Hey, what’s up guys, this is repliconor and you’re watching my first video. So today I’m going to be reacting to pictures of animals doing funny things Or is it animals that have funny pictures? Or is it pictures that have funny animals? I Don’t know comment down below and tell me what you guys think All right, so the first picture free him. Free him!!! Okay, so the policeman is arresting a dog and then in the second picture the dog is being interrogated by the policeman. That Animal, looks so sad in the second picture. It actually seems like he did something wrong Like what is the cop even interrogating him about? Did you steal that dog food? Did you? Did you? Next, we have my cousin’s cat ate a wasp. Dang. This cat. Looks like it has a chin! now, Is that the sting from the wasp? Or is that the actual wasp in its mouth? Comment down below and tell me what you guys think. It barely looks like a cat anymore. Hey That’s a weird looking cat. Man, I feel bad for that cat and the person is just holding it up to the camera Why aren’t they trying to get it out? Alright, my dog is holding a single piece of dry pasta between her paws and eating it. Well dang! I feel bad for the dog. And you know what? What kind of owner gives their dog a single piece of dry pasta Why can’t it at least be a piece of cooked pasta? I Just don’t understand some people sometimes. Like come on man Alright look at my dog’s average size a nut sack… What?? Is that average size? what have I been living under a rock this whole time? hey! Oh sorry Patrick If for any reason this would somehow be real, there’s something wrong with your dog man! You got to go to a doctor and get that checked out. like come on man! Big fan of this picture of a veterinarian showing a cat how fat he is. Dang! What kind of a doctor does that to someone? Especially a cat man! Showing that he’s the last picture on the sheet? I bet you the cat doesn’t even know what he’s looking at right now. like come on. My dog chewed a hole in my blanket and then did this. He must really not like that blanket! But you know what? that dogs ready for any kind of storm that looks like a poncho that was made just for him That is one pretty funny dog, though. Every time I say my cat’s name. She looks at me Like I just told her that her husband died at sea. Well dang! Then change her name! Obviously she doesn’t like whatever you’re calling her. It’s probably something like tutti frutti, Captain Ahab… I don’t know! comment down below and tell me what you guys think It’s name is. 1. How did he do this – 2. Why did he do this? That’s freaky How did that cat even do that? I can’t imagine the strength in this cat! First of all, to lift up the cushion. Second of all to sit, right where he lifted up the cushion. Maybe it was more comfortable under the couch, instead of on the… pillows… Or maybe that’s a sign just to get rid of the couch man, I don’t know! who knows.. My dog’s best friend is a brick. Awww.. But wait, how did the dog even move the brick? What did he do just stand around it all day? When it’s a puppy There’s no way he’s could’ve moved that. The thing that’s kind of funny is, with most of these pictures. It’s in the same spot I’m guessing the dog couldn’t have moved it around for a while. heck I would forget it’s there and trip over it all the time Can’t tell tank no for nothing in the world because then he does this and makes me feel like poop. Wow! Honestly if he did something wrong and he started to do that I’d feel bad after saying it. This dog definitely knows how to pull on your heartstrings. This a bee. Yeah, it is a bee, so… WHAT?! That’s a cat! hey That’s a weird. Looking cat.. Gosh It’s like a cross between a bee and Tigger. bouncin around bouncin around bouncing. That is pretty cool though If I wanted a cat, I’d definitely get one of those. Let her perform spells in peace. it looks like that cats making a magic circle or something. Now, that’s… Freaky!! Hopefully I don’t turn into like a toad or something Um Please stand by Alright next… Me: Okay, guys, I’ve got $100 cat tree and multiple beds just for you. Cats: sitting on the cable boxes. Dang.. That’s funny. Maybe the cable boxes are more comfortable than the cat tree you bought or maybe the cats just really don’t like them My brother got a Pikachu suit and my dog attacked him. I could just imagine some giant Pikachu getting attacked by a dog because the Dog is scared of it. And just the guy is laying on the floor or something *pika pii* looks like I definitely can’t do Pikachu Anyways guys, please like the video and subscribe and turn on notifications so that you can see more videos just like this one See ya guys! Peace!!!!