you throw it like that. It’s empty. Go on then, buddy. Fuck it, I’ll get on the
same one as you. It’s going so slow. Aight, lie down. Get down so the people can’t fuckin see us when it does this- Nice train, this is going to be a comfortable sleep. Panoramic view as well. I know, it’s just gonna be really
dirty so what I would suggest… …is when we get going- Cause this
stuff’s lethal, it never comes out. Look, I’m still bright orange. Like, I fuckin rode this in Africa
and it was big fuckin rocks. It wasn’t like this. This stuff’s nice, but it
gets fuckin everywhere. That’s not it I don’t think. I think I’m just dirty but… …that red shit is like, tiny magnetic fillings. …going in your…in your fucking- in your
cameras and in your shit. This is where were gonna get fuckin raped. Cause people have seen us on the train and are following us. I wanna go run off and buy a taco. If I was in America I would but… They’re swapping out the Ferromex power
for the Ferrosur power right now. It’s the FMZXX from Manzanillo. It’s a handoff from Ferromex. Here comes the Ferromex power now. There we go. Just stay low until we get out of Mexico City, I guess. Stay low until we get out of Mexico, I guess. Right over there. I think we’re gonna be good for now. I think we’re going. It’s better than watching “Friends” I guess. There’s cops everywhere, man. We’re at TS-41 right here. I can’t see a fucking thing. Ok, well we’re guaranteed to stop at the station. Well let’s stay on until the station. Get us some fucking food then. Oh, sorry. You all right? Yeah… Let’s go to the Oxxo. I wonder if those uh, guys with the lights
at the station were actually for us. Where? What? They were shining lights on the train
from the platform of the station. No, I’m sure they were just checking like, the
knuckles and making- seeing if- Just seeing the people on there
and seeing what it was looking like. Like, an equipment inspection? …obvious going wrong or anything
obvious looking wrong. Get it! Get it you fucking pussy! I’m gonna get it. My bag broke. I can’t get off the train even if the cops come. My bag broke. Is this a 48′ or a 40′? I don’t know. It looks like a 48′, dude. If this is a 48′ it must be the only 48′
in the whole goddamn country. That was the edge of what I could catch for sure. I was fuckin chillin on that one. Yo, cause the ballast. The slope of
the ballast was too much for me. No, it wasn’t affecting me, bro. The pack, man. The pack. Yeah, you’ve got a heavier pack than me though. Ah, I was loving that one, mate. The- The fucking ladder was high though so I
had to use my knees for it. You gotta grab it before it’s in front
of you and it will yank you enough. You just- You take your own weight and it’s easy to run fast. Yeah, but I was just trying to run to an
area where the ballast was smoother. Cause my feet were slipping and I was
like, afraid I was going to roll under. So I knew that if I could get a little bit forward then
I could get a running start and it would be easier. When I got on the train my fucking
shoelaces were undone. My- Both of my shoelaces were fucking undone. That’s scary, man. In Orizaba? Yeah. Possibly. Why? They might check it. But how are they gonna check if we’re
lying down in the corner? Overhead. Shit, I thought you were like, some part of my
clothing falling off and I was like: “Ohhh”. We might wanna to be careful. What do you reckon, they’ve already fuckin
radioed that shit, like… I don’t know, bro. No, I don’t think those cops were for us. It’s a bit random, isn’t it…how it works? I don’t know why we’d stop here. It was just clearance. They’re probably
just getting clearance for the next signal. This is where we’re crossing the KCSM Línea V… That’s why we stopped. It’s basically for this the rule is whoever gets to this
crossing here first goes. It’s like a stop sign in a way. It goes between Mexico City and Veracruz. There’s only one or two trains a day in each direction. It’s pretty dead in comparison to the Ferrosur Línea S. If you saw that down there though it looked
like there’s a hi-rail vehicle on there. It’s finally warming up a little bit. Calderón. That’s the place. Nice dick on there at least. I like the hairy balls. Little nice touch. So steamy. I can’t see anything. It’s fucking warm up here and I don’t know why. Oh, the sun. Wow… …my hat. We might be setting out the autoracks up front. Oh, you reckon we’ll be leaving them here to be filled. I’m assuming they’re empty. Yeah, I’m assuming these are empty
just like the rest of this train. Right. But who knows. I mean, it looks like
we’re just speeding up now. How tall- Do you not have any idea of how tall that is? I can look it up. I think it’s over fifteen thousand feet though. Yeah, cause how tall is like, Mt Shasta and shit? Mt Shasta’s like, fourteener. Yeah, Pico de Orizaba… …it’s uh, 5636 m or 18,491 feet. So that’s really tall. Eighteen thousand. That’s fuckin big. That’s wild. Third highest mountain in North America. I think we’re coming up on Jesús de Nazareno. Fuckin hell. Split? Uh…yeah there’s like, a split after this. The train next to us is the hottest train on the line
and the most robbed train in the world… Or at least one of them. Probably “the”. Wow, there’s somebody else on that one right there. Yeah, I think it’s a guard, mate. Yeah. In fact it definitely is a guard. What are you going to do? Take some photos of the caboose. Yeah Let’s go for it. We’re only changing cars.
