Hello! In this video I’ll teach you how to install AdFly Pop Ads on your site/blog 1 step) Log in to your AdFly account and click “Tools” 2 step) Now click on “Pop Ads” 3 step) Copy this code and paste it beforeof your site/blog In this case, we will demonstrate the installation using a WordPress template Go to the panel, go to Appearance>Editor Normallyis found in the file “header.php” Locate theNow paste the AdFly code beforeand update the header.php file Test is working. Open your website and click anywhere on the screen. Check if a new window opens with AdFly ads If you want to avoid showing Pop Ads every time on your site/blog, you can set a timer in minutes by simply changing the code to “0” for the desired time If you want, you can also run the ad in https://, simply add that line in the original code Ready! You have successfully installed AdFly Pop Ads!
I hope it has good results! Up until!