Hello my name is Emma ralph and I am a
teacher and co-designer of Mighty Writer. In the next few minutes I’m going to
show you why mighty writer is such a breakthrough in teaching children to
write, in fact when teachers are asked the question did it make a significant
difference to your children’s writing, every single teacher rated it ten out of
ten. Mighty Writer is in fact a large Matt with very tactile velcro accessories it can hang on the wall or be used as a floor matt. It uses symbols and images to help
children visualize, retell, plan, edit and create stories. It is simple to use for
the teacher and the children and has everything you need in one place. Around
the perimeter of the matt are removable toolbars, on the left are connectives on
the right we have all the punctuation as well as symbols that denote adjectives, verbs, adverbs and emotions. Across the top we have a large range of images of
living creatures, settings, objects, transport and whether more themed images
are also available linking to different genres and topics. We then have a range
of cloud shape matts that represents sentences, green for the beginning of the
story, orange for the middle and red for the
end. You can decide what and how many images,
symbols and connectives are in use at any one time. Arrows are used to follow the
retelling all the story in the correct order Mighty Writer can be used for the whole
class groups and individual children. linking with your planning to teach key
concepts blanks for connectives and images can be used so there is no limit
to the children’s imagination it can be tailored to suit different abilities and
to target specific areas you want to develop you can use it to model and
demonstrate and allow children to participate as much as you like. Mighty
Writer encourages talk at every stage so children do not need to write until
their understanding and confidence ensures they are ready to. Children can
then use the story maps to record their own story plans independently. As you can
see the children really engage in the process their stories become increasingly
complex and they really start to use grammar and punctuation. As when they
have finished creating their story transcribing is easy as the story is
scaffolded and internalised. They have capital letters in red, they follow the
images using the adjectives, verbs and so on. Mighty Writer is aimed for 4-7 year olds
and proven to significantly improve their writing. Typical teacher comments
include; it had the biggest ever impact on the children’s writing and it really engaged
even the reluctant writers. It really extends children of all abilities
including the very able those with special needs and is ideal for children
of English as an additional language. If you would like to give your children
this opportunity please do contact us www.mightywriter.co.uk