I mean, we’re already here. This is what we’ve been waiting on right here. We should sit down. Don’t you think we should just- They don’t care, dude. Oh, why is it like this? I’m just here. That- I think they’re doing
something with those autoracks. May be adding units to our train, dude. Yeah, what’s that sound? I don’t see why. This is a tiny train but… Hopefully we’re still good for that. You’ll know why once we get on the line. No, it’s just nice when it’s a fucking like, two mile
long train and you can just fucking DPU. People are always bitching at me when I
ride like: “Oh, you wanna get too comfortable”. Well, why the fuck would you not ride in the
DPU like, if you’re trying too get somewhere? It’s cold like, I’m not trying to see the scenery for the seventh time. I mean, I just avoid it because inspections. You know? They don’t- They never kick you off though.
They just say “Hey”. I’ve only ever been kicked off once and it was
because they needed to drive the unit. Most of the people I know that get caught and go to jail as far as experienced riders go,
it’s because they were on power. It’s almost always the case with experienced riders. The only times they go to jail is whenever
they get caught on the power. Here’s the thing… If we’re gonna get in the caboose
and ride through Orizaba… …you have to promise me that
you’re not gonna ditch me and run if the guards start beating the shit out of us. It’s my only requirement. You’ve gotta run as well, bro… I’m gonna run but I mean like, you know, if they start
beating the shit out of me you can’t just leave me there. I’m risking it. I wouldn’t want to be like,
right next to them. I’d rather run and get chased than just be-
Like, having them open the cab door. You know? I think the crew from the uh… …the unit they cut in, I think it’s walking back now. I’m getting sunburned… …on my fucking nose. I feel so horny, man. Hehehe Let’s move rides to the caboose. Yeah Let’s do this. Oh, damn. Right, should we fuckin get in the caboose? It’s as good a time as any. It’s fucking cycling. Let’s do it. Wait for me, man. Wait. Wait for me. I’m gonna cross first. Yeah, just pass me that. Pass me that. What’s going on? This is like, the coolest thing in the world. This is pretty awesome. We’ve got a vehicle approaching. …my fucking GoPro. Oh, what? It fucking hurts. I hit my ass so hard. I was on the ladder, man. …this rock. What are you doing? Nothing. I’m just gonna switch out my batteries. Fuck off. Hey, watch this. You gotta keep your fitness up on
these trips, it’s important. Solid view, man. We’re gonna be here a long time, man. I think it’s almost ten thousand feet or else
it’s over ten thousand feet. Each one of the tunnels is named after
each of the states of Mexico. I don’t know, man… …they may be coming to check our IDs. Really? I don’t know. We might find out. We’re definitely stopping
though cause this train has to roll out. I guess we’re about to find out then. Not feeling great about this considering
all the roof standing in front of… …military police. Considering that there’s three
other migrants right there… …they’re gonna see them first and probably
mess with them before us. The thing is though, we are at a siding.
We are waiting for a meet. So it’s not like we just stopped out in the
middle of nowhere for no reason. We’re above the town of Acultzingo right now.
