hi guys and welcome to this WordPress
monstroid theme video, this is Jamie from system 22 and web design and tech tips
.com well I’ve been asked to take a look at
this monstro – WordPress theme so I’ve got a fresh install of WordPress I
installed it here and as you can see I’ve got it installed very easy process first looks I’m very impressed with it
it seems to be very fast and easy to set up when I first installed it it actually
asked me what skins I wanted to use so you might want to have a design in mind
when you decide to use it but if you don’t that doesn’t matter
because you can go to the skins option monstro to to the skins and
this is what it shows me I actually had a little plugin that I downloaded I was
sent downloaded and installed the theme for me and these were the options or the
templates then it gave mean there’s a lot here and as you can see you can see
a live demo of it if you want to check something out first they’ve got some interesting little
sites here and the great news is it actually uses the elemental builder
which we’ve just been doing a series over in in the middle of doing a series
of builds with the Elementor and Elementor is really easy to use it’s
almost my favorite builder I’m a huge Divi theme builder fan I have to love
their visual builder but element is a free builder and it’s got some amazing
features but as you can see it’s got loads of
skins here and when you load one of these things
I’ll do one in a moment not only does it load the skin or theme itself
but if we go to plugins it’ll actually load all the plugins that they recommend
for that theme as you see it’s got alimentar it’s got some jet plugins
which adds the kind of bits that are missing from the free version of the
Elementor which sort of feels like I say it fills the gas and got everything you
need ahem
this one’s got a little store in it installed WooCommerce then got it running we’ll
take a look at that in a moment and look there the m2 thing was it was a little
plug in our cent that set up this install for me and I’ll put a link below
this video for where you can get this theme so let’s take an actual look as
you see it’s got contact form 7 for your contacts everything is it’s loaded
everything in there for you which is a bunch of steps that you don’t have to do
okay so if we actually take a look at this site you it’s as I say loading in a bunch of corn
okay a lot of things do that diamond content you know this is quite a nice-looking
sight leather sort of pastel styles pastel colors going on there
but not only has it just loaded this one page that’s got the nice little layout
on it you can check out the other pages and again they’ve got some great
examples great content in there that it’s easy to edit we’ll have a look at
editing in a minute for anybody that hasn’t watched my element of videos take
a look if you don’t know how to edit with Elementor it’s it’s pretty easy
like I say we’ll briefly do a bit in a minute they’ve got all this demo content
in there already which is great obviously you want a file you want to
put in your personal content
but this makes it very easy and gives you an idea of what its gonna look like
like I say they they added the WooCommerce to this one and he’d already got a shot set up with
UK pounds obviously going to your WooCommerce and set it to whatever you
need it to whether it’s a dollar again wherever you happen to be
and of course we’ve got a nice contact page with a map where is this man
Glasgow okay we’re in Scotland very cold up there at this time of year I’m sure
there’s our contacts seven four that’s nicely styled in with the style of the
site here which is great so that’s a basic overview
let’s go back and like I said it’s got all kind of different skins so if we go
down to monstro on strike two here’s the skins Oh before I go that I
just when I installed this it gave me the option to to install a child theme
which is really handy if you’re gonna be the editing a site with a lot of custom
code like I quite often do then it’s a great idea to have a child theme and so
there’s the actual theme and it gave me the option to check a box just add a
child thing which is fantastic great idea well done guys I’m I think more
themes ought to do that for you but anyway back to where we were let’s
go back down to our once droid 2
that’s good skins and let’s load it different one of these
like I say it’s gonna install all the plugins for it so I
don’t know they’re all fairly nice looking and it’s very styles for firm thickness
let’s go with this one and here we are
here’s it’s suggesting all these plugins here’s some extra ones you can have or you can skip if you don’t want I’m
gonna go ahead and hit next and it’s installing all those plugins
for me you I could have hit that skip button down
the bottom there because I’ve got a bunch of these installed but I’m kind of
pretending that this is a scratch install this is what it does it goes
through it and it installs the appropriate plugins of course you can
add whatever you want off but I work with many WordPress themes
and this is pretty good I’m kind of surprised the monstro don’t have their
own builder but like I say it doesn’t matter I’m so impressed with elemental
and I think it’s gonna just keep getting better and better that elemental and so
it saves them a lot of work over at Monster was something in place already
there okay we can either append the demo
content to the existing comment content so we can add it to what we’ve got there
already or we can replace it so I’m going to go for a replace so it’s like a
new site or you can skip the demo constantly
content installation altogether it won’t put in this the sample data and
the current content that’s there will remain there so if you’ve got a site up
