How would I describe myself? Corporate rebel. A little bit different
than everyone else. I like to be noticed.
I like to be seen. My style is me.
It’s what I feel. It’s me on a regular basis. No matter my mood,
I’m dressing to be me. Modern vintage. I got out of bed this morning,
and I thought to myself, “How can I make Easter Sunday
on a Monday?” I love kind of the classic look
of the bolo tie, and that is my favorite thing
to wear at all times. I love my vests. Yeah, this is
my going-out watch, so… I got it for my birthday when
I was — from my parents, so… Wear something that can put
a smile on other people’s faces. You know, it’s important to me
that people feel good. When you look good,
you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. So I try to keep it
in the “good” category. You know, you got to be
comfortable in your own skin. My wife thinks I look good
with a shirt off, so, you know, it makes her
happy, it makes me happy. Oh, yeah, I feel so confident
like you would not believe.