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www.oscarstech.com Hi guys, this is Oscar, @notagrouch on
Twitter. I’m going to show you really quick how
to transfer your websites from wordpress.com to a self-hosted WordPress.org blog that lives in your own hosting where you have full control over all of the content all the plugins and themes without any of
the restrictions by WordPress.com Tt’s rather simple so I’m not going to stop in every location to tell you what I’m
doing but on the left hand side here we have
access to our host account. This is the new account where
you’re going to install the “new” website Or the “migraged” website. on the right hand side we have the “old”
website. And i’ll show quickly in this case
we’re transferring SurfCityFamily.wordpress.com this is a local website for huntington
beach and they have decided to step up their
game and move into a self-hosted WordPress website. The way to do that,
is that you’re going to go to your dashboard Once your in your dashboard, you can go to tools, and then find the “export” link that’s what we are right now. And you’re going to select the first
option, the one that says create an XML, containting your posts, comments
and all that stuff. You’re going to select export. This is a very simple process because
the site guides you through it. then it most likely you are going to
select the all content option. Once you click this, then you click on download export file; however
this is a special case for this. and we’re actually going to pick specific blogposts that we want we want
we don’t want to bring everything over. There’s over two hundred fifty posts in here
I think. But a lot of them, the owner doesn’t want to
transfer over, so we’re going to leave them here. So we’re only going to transfer that particular
set of blog-posts. Prior to this uh… would categorize all
the book was we wanted into one category so that we could find and step and show you how that works supporting all contact with the book notices struck down options come in and here you can sleep look at what you
want to export or authors or empty range or where their uh… because this because even expert haven’t published
schedule their pending in court defender other different status is in this case we know that we made a new category and we made a categorical export s s s and you can see this because debate on
the screen track to mexico better but categories dependent bottom this category recall export which is to create a category critical
is that we want him back at work and with the pandemics for fun now is that crime automatically starts
downloading it est super quick download and it’s right i know that this is now available now we’re going to go into our coast and
sort press simply go and find the workers button very easy to do click on that wait a minute ish k once it comes up you can do insulation script which is right here in
this case we recently coast not my favorite books but it’s very
critical cinema put them in stock becky sue different options what version
of workers do you want you always want to install the latest version unless for some particular reason you need to
install under repression generally you don’t do that for most cases stick to that their
latest first built then you’re going to take the demanding
in this case asserts his family dot com we are going to oddly sets the tone dot com with the two we’ll and family pictures as it is n_p_f_ options if you want to consider
them for sap which is what you can change
uh… administrator username password so that you get to pick your own indices we are gonna change because
we’re going to get it out uh… diesel admin password uh… as a
general rule of thumb for security or change the gym for their nature count from patent
something out so much love to a ended beginning grant entity with change it to just for security purposes annex that
you’ll see will be uh… this option dot except freeze a video for a minute i decided to just blot that area with a
smile asrar and you can now see that there’s fewer
options i’ve personally don’t like to leads his options checked they’re not really useful for me or for
my clients in this case so i don’t check this through boxes that were there and constant reform which means uh…
you’re going to agree to the terms and uh… agreements with incomplete and this will install your workers website at that domain in the meantime iron point copy the pastor that you know it was black handy last fast plugin once you see that this is installed you
can actually go to the website try to login make sure that it works it looks like everything’s working so
switch it up under the home page we have the default
workers being ready to go hello wrote was waiting for its outside yet another step noticed mexicans to bring the expert a bit
earlier on searches family dot wordpress dot com respuesta one firing support find it and it’s right here creeks and that we have a to protect aside for a minute in work referee here unit of the tools
section antha commit import button now you need to be a tension here
because workers has not come with a built-in importer you have to sell it i
suppose torches with an import now is that yet several options here one of the
options as one chris but what’s going on what was your
actually prompted to install the workers importer uh… but so no go ahead and saw that activated and run the plugins once you get to this point you can choose to file at least looked it over here and if you are reminded matriz and you can’t trick recently gravis but over here atticus is right worried x a week but open now we have the final grade here waiting
for us to uploader thus far at import i’m a first show you that archos are completely empty america
little world poses with here through everything jump here when did the same thing for patients and there’s a simple fish which word
point trash and of course closes down rebecca importer andriessen without reading it’s waiting for us and simply upstate
up without and import and see how that goes i will be prompted to make some choices
for example to i want to import mixes ecstasy author or do we want to assign it to our administrator if he had other off if you could create
a minute nasa select out to be a destination or they ought to do which sarcos be
excited in this case we actually wanted to
printed authors that were part of the blog bookmarks e_t_ and timothy taylor so weary simply going to led into this thing import author watch
too the don’t want that that’s when you can
either create a new author or select max is someone but because we want defoe’s
rubina leader untouched billing option that you have is too
demanding for the file attachments to get pictures p_s_ or movies are attached to the workers the original box and i know that it is it it looks up always pictures and more pictures and
things like this will be brought over automatically if
you use the devonport file attachment so they put the map did submit now this is going to rent a room if you have a lot of post may take a few
minutes if you don’t have a few coz he should be
fairly quickly if you know his i hadn’t finished ocm
when detectives so let’s take a look at what happened but all of those we now have a lot of poster about forty sixth items you can see that
by the cap record if we go to the home page you can see that they are there is more or less wednesday downtown
sioux city nightstand here you go assistant goes from here and we have comments so that it’s a common slit even dated that images from a so pictures are there and used restaurant to go who decide to install a team consider
workers that we want to work but notice we have all the categories all the dates comments recent close and of course you can imagine sea the
coast caller this is how uh… you were able to
export workers dot com important in your own self hosted
wordpress and then customize your installation two give whatever experience is watching you get any questions please
let me know says to you you have any questions about how to do
something more chris asme that divergent winner orkut boasting where dot growth slash pass if you have a great day