with content on it doesn’t matter it’s monster or anything else you can keep
your content and just add the styling which again is a great idea right so
let’s replace my existing content with the demo content okay and to stop anybody
to have right in your day before it wants you to enter your password
so I’m going to put my password in there and hit the import content button and remove my content I don’t know if
you saw that little message right there but it’s gonna add 24 posts by one
author it’s gonna have 56 bits of media whether that’s images or video we’ll see
in a moment terms I’m not even sure what that is you okay well I cut a little bit out there
while that progress bar was going along because no point you sitting there
watching that but let’s go ahead and take a look at the site I suppose you
saw the site just now that the monster one there we have it and it’s completely
white it’s a completely different menu and everything so it’s wiped out
everything and put in all this nice new content here and one of these light box yep lightbox images that’s quite handy you and again since our sea again it’s got some great features
let’s look at our different pages here oh I see this is a one page
Carola but again it’s a whole site their
designs right for you well let’s hit the edit button or edit
with elemental button I should say you just click on that whatever element we
want to it is let’s see that freelancers let’s do this one I see as the second bit Update
very easy you like sadie’s element is very easy if you
want edit anything just click on the element you want to edit you it’s just telling where you can link
this button to you put you URL wherever you want it to link in there like I say it’s very easy to edit its nice little site to that’s nice that’s in dollars make it a bit more expensive there we go so there you have it there’s a quick
overview let’s just update that of the monster I’d to theme like I see
so far I’m pretty impressed with it there’s a lot of choice there get a lot
a lot of bang for your buck you they have it monstro too another way of adding extra content is
they’ve got all this camp demo content here which is off pretty sure is the
same as the skins but let’s click on import and see what happens yeah yeah it’s gonna upload an XML file with
a demo content so it won’t be all the media but it will be all the content
itself you like I say they’ve got several templates
here very different styles for very different niche and they’re all very modern-looking I
like them they’re clean and interesting just for fun let’s
install this and see what happens we replace my existing content but I think that should keep the styling
that we’ve got going up there so let’s go ahead and do that and once that password again
which is fair enough because you don’t want to be doing this by mistake that’s
for sure you and we’ve got while that’s importing
we’ve got our original right one here so this is what we had so we should be able
to compare as long as I don’t refresh this one we should be able to compare
the two just in a quick pause
loading you ok we’re all set let’s see what’s
happened now looks like it’s loaded the whole site with less oh look see
here it has is is loaded the whole site that’s fine you it’s a nice-looking little medical site
at Lee all right this is going on a bit here let’s just try one more thing
that’s here was our original site now we’ve got this site which is
completely different but wasn’t what I had in mind really I
wanted to let’s get rid of all these things let’s get a lot dashboard again tantor demo content is good to import
again this time import-export and setting and like the cash in cases a timeout
let’s select a different option this time
stall demo append the demo content of my existing content see what happens this stuff just run
during if we’re gonna have on top of each other or is it gonna be for this stuff these blocks below what
we’ve got going on we’ll see you okay we’re all down does take a couple
of minutes to actually load those sights so I did pause that just there let’s see
what’s going on now it looks like it’s might have added all the content again
that’s for let’s see okay here’s our dancy fella you you
and again is loading multiple pages but I don’t see our original content
let’s see if it still exists I’m sure it does Changez you here we’ve got our original pages here we look at this I see we still got all those original
pages with our doctors and nurses and what have you here
obviously it’s added the the footer and header from the new theme that we imported there yet there’s a footer and
the header you
but like I say with mentor these are so easy you can cut and
paste and do whatever you want if we just edit the Edit with Elementor you get rid of this section you you I say it makes it so easy we get rid of this whole road yeah we
can although I’m here lose the sections you don’t want add
sections you do want actually edit the header itself I can
say we’ve done a series on that and I meant a plugin right here which for a
free plugin is absolutely awesome you
see there’s your logo and you can edit your menus as well so that’s pretty impressive overall yeah
I’m pretty impressed with this site I’m not
affiliated with monstro – in any way I will put the link below this video and you can get it over at template
monster it’s got a five-star review out of 424 reviews and over 8,000 sales
there so if you’re building a wordpress site
check it out it’s got some great options it seems to load really quickly and like
I say it does a lot for you installing all these plugins for the various things
that you want so I hope you’ve enjoyed that if you have please like share and
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