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today we have this beautiful project is a very simple project that we can do
with the children with our students also when suddenly in the
school activities we want share something for christmas is a
very economical project the truth entertains a lot is to help
explore and highlight all creative qualities that suddenly
have the children and of course the adults also then I invite you to see
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project we can create and thus share it with you then we start with this
simple project here on your art channel in your hands and for this project
then the materials we need It’s a glass of icopor I have something for
Unicel Porexpan 4 oz anime and these they are small a sphere also of
same 6 cm material we have black and white paints a
lamp or candle battery, glue white hot silicone one brush two
buttons the nose that looks like a carrot of these crazy eyes is
he also paints them scissors points and fabric scraps that you have
left over from other projects or if they are going to buy buy in small quantity to not
be that there are going to be many weighs for sell to give away then you know
that these would be the materials main then with this we start
well the first thing we are going to do although the pieces are already totally
white but to give you a better cutest presentation then the
let’s paint white so we the tone is even but as they
He said if they suddenly want to leave it that way how is this also ok
project they can do with their children because it is a simple idea if it is for
share with them too then here we are sharing them for that
with a project that point can perform at home with them remember that
the list of materials you just give them is also left complete in the
description so that we will not be missing none of the materials that
we need to perform it so that it fits us well applies
To painting in the even and we do the same then with the step put to dry flattened and I do the same
process then with the glass only on the outside soon in the glass not
it is necessary to do it internally to give us as a kind of
texture we are flat well, it is completely dry both
pieces then at that time I’m going to work on what the body is going to be in
the edge just so we have a little left decorated I’m going to apply white glue
and the normal glue that is used in schools in schools and I go
only in that part that is the edge the glue may have been very good and I will use glitter glitter
glitter depends as they tell you in each country
of this that I have here is because the control we buy it in quantity sorry
is not to waste what soon in the little bags where sometimes
wasted a lot then the paco in a jar (container) withdrawal excess
and now this surplus I return then to the jar so we don’t
let’s waste now and in that moment since a body part
ready now with my head what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a piece of 20
centimeters wide and long is 9 centimeters and I’m going to paste it like that in the
back end in the back so that we form the hat here let’s take silicone applied already formed the part of what’s going
to be the hat this measure taking into account the sphere
we call the sphere of 6 centimeters is then the donkey takes the contour and
then it stays 20 centimeters and the height of 9
and here as the sphere is ready then I can place the choir in the
top also adjusted it with the hot silicone and come on right now to
make a mooring here in the part superior to give us the hat good and fit with hot silicone
so here at the top I’m going to drink
pop up a bit and I’m going to take threads already be gold or silver color because
you prefer and I will tie it throughout the center so that we stay
as the double is the hat I like it, I can do it and I can also make a bangs or
If I want, I’m here too cut off the excess as you prefer so all over the contour Well, that’s the way the hat goes on
being from all the bangs now I’m going to cut a piece of stuffed animal
same scraps that I have left of others projects and I will put them in all the
contour here to discover us
the world took the measure and not foot well now I’m going to paste with silicone
liquid crazy eyes because the hot tends to melt then
that’s why at that time he used this option you can paint them anyway
I’m also going to give you an idea of ​​how they can do them if they don’t want to use
of these eyes or if they have difficulty where to find them and we also paste the carrot
if we can overcome it with silicone hot and we located it this is what we have left
head as for the body while this dry here we have the frost or the
shining that we apply let’s take a piece of 15 centimeters of cord
Swiss can use it in golden silver the color to say and we will locate
here in the center of the top they are going to simulate us what are the
doll arms Now I will use these buttons
you can use spheres seeds I mean, what they like best is because
from other projects we have also used these buttons and sometimes they remain
Some there are few left then I can
use and apply them in other projects here I put one and here the other to suddenly simulate the coals that
they put on the smile on the dolls of snow then let’s take this pint
points or we can also take the end of a brush and we start to
Apply at the bottom to then do the
smile and so would the smile of the
snowman we let dry very well and then we proceed to paste or join the
two pieces but if I don’t do that moment because soon holding I can
touch the paint then let it dry very well and then we hit well then it’s dry now what
let’s do is cut a piece small of can be flannel or also
of the same fabrics we have used Christmas this has a measure of 25
centimeters by 6 wide and 25 long by 6 wide then let’s roll
a bit and we put it or we located it here around the neck and we adjust it It depends on the fabric you choose if
choose from those planets you leave organize like this let it go like this but if they are the same of these read
these lines are a little firmer more hard because if you work it then
they don’t let him adjust this way carefully because anyway
the pieces of icopor are delicate then we will put it carefully
so as not to harm and we do in the extremes as I have
taught in other videos the bangs we will do the same thing that was done in the
hat on the top but here the lack and then then locate the scarf already
then we have the honey doll here I have another one I was doing the
part together with him and here what I’m going to do is if you can see I’m going to bring
that a little eyes are painted or either take the pint points of those who
they have the biggest base suddenly the the circles here in black and I’m going to
give some light with this one that has the thinner end yes then this is
another idea if they can’t get the crazy eyes
then you know you can paint them with acrylic paints if they have nothing
of difficulty to find them then it would be another model
would be staying these are some candles drums
they look very nice like this to light it up I have another one but I think
that the battery didn’t work much let there be light too and so are these dolls of
snow or snow monkeys I hope you like to put it into practice are
very simple ideas that you can make for this christmas too so that
share with your children either teachers in schools so that they
also develop all this capacity motor and creative I hope you like it
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