We’re about to roll down into it. We already crossed the highest point
so we’re on the descent. Oh, here they come. Yeah, we basically just got pulled off at
gunpoint by police up there. They looked at our passports, we told them that we were tourists… …and they ended up driving us down the valley. They were gonna let us back on the IMV
but immigration denied it. And so they said that they couldn’t let us back on. They told us we could take a bus to Orizaba but we’re
gonna head down to the horseshoe curve at Mezquite… …and we’re gonna try to board another
train that’s going to Veracruz. How are you feeling? Fuckin chill. Like, just some bullshit. You gotta fuckin hide and not stand on the roof
but play it cool and now lessons learned. Like, we’re going south. Yeah, that’s some great content you got there. You’re really a man of many words. I’m just saying, I don’t think you’ll like Africa very much. Like, all the fuckin negative aspects of this
are there a lot more. I like it but…for sure. When I was there like, the police don’t have to
fuckin flex the same way like they do here. In Mauritania it’s like…the military are the
fuckin police so like… I tried to swim on a fuckin beach like,
that you can’t go on… …and like, a hundred soldiers came out the building
doing like, their fucking workout. And they just came down to the beach
with his gun on his back and he’s like, “Oh, I’m really sorry
but this isn’t fucking private”. I was like “Oh, fuck”. And like, it’s a Sharia Law country. You’re supposed
to have your arms and legs covered up… …and my friend was getting naked to change into his
swimming trunks when the guy came over. And he did not know where to look, this soldier. Wait, there’s actually- You wanna go there or
do you wanna go further back? Cause there’s a really good path up right there. Like, a big- just dirt- We already said we’re gonna be waiting here. Oh, right by the bridge? Yeah. Ok, cool. That’s all right with me. I’m so excited. It’s like, seeing that Ferrosur
units come down that mountain… …it’s like the feeling of a Spitfire flying over you. It’s emotional. Muchas gracias. Look at that. That’s a view you don’t usually see. I’m gonna get a piece of that action. That is a rare view, guys. Is it a hi-railer? Yeah. They’re off the track already. Yeah, I think they said we’re going to switch to
the second power here. I’m not sure. Here, pass me. Get in. Don’t squish it too much. It’s like an American crew change on the DPU. Done it a hundred times before. Tense. The tension is real. My uh, GPS is dead so I can’t even
tell where we’re at right now. Doesn’t matter, man. You’re gonna take your pack. I gotta get up. That was very surreal. And I knew that guy like, I’ve
talked to him before. I didn’t even know it was him. That’s super weird, man. That’s really weird. I literally have all of his photos as my screensaver
and desktop backdrop on my laptop. They’d been that for months. Come on, let’s go. That’s the road right there. Yes. The police are on the other side. Let me go first cause I know what’s happening. Fucking hell. How much further can it be? We’ve been
walking so long, man. We’re like, halfway from where we
were halfway last time. So we have like, a quarter of the way to go. Right, well yeah. That’s ok but I’m losing my shit, man. I’m fuckin hallucinating…and we’re only this far in. I really am hallucinating, man.
Like, my vision going- I’m like… I’m in reality- I’m here walking but
every step I fucking take… …it feels lighter and lighter like I’m not walking.
And I feel like… I feel like I’m just less and less here. Like, I feel like I’m- I feel like I’m slowly getting taller, man. That’s what it feels like. How is this the fuckin escapism, man?
How is this the alternative? If someone told me like, yo, bro there’s an
escape to this fuckin feeling like… …every fuckin day, mate…blending together. Like, you just wake up, you fuckin shit, you eat,
and it’s ready to fuckin start over again. There’s a fuckin escape. I would be so willing to take it and then this is the fuckin- this is the thing they were talking about? This is the thing they were telling me about? Just do this with my fuckin life? Yeah, the day
feels like a fuckin eternity, it’s true but… Is this really all there fuckin is? I feel like this is the same place we just fuckin walked. Look at that, hear that. We already
fucking walked here, I swear. Strange. We have a liquor store right down there.