so hello people are you going just glam
back with another video today I have some Mexican pesos so I have a jumble
here and these actually span two pesos so you have the first peso from 1863 and
that was a decimal lowest one so when peso equals 100 centavos slightly
current one and in 1993 the course of inflation in that 70s and 80s it was
revalued from 1000 pesos so this coin here to one new piss oh that’s that coin
there as you can see different sizes and this one’s a bi-metal one so stainless
steel aluminum bronze and they actually changed the style of it as well so I’ll
separate them then we can have a look so here I have separated I’ll make a video
on each so we will just go through them because there are different coinages
like this is the last point and it’s mainly just a peso series here is the
start of the inflation so the highest coin is this 10 pesos those coins pretty
much 5 cent I was that that was pretty much with warm circulation during the
eighties and here we have the 50 centavos that was the smallest coin of
this year’s so now I have two silver coins
so I actually never knew this was actually a silver coin when I first got
it because I when I brought it I didn’t actually know I had this coin 25
centavos so running 53 as you can see has two scales so I represent that it’s
a silver coin and on the back we have Estados Unidos mexicana so you know
under states of Mexico and here we have the eagle taking a snake and it’s on a
cactus as well that is the coat of arms of Mexico and I
should actually go through that and actually do make another Mexican video
here but these pretty much all the coins I got and over here I have the new
series I’ll make another video because they’re pretty complicated in that
design so with the centavo coins the smallest I have is the face and tiles
and as you can see there are two types of 5 centavos so we have 2 small smaller
version and the larger version and this is reflective of the hyperinflation that
actually occurred so I hope you like Mexican coins and you look forward to my
videos on them where we can both learn something new about Mexican coins so
thank you very much and have awesome coin collecting time people bye bye