– Have you ever been
injured while having sex? – Hmm. – (whispering) Please say no. (drum music) – [Interviewer] Welcome to Fess Up. Answer truthfully and win cash. Hello, who are you guys? – I’m Devin. (laughing) This is my mom. – And I’m Stacey, his mom. – [Interviewer] What’s he all about? – Oh boy, he’s kind of a drama
queen. A pretty little liar. (interviewer laughing)
(Devin laughing) – [Interviewer] Devin
do you agree with that? – No. I agree with the pretty part. (all laughing) – [Interviewer] Well if you
guys haven’t noticed there’s a man sitting next to you. – Yeah my name’s Herb Irvine
and I’m a polygraph examiner. – [Interviewer] Let’s get Devin hooked up. – All right, keep your
feet flat on the floor. – Oh no. – [Interviewer] Remember, in
this round 3 truthful answers gets you $200. You ready to ask your son some questions? – Yes. – [Interviewer] Start round one. (boxing match bell)
(Stacey laughing) – No, I don’t like that
you just laughed like that. That wasn’t cute. – Devin, have you ever
had sex in a public place? – Absolutely. – What? (Devin laughing) – Where? – I don’t know. A car, the park, Bed Bath & Beyond. – Are you, what? – What section? (all laughing) – Towels, obviously! – [Stacey] Please tell me he’s lying. – No he’s being totally honest, yeah. (dinging sound)
And I think there’s more places, let him go. (all laughing) – Devin Robert! (Devin laughing) – Devin stop doing that shit. I’m serious, get a room. – Kay. – All right. Were you disappointed with my
reaction to you coming out? – Yes. – Really? – Yes he did tell the truth.
(dinging sound) – Your exact words were, “It’s
not what I wanted for you but I’ll always love you.” – You’re African American
and a gay African American and I just feel like there’s already a couple strikes against you there and I just didn’t want that for you. – Understandable. – Okay, cause I do love you. (gasping) This is a good one. Have you ever called me a
bitch to one of your friends? – Absolutely. – Devin! – Yes. – Herb? – I would say he’s probably
being truthful right there. (dinging sound) – [Interviewer] Devin congratulations, you just told the truth
and won $200 in round one. (dinging sound)
(clapping) – Was it worth it? – I’m not sure about that one. – It’s going to be a heck of a ride home. – Oh no. (fast forwarding sound) (boxing match bell) – [Interviewer] Stacey, how
are you feeling right now? – I feel good. – [Interviewer] If you can
answer three questions correctly Stacey, Devin will earn another $200. – The things I do for you. – Thanks mom. (Stacey laughing) – Have you ever gotten
into a physical fight? – Well, which time? (all laughing) Got in a fight in a bar with a girl once. – What’d the girl do? – She was flirting with your dad. – Talking to my man! – No, I just grabbed her by her hair and threw her to the ground. Herb, am I lyin’? – She’s telling the truth. (dinging sound) – Oh, God. – I mean really, is
that surprising to you? – Okay, well now that I’m scared. Have you ever been
injured while having sex? – Hmm. – (whispering) Please say no. – I mean maybe not in the moment, but the next day maybe, yeah. – Oh.
(all laughing) – Am I lyin’, Herb? – No,
(dinging sound) she’s telling the truth. – I’m not a little
girl, I like big men so. (Devin laughing)
(Interviewer laughing) – My friends are gonna see this. (Stacey laughs) I mean your friends don’t
think your mom has sex? – [Interviewer] Alright let’s
move on to this next question. – Oh no. Am I your favorite child? – I love you all differently but the same
– Am I your favorite child? Yes or no? – You can tell him. – Yes. – [Devin] Is she lying? (Stacey laughing)
– She’s not bein’ honest. (interviewer laughing)
(buzz sound) – Shit. – Although she might
love you all the same, so there’s not a favorite. – That’s a load of bull hockey. – Can you ask it that way? (interviewer laughing)
– No! – [Interviewer] I’m
sorry, because you are not your mother’s favorite child you do not win that round,
(buzzing sound) I’m so sorry Devin.
– Sorry Dev! – [Interviewer] How do you
feel about that, Devin? – Pretty butt hurt, honestly. – You’re getting an Uber home, aren’t you? (both laughing)
– No! – [Interviewer] Well there’s
a chance to turn some things around for one final question
to double your money. – I’m a little scared because
– Why are you scared? – Is this gonna be like
a doozy of a question? – Oh. Mother, have you
ever had a threesome? – (whispering) Shit. (laughing) – I can’t. Who’s gonna see this? – [Devin] With who? – My mother can’t see this, my daddy can’t see this
– I’m gonna show Grandma. – Yes or no? – Yes. (all laughing)
Herb, am I lying? – No. (dinging sound)
– Okay, thank God. – She’s threesomed. (Stacey laughing)
(interviewer laughing) – Was it at your house? – I mean, once was, yes. – So it’s multiple.
(all laughing) Was it the same people each time? – No. (Devin laughing) I’m so warm right now,
– I am too, – I am sweating
– I’m a little heated. – and I am not on trial here. – [Interviewer] Well I am really
happy to say that you just doubled your money on Fess Up, congratulations Devin.
(dinging sound) – Devin, you need to pay
your mother for this. – [Interviewer] What did you
get from this experience? – I don’t know what I got from this. (all laughing)
I really don’t know what I got from this. – [Interviewer] That’s okay. – You know never to go
to Bed Bath & Beyond with Devin.
– Ai, no doubt. – [Interviewer] Congratulations,
you just won a lot of money on Fess Up!
(cheering) Woo! – High five! – Oh. – Kiss your mother. (kissing